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Video Joiner: Trim Unwanted Clips and Join Videos of Differed Formats

Looking for the best video joiner software? You may want to join videos for some of your video projects. Or you may want to join videos that were shot on the same day to make a single video. No matter what reason is, you just have hit the right place.

The internet is full of many low performing video joining tools which aren't reliable at all. If the Windows 10 built-in video editor - Photos is too basic for you, in this article we recommend VideoProc which is the number one choice of the masses as a video joiner. Have a look at its features below.

Part 1: Features of VideoProc: The Ultimate Video Joiner

In this part we are presenting the best features of the VideoProc related to video joining. These features are extremely useful when it comes to merging multiple videos together. These features are the reasons which tell why VideoProc is called the best video joiner on the internet.

1. No Limits in Input:

  • There's no limit on the number of input files. You can add files as many as you want.
  • There's no limit on input file size, having it over most online video joiners.
  • There's no limit on the input video resolution (4K and 8K are supported) and fps (up to 240fps).
  • There's no limit on the input video formats. Videos with different formats can be joined easily. All the known video formats are supported.

2. Flexible in Joining Videos

  • Trim unwanted parts from videos before joining.
  • Change the order of the input videos easily.
  • Join multiple videos together of different formats and make a single video in your preferred output video format.

3. Unique Features

  • Create a single MKV file by joining multiple videos/audios/subtitles tracks together.
  • Avail the powerful performance of the hardware acceleration which boosts the joining process.
  • Have the world's number one video compression technology which doesn't degrade the output video quality.
  • Joined videos are totally free from any audio/video syncing problems.

Part 2: Join Videos without Risk in Privacy Leaks

Many people find online video joiner websites useful because they feel that they don't need to install any software in order to join videos online. But for this they have to upload their personal videos to that particular website. This is highly risky as your private videos may leak anytime on the internet. This is not the case with VideoProc as it runs on the user's computer and it doesn't ask you to upload your personal videos to a third party service. With VideoProc there is no risk of your privacy leak, as the video joining process is offline and runs on a computer itself.

Download VideoProc to Join Videos Flexibly and Safely without Any Limit:

At first sight after installation, VideoProc may seem to you as a bulky software because of various features. But despite having so many useful features, this video joiner software is utter lightweight and highly user friendly. Any user whether expert or beginner will find VideoProc easy to operate.

Part 3: Step-by-Step Tutorial to Join Videos Using VideoProc

In this part we are giving you two step-by-step tutorials to join your favorite videos using VideoProc. Please read the tutorials carefully without missing a single step.

Tutorial 1: Trim Unwanted Parts, Rearrange Order, and Join Videos

Step 1: Open the VideoProc software and on the first screen click 'Video' and then click the '+Video' button in the main interface. Choose multiple videos at a time.

Step 2: Click the 'Target Format' button and select the output video format of your choice. Double click the target format to customize the settings like 'Resolution', 'Video Quality', 'Video Code', 'Audio Codec' etc.

Step 3: Now click the 'Toolbox' button at the bottom and double click the 'Trim' tool to open a new window. Here you will see two green markers. Move the markers close to each other to trim the video.

Alternatively you can manually select the 'Start Time' and the 'End Time' to trim the video. Click 'Done' to return to the main program window. Repeat this step separately for each video that you want to trim before joining.

Trim and Join Video with VideoProc
Trim Before Joining Videos - VideoProc

Step 4: To rearrange the video order simply select the video and under the 'Codec Option' button you'll see two arrow button. Click the up arrow icon to move the video to one position above. This way you can rearrange the order of all the videos before merging.

Change Order - VideoProc
Rearrange Order of Videos - VideoProc

Step 5: Finally put a check on the 'Merge' option which can be found in the right column below the video player frame. Then click the 'RUN' button to start trimming and joining multiple videos together.

Check Merge - VideoProc
Tick Merge on Videoproc

Tutorial 2: Quickly Join Videos Without Extra Editing

Let's say you don't want to edit your videos and want to join them as it is. This means the output will have the same audio and video quality as that of the source videos. For this, please select 'MKV' as the output video format. This mode has import features that let you join different video/audio tracks and subtitle tracks (e.g.: in different languages) into one.

Step 1: Simply open the VideoProc program, click 'Video' and then click '+Video' to load multiple videos of different formats. Rearrange the videos order as per your need.

Step 2: Now click the 'Target Format' button, scroll down in the left side, click 'General Video' to open the list. Search for 'MKV' here and double click it to add to the 'Target Format'.

Step 3: Now put a check on the 'Merge' button and then the 'MKV Multi-Track' option appears. Put a check on this option also.

Merge Videos to MKV - VideoProc
Merge Multiple Videos to an MKV File Fast

Step 4: That's it, click the 'RUN' button to start joining multiple videos in a single MKV file.

Note: MKV container format can have unlimited videos, audios and subtitles in a single 'MKV' file.

Part 4: Other Reasons for Choosing VideoProc - the Best Video Joiner Editor

VideoProc is basic video editing software but is the world's most advanced video joiner. As you can see that it supports almost all types of video formats, and it has essential and advanced features that a video joiner should have. And finally just don't forget about its level-3 GPU hardware acceleration. This technology is responsible for faster video processing.

Download VideoProc to Join Videos Flexibly and Safely without Any Limit:

Also remember that VideoProc's video compression technology is really outstanding. Basically, joining videos together creates a large file. But VideoProc's compression technology deals with the large size smartly. It actually compresses the video in a way which doesn't compromise the audio/video quality in the result file.

These reasons are enough to consider VideoProc as one of the best video joiners available today.

And it also has some advanced features which are highly useful for an average user.

  • Crop & Effects: Use this feature to the crop the video. See how to crop video to 1:1 for social media. Use effects to apply transition effects to your videos.
  • Cut & Rotate: Cut and remove unwanted scenes from video. You can use multi-cuts simultaneously too. Use rotate feature to rotate your videos to correct the frame.
  • Subtitle & Watermarks: Use subtitle feature to add subtitles to your existing videos from an external subtitles file. Use watermark to add a text or image watermark to your video.

Final Thoughts

Now we hope that you'll reap benefits from this article and won't waste your precious time on searching the web for another video joiner. You just have found the most flexible and useful video joiner with full GPU acceleration. If you still have doubts then it would be a great idea to download, install, and test the software yourself.


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