iMovie Tutorial: Change Aspect Ratio
16:9, 4:3, 1:1 on iPhone

How to Change Aspect Ratio in iMovie via "Zoom in/out" on iPhone
By Kayla Collins, Updated: Feb.25, 2019

How could it be possible for you to ignore the video aspect ratio? Since it decides how the video looks like on your video players, you're supposed to ensure a suitable video aspect ratio for your device if you want a pleasant user viewing experience.

Chances are that your iPhone videos (recorded by iPhone or saved from online sites) vary a lot in aspect ratio. Some video clips may be recorded horizontally in 16:9. Some may be at the vertical direction with 9:16. Others probably feature with a 1:1 square. Mostly, they're required to be changed in aspect ratio to best suit your gadget or video sharing platforms. In such cases, iMovie is seemingly indispensable for you to easily set aspect ratio on your iPhone. Yet, how to use iMovie? The below article will show you the tutorial, alongside with a simple guide of best iMovie alternative VideoProc if iMovie is not your cup of tea.

How to Use iMovie to Change iPhone Video Aspect Ratio

Honestly speaking, the video aspect ratio conversion is as easy as ABC. The tricky thing is that you might fail to find the feature therein, for it's somewhere veiled. You (especailly for the rookie) can't find the entry unless you have read iMovie tutorial or have certain experience on it. Anyway, follow the below guide to adjust iPhone video aspect ratio using iMovie.

Step 1: Load iPhone Video Source.

Fire up iMovie on your iPhone > click Project icon and tap "+ Create Project" button > choose Movie on the pop-up New Project window. Import video from iPhone to iMovie. Then tap Create Movie.

Step 2: Make the Feature Entry Pop Up.

Pitch on the video timeline section as the below picture shows after your input is successfully imported. Afterwards, the hidden video editing toolbox will show up under the timeline section, together with a magnifier icon with "Pinch to zoom video" text at the upper right corner of the video.

Step 3: Set iPhone Video Aspect Ratio.

Click the magnifier icon and then you're allowed to pinch to zoom your iPhone video and change aspect ratio using your two fingers at your disposal. When it's completed, hit Done > switch to select the sharing button (with an upwards arrow in a box) > tap Save Video to save the outputs to your iPhone camera roll.

zoom in/out iPhone video

[Note] Have to admit that iMovie for iOS is capable of changing aspect ratio to certain degree. Yet, it's far from perfection. There are still many gripes posted by iMovie users. It's unrealistic to list them all out. We just select two most concerned problems iMovie brings to them during aspect ratio conversion.

1. iMovie doesn't provide the specific aspect ratio options for users to select from, e.g., the preset profiles for 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, 4:5. Most of users have no idea about the exact aspect ratio of output and can't ensure if the output satisfy the playback platform requirements after they freely zoom in/out iPhone video.

2. The way iMovie offers you is to use "Crop" to reach the aspect ratio conversion goal. However, when it comes to crop video, there must be some pictures being cut off on both sides or top/bottom borders if you wanna change 16:9 to 4:3, 4:3 to 1:1, etc. About half of the users can't tolerate this one.

If you just happen to have the same annoyance, you can take best iMovie alternative VideoProc into consideration, which gives you the maximum freedom to deal with your iPhone videos.

Advantage 1: It's built-in with the complete profiles for aspect ratio conversion, be it 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 4:5, 2:1, 2:3 to help you upload iPhone video to snapchat, instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. without improper playback issue.

Advantage 2: It lets you change iPhone video aspect ratio without "Cropping". That means it would bring full frame up (mostly adding black empitiness to both sides or top/bottom borders to adjust aspect ratio), no pictures being removed from your footage.

Advantage 3: This aspect ratio converter can work its magic in more aspects than iMovie, including crop, cut, split, rotate, denoise, deshake, merge, speed up/slow down video, resize video, transcode video footage, brighten iPhone video, downscale 4K to 1080p, adjust video frame rate, etc.

convert iPhone video to MP4
To Change Aspect Ratio without Pictures Loss?
Give VideoProc a Whirl

[Better Solution] How to Use iMovie Alternative

Before you go, please free download VideoProc on your Windows or macOS after you transfer iPhone video to your computer via Photos, cloud storage service or the 3rd party iPhone managers. Afterwards, install and launch VideoProc on your desktop. Then you can get down to the business:

Step 1: Import iPhone Video.

Tap the "Video" icon (the first one at the following picture) > select "+Video" icon at the main menu > load your iPhone video footage from your pc.

enter video processing window

Step 2: Click Codec Option

Find and click "Codec Option" at the right corner of the video info bar after the video source has been analyzed and video details have been displayed. Then you'll be directed into the video parameter settings adjustment window, where you target on "Aspect Ratio" under Video Codec Options.

You will see the video original aspect ratio (such as 16:9 at the below picture) and feel free to change aspect ratio by unfolding the options. On top of that, you can also convert iPhone video codec, adjust video frame rate, tweak resolution, as well as bit rate (ABR/CBR), audio codec options.

enter parameter settings zone

Step 3: Click Done.

Now give the last hit on the "RUN" button, and VideoProc's processing engine will go into action to change your iPhone video aspect ratio at GPU hardware accelerated speed. Only a few seconds later, you would get your desired outputs.

[Note] As we mentioned above, this iMovie alternative has more skills than you imagine. If you wanna polish your iPhone video for uploading to snapchat, Instagram, YouTube to share with friends and attract more fans, VideoProc gives you all you need. Give it a whirl to enrich your works!

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How to iPhone Video Processing Change iPhone Video Aspect Ratio in iMovie

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