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Best Solution to Create Square Video for Social Media

As video is growing increasingly prominent in today's social media, there are more different video types coming out that cater for different users requirements. With more options to be choose from, it seems that he widescreen, known for 16:9 aspect ratio, is no longer the popular trend. Instead, square videos (videos with 1:1 aspect ratio) are now taking the lead, as illustrated by the fact that many social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all favor square videos in their program. What we're witnessing can be dubbed as a "Square Revolution".

In social media, the video may speak louder than the picture does, especially when you need to spread the message to a wide range of audiences. The video can add more value to yourself and the text you write to describe. Social media platforms provide a great entrance for people to reach out to others. In the meantime, you can share videos of yourself to people who visit your profile page. No wonder people are more frequent to use free video editing software to create some innovative contents.

When adding videos to your social networking page, you need to first define an aspect ratio for the video to publish, which restricts the video size on the screen when playing. As different social platforms place different limitations on video uploads, you'd better know those guidelines clearly and upload the right video to the platform to avoid some excessive troubles.

The prevailing aspect ratio of video supported by social media platforms are: landscape, portrait, square, vertical and horizontal. How to make the right choice for different platforms when uploading videos? Continue reading.

Facebook Aspect Ratios

Part 1: What Is the Best Aspect Ratio for Social Media Platforms?

First, let's take a look at Facebook. Facebook recommends users to upload vertical or square videos. The vertical video accounts for video with 4:5, 2:3 (vertical) and 9:16 (full portrait) aspect ratios while the aspect ratio for square video is 1:1.

Second, let's have a look at Twitter. Twitter supports landscape video, portrait video (16:9) and square video (1:1) to be uploaded in it. Note that the limitation is restricted to video uploads to Twitter and doesn't apply for the link you paste from other sites like YouTube. What's more, the aspect ratios for Twitter avatar are restricted to 1.91:1 and 1:1.

Last, let's lay eyes on Instagram. Instagram allows 3 types of video to be uploaded: landscape, square and vertical, and the aspect ratios for each video type are 16:9, 1:1 and 4:5, respectively.

Instagram Video Aspect Ratios

According to a study, square videos have so far tested to perform better than landscape videos on social media platforms and videos with 1:1 aspect ratio are more popular than videos with 16:9 aspect ratio amongst mobile clients. Therefore, square videos are considered to be better choices for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mobile clients.

In this post, we provide you the best solution for creating square videos for your social networking sites, which will help expand your influence and gain more views accordingly. Keep reading.

Part 2: Why Square Video Is Preferred by Platforms and Users?

Why Is Square Video Prevailing Across Different Platforms?

There are actually two reasons for the prevailing trend of square videos:

A large, visual attraction

No matter how you view your screen, vertical or horizontal, a square video simply occupies more the screen, appearing as the large, visual attraction that draws attentions best. That makes sure video screen can be best focused on, which actually meets the common goal for both video uploaders and ads publishers.

Beyond the platform limits

A uniform 1:1 aspect ratio will spare you from recreating the same video clip when you want to upload it to different social websites. A square video can get itself well compliant to various platforms. So it actually explains why social networks like Facebook and Twitter recommended a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Why Do Square Videos Become More and More Popular Among Users?

More user-friendly

A square video can seclude users from the additional vertical to wide screen shift when they're viewing their smartphones. Moreover, the 1:1 aspect ratio fit in the screen so well that is convenient for users to swipe their screen. It just fits in well to almost all demands.

Full display of video information

A square video can ensure the complete video information including the publisher's ID, video profile, and uploading time, etc. can be fully seen while the users are watching the video. In contrast, a horizontal video can provide no additional information other than the video in full screen.

Limits imposed by Platforms

Social Networking Sites, namely Facebook and Twitter, have laid down some uniform standards on the uploaded videos, in which the requirement for a square video aspect ratio is written in the book.

Facebook Video Ratios

Part 3: Create a Square Video with the Best Square Video Editor - VideoProc

Packs of editing tools purposely targeted to make square videos abound in the market. Ironically, not all of them are qualified for being the best square video editor as many of them can't meet the required demand, while some of them cost you too much and the rest takes long time to know how to use and has a drowsy editing process to follow.

Taking all factors such as qualified, cheep but cheerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use into consideration, here we recommended you VideoProc.


VideoProc is a stunning video editing software, friendly to both experienced editing lovers and novice starters. With its powerful Level-3 GPU Acceleration Technology specially built inside, VideoProc process big-sized video files in a super fast speed with no video and audio quality being compromised a bit after rendering.

370 input codecs and 420+ output formats are well supported by VdieoProc from commonly used video formats such as MP4 (MPEG4), MP4 (H.264), MOV, MKV, WMV, WEBM, etc. to unpopular but still in usage video format such as OGV, 3GP, MPEG1, MPEG2, etc. up to HD/UHD/4K video can be accessed to in VideoProc. Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, include the newly released iPhone XI) and Android phones (HUAWEI, Sony, Samsung, etc.), all devices' profile can be navigated to in VideoProc. Cut, crop, convert, compress, merge, add subtitles, deshake, denoise, fisheye lens correction, and more features in a customizable manner are waiting for you to dig out.

Free Donwnload VideoProc - the Best Facebook Square Video Editor Now!

In terms of its crop function, VideoProc outperforms other competitors mainly due to the following amazing performances:

Create a square video by mere one click

VideoProc allows users to create their square video as well as other 16 common aspect ratios, including widescreen (16:9), standard (4:3) and vertical (9:16), etc. with mere one click.

Great compatibility

The square videos cropped by VideoProc grow to be best compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aspect ratio.

The most flexible use of crop function

Except for choosing those common aspect ratios, the VideoProc users can actually adjust the video screen size randomly through its crop function. That must have provided the users flexible choices for their preferred video screen size.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial >>


In brief, square video is no doubt taking the predominant trend in social media. Among tons of editing tools purposely oriented to square video, VideoProc is easily the ideal choice for its powerful crop function and user-friendly feature.


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