3 Best Square Video Editors to Make A Video Square for Social Media

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According to a study, square videos have so far tested to perform better in views and engagement, than the landscape videos on social media. Videos with 1:1 aspect ratio are more popular than videos with 16:9 aspect ratio amongst mobile clients. This is because a square video simply occupies more space of the screen and has the best visual attraction.

Wonder how to make a video square to expand your brand influence and gain more views? Three square video editors will be listed with detailed steps in the following. Keep reading.

#1. VideoProc

VideoProc is a stunning video editing software, friendly to both experienced editing lovers and novice starters. With its supporting Level-3 GPU Acceleration Technology, VideoProc process big-sized video files in a super fast speed with no video and audio quality being compromised a bit after rendering. Speaking of making a video square, VideoProc can help you with,

1. Create a square video by mere one click

VideoProc allows users to create their square video as well as other 16 common aspect ratios, including widescreen (16:9), standard (4:3) and vertical (9:16), etc. with mere one click.

2. Great compatibility

The square videos cropped by VideoProc grow to be best compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aspect ratio.

3. The most flexible use of crop function

Except for choosing those common aspect ratios, the VideoProc users can actually adjust the video screen size randomly through its crop function. That provides the users aother flexible option for their preferred video into square.

How to Make A Video Square Using VideoProc

Step 1. Download and install VideoProc on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. After its installatio, open this application, and then choose the Video tab from its homepage.

Step 3. Click on the +Video button to import the clip which you plan to make square; then choose the output format. You can click the Target Format menu with specific options for Facebook, YouTube, and more; then click the Codec Option.

import video on VideoProc

Step 4. In the new page, find Aspect Ratio option under the Format menu. Then choose 1:1 option and click the Done button to get back to the previous page.

change aspect ratio parameter on VideoProc

Step 5. Now you can just click the RUN button to make the video square in seconds.

Step 6. Like we have said above, VideoProc also enable users to make square video by cropping. Choose the Codec Option. > Find the Crop feature under the Edit menu in the new window. > Check Enable Crop option. > Now you can either drag the cropping frame to select the image which you would like to save, or select 1:1 option from the Preset feature, or adjust the postion numbers, to make it 1:1. > After all done, choose Done button. > Click the RUN button to start processing.

crop a video in VideoProc

#2. Adobe Premiere Pro

As one of the most popular video editing software in the industry, Adobe Premiere Pro provides users with any solution to polish your video clips. And making a square video would be just a piece of cake for it. Check how to use it for the job.

How to Make A Square Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1. Create a new projet in Premiere.

Step 2. Then import the video clip into your project, or you can just simply drag it there.

Step 3. Choose sequence > sequence settings, where you will find an option of frame size. Frame size will tell you the original resolution of your video, like 1920×1080. What you need to do is just setting both number same, like 1920*1920, or other options you like. Then it will ask you if you delete all preview files, choose yes.

Step 4. Now you can just export it as normal, and the video would become square.

#3. iMovie

As the built-in video editing software on Mac, iMovie can help us polish our clips in many ways. However, we cannot use it for making square video directly. iMovie does not provide users with aspect ratio of 1:1. Even its cropping feature cannot do us a favor, because the cropping feature set the aspect ratio to 16:9, and we cannot change it. So why we put it in this list since it cannot make the job? We found that we can make it by both iMovie and Keynote app. This way is kind of inconvenience, but totally free.

Step 1. Import your video clip into iMovie for editing, like trimming, adding transition, etc. if you want. Then export it in Keynote.

Step 2. In Keynote, create a presentation.

Step 3. After the presentation is created, import the clip from iMovie.

Step 4. Now you can crop the clip to changing the slide size number to 1024 in width and 1024 in height, or other options at 1:1, depending on the original resolution of your video and what you need.

Step 5. Now just save the presentation in video format and you will get the square video.

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