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Cecilia Hwung has been working as the marketing manager in Digiarty Software for years. Now she is also the editor-in-chief at VideoProc and is pleased to help people in making multimedia life easier. She is experienced in providing in-depth reviews of video/audio software and apps, as well as editing guides, tips and tricks.
"I pursue common progress with my team and expect to share more creative content and useful information to readers."

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What is HDR: Concepts, Standards, and Related Aspects
Learn about what is HDR, and the four major HDR standards, HDR vs SDR, and related concepts such as color space, and HDR transfer function PQ and HLG.
Cecilia Hwung Sep 2, 2021 HDR
Image Resolution: PPI, DPI, Image Quality and Everything You Need to Know
What is image resolution? Will higher resolution result in better image quality? What is the difference between PPI vs DPI? Learn more here.
Cecilia Hwung Aug 2, 2021 Image Resolution
WAV Files: File Structure, Case Analysis and PCM Explained
Learn the definition and file structure of wave format here, with an explanation of the PCM that stores the wav file.
Cecilia Hwung Aug 2, 2021 WAV File
What Is RAW Image? Pros and Cons Shooting in RAW
What is RAW image? Should you shoot in RAW or in JPEG? What is the different of RAW vs JPEG, find all the answers here.
Cecilia Hwung July. 1, 2021 RAW Image Format
Understanding Histogram
This post offers in-depth information on histogram, including what is histogram, how to utilize it in photography, cases and photo examples are included.
Cecilia Hwung May 6, 2021 Histogram
Everything You Should Know about H.264/AVC (Advanced Video Coding)
Here's an overview of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC including H.264 definition, coding process, adoption, and comparison with other codecs.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 23, 2020 H.264/AVC
Best Video Formats Explained: Which One Should You Use in 2021
This post introduces the 7 best video formats for 2021 and guides on how to choose the best format for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, PowerPoint, TVs, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 19, 2020 Best Video Format
Color Correction vs Color Grading: How to Polish Your Footage
Wondering about the difference between color correction vs color grading? This post explains the color grading process in plain language.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 11, 2020 Color Correction vs Color Grading
19 Best Free Music Sites to Download MP3
This post introduces the 7 best video formats for 2020 and guides on how to choose the best format for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, PowerPoint, TVs, etc.s.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 11, 2020 Software Review
The Ultimate List of Best Animation Software (2D and 3D)
In this list, we have rounded up 36 animation software, including 2D animation makers, 3D ones, stop motion ones, and many more. Check them now.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 28, 2020 Software Review