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Inflact by Ingramer-Everything You Need to Know

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Inflact is gaining popularity in recent years as one of the best Instagram marking tools. It claims to offer robust tools and services to help you in Instagram growth. Still, for influencers and businesses, using Instagram marketing tools (some may include robots) is like walking on the ice. Improper usage may lead to account banning, or ineffective marketing performance. Is Inflact legitimate? How effective is its service? The post covers everything you need to know.

1. What Is Inflact

Inflact is a fully-featured Instagram toolkit for both content creators and general users. It features Instagram automation and growth tools, and online utilities such as Instagram downloader and viewer for stories, reels, posts, and profiles. Their tools are AI-powered to proceed naturally and intelligently.

According to Crunchbase, Inflact is based in Riga, Latvia, with less than 10 employers. If that number is precise, it's quite surprising. Inflact attracts more than 10.7 million monthly visits, estimated by Similarweb, a website traffic analyzer.

Previously, Inflact is known as Ingramer (, which boasts itself as the top-rated bot for Instagram. Rebranded in October 2020, Inflact went live with a new website, positioning itself as the best Instagram Marketing toolkit.

The shift from to reflects the company's overall strategy to some degree. Instead of putting all the eggs inside the basket of the controversial Instagram bot niche, Inflact now strives to be the all-in-one workspace for general Instagram users, serious content creators, Instagram marketing specialists, and businesses.

2. The Business Model of Inflact

Inflact consists of both paid services and free tools.

It offers automation services to reach out to the audience, engage using DM (direct messages), and schedule posts. The services are offered as three modules: PROMO, DIRECT, and POSTING correspondingly. They are paid services available in different price tiers, and customizable packs are also offered to select and combine different modules and tools.

The free tools include the Instagram viewer, downloader, hashtag tools, search tools and many more. It is these free Instagram tools that send tons of users to Inflact. Once Inflact makes its presence in the industry, the large amount of monthly traffic can be monetized with its paid services.

Similarweb estimates that, Instagram viewer, photos downloader, and hashtag generator are the top pages that attract users searching for these Instagram tools, ranging from 23.4K to 50.3K visits monthly. As you can see, these are free tools offered on As a sidenote indicating its popularity now, there are about 19.9K users who directly search the brand name Inflact monthly.

3. Instagram Marketing Services on Inflact

The marketing tools offered by Inflact follow the model of the conversion funnel to some degree. It reaches out to potential audiences, interact with customers, and schedule posts regularly to strengthen its presence.

Inflact Service Module

So, the Audience, Clients, and Content sectors correspond to their three major services: Promo Service, Direct Message, and Auto Posting. See detailed information below.

3.1 The Promo Service on Inflact

The Promo Service offered by Inflact focuses on auto interactions, or the so-called Instagram bot. Automation service is controversial since most robot activity goes against the Terms of Services of Instagram.

Still, Inflact claims its Promo tool to be natural in action, with Safe Start mode and VPN. The Safe Start mode progresses gradually in the initial stage, and the VPN service will guarantee an identical location of your account's logging in, especially when you are on multiple devices.

It works for a public Instagram account older than 14 days with at least 12 posts, and has an email address and phone number authorized.

The Promo service will help you to generate auto likes, auto follow and unfollow, auto story viewer, all based on AI filters.

The official guide for the Promo Service on Inflact is available here.

1) AI Filters

AI filters in Inflact allows you to take action based on hashtags, locations, and target users (up to 50 items for each filter). For instance, you can input your competitors' name, and the auto bot will follow their followers for your account, in a natural gradual way. The hashtags filter helps you to follow fellow subscribers of a target hashtag. The location filters come handy if you want to attract local customers.

Pro Tips for Hashtag Settings: Inflact suggests you to update hashtags every month, based on aggregated statistics after running the hashtag filters. For instance, you can check which hashtags bring more followers, and which are proved less effective. Ditch non-performing hashtags, and use their hashtag generator to find more possibilities. The trick is to enter the well performing hashtags as the seed keyword in the Instagram Hashtag generator.

Pro Tips to Spot Potential Competitors: You can use Inflact's advanced Instream search to discovery potential competitors. The advanced search allows you to designate numbers of followers and posts, location, gender, and categories.

Once you share similar matrix with the top competitors of yours, it will help the Instagram algorithm to better identify your accounts niche.

2) Auto Like

Auto Like in Inflact is worked as a comment liker for both your posts and your potential followers. According to Inflact, it behaves like a human, and respond to new comments in your post to help you stay active, with a gesture of being attentive to your followers. Also, the bot will go out and thumb up the posts of your target audience. The auto liker stands a chance to appear in push notifications and drive people's attention to your profile.

3) Auto Follow and Unfollow

The Inflact bot will start to follow people on Instagram based on the AI filters. It starts off as a safe mode, which imitates slow and less frequent actions. Based on Inflact's description, it will imitate the natural behavior of real users, including reading posts, browsing profiles, and then starting to interact.

The unfollow utility is designed with a basic assumption: it's detrimental to have tons of accounts following and fewer followers. So the strategy is to keep a balance and unfollow users after a period of time.

4) Story Viewer to Get Profile Views

We already know that viewing Instagram Stories is not anonymous inside the App. People will know who has visited their story. The auto story viewer in Inflact will act on your behalf and go out to view the Story of your potential audience. In so doing, it can drive people's attention to your profile. The reason is, many people are curious about the stranger staying on their Stories page.

3.2 The Direct Message Service on Inflact

The Direct Message Service on Inflact can streamline your workflow and save hours of tedious work. For instance, when triggered by the keyword "How much", it can reply the inquirer with pre-configured answers, with a price list and other information prepared by you.

Still, there are risks of sounding robotic and unintelligent. After all, Instagram users are likely to shy away from repetitive answers. You need to proceed carefully and tweak settings to act as natural as possible.

1) Auto DM Features

The Direct Message service in Inflact takes several automated actions: it can respond to new subscribers with pre-designed messages, react to inquiries when certain keywords is triggered, send out customized texts for different account types, and unfollow users that are not reciprocal.

Inflact Auto DM

The auto-messaging system is designed to handle new followers and existing followers with different strategies. It will ignore followers that no longer respond to the message, unfollow them, and thus open up more room for potential Instagram users. It claims to respond within 5 minutes, which will increase the success rate.

2) CRM System

Inflact Direct Message includes some basic CRM (Customer relationship management) feature. Inside its Direct Messenger, you can assign custom labels, edit user Info, add notes and comments, and sync everything across multiple devices.

Inflact Message Manager

3.3 The Auto Posting Service on Inflact

Flact's Auto posting service is self-explanatory: it helps you to schedule Instagram posts, manage multiple accounts, and offers grid planners for aesthetic concerns – just as most other Instagram auto-posting apps do.

You can edit the post in advance, set hashtags, locations, use emojis, and free yourself from the hassle of tying on a small screen with mobile phone. Photos, Stories, Videos and Carousel are all supported.

Perhaps the only drawback is the pricey subscription for this feature, since you can find many decent free alternatives in this regard.

To curate the Instagram with a grid planner, you can try out these free apps. The planner apps allow you to preview the feed as a whole, so that you can make sure the styles and colors are consistent. Aesthetic visual layout are cues for a high-quality Instagram account.

If you solemnly want to post to Instagram from a computer with the official app, you don't need to pay for that. You can also upload videos to Instagram. Below is an illustration of video formats supported by Instagram.

Convert video to Instagram format

4. Freemium Tools on Inflact

Besides content creators and people running Instagram for their business, general Instagram users will also find Inflact a life-saver for many scenarios. Below are the free tools provided by Inflact. Some tools have limitation on usage times.

4.1 Instagram Viewer without Account

This tool allows you to search and view any content, without logging in with an Instagram account. Once entering an user name, Inflact will show the DP (display page) of Instagram, with each post and video reel available to be saved with a right-click save.

4.2 Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram story only stays for 24 hours, unless its owner chooses to add it to the highlight. This 24-hour limitation is a pain for many viewers. For instance, there are fans trying to keep an eye on the update of their idol, or marketing staff tracking every move of their competitors. Anonymous is another reason people resort to Inflact. Story owners will see who visited their stories using Instagram App, but there are many people trying to stay anonymous when visiting other people's stories. Inflact allows users to view Instagram content without logging in.

Note: Keeping track of story updates for future auto-save is a charged service in Inflact. Viewing current stories is free.

Instagram Viewer

4.3 Instagram Downloader

Inflact also offers downloaders for profile pictures, posts, videos, Instagram Reels, and IGTV (now replaced by Reels).

Profile downloader vs DP downloader in Inflact

Profile downloader will display posts and videos in the feed, stories, highlights and IGTV. You can check each one, and selectively save needed assets. DP downloader (Instagram Display Page) will save all the posts in batch, and it is a paid feature.

4.4 Hashtag Generator and Trending Hashtag

To churn out more related hashtags, you can input keywords, upload a photo, or input the link of an Instagram post, upload a photo. The keyword feature is quite handy, as it will not only display similar keywords, but also hashtags that fit in your context. Below are highlight features of Instagram hashtag Generator from Inflact.

  • Generate similar hashtags and organic hashtags
  • Save recently created hashtags as several tabs
  • Save selected hashtags as template into customizable folders
  • Directly copy hashtags with the option to create spacing
Instagram Hashtag Generator on Inflact

My experience with this Instagram Hashtag Generator:

What I love the most about this hashtag generator is its ability to input multiple keywords (using a space to input several words, don't use a comma). For instance, when I typed in fitness, gear, food, it listed out hashtags containing these words, as well as organic hashtags related to the topic.

Each hashtag is listed with search volume, so that I can compare their popularity, knowing that popular words also mean high competition. Sometimes, rare hashtags can be better addressed to the target customer.

4.5 Instagram Analyzer and User Search

Inflact offers a profile analyzer for Instagram. With a provided user name, it analyzes its engagement rate, user activity, popular post time and engagement. Meanwhile, it also lists out top hashtags, caption words, top commented posts of a target account.

Instagram Analyzer

The profile analyzer works only if you already know who you want to compete or cooperate with. If you don't, the Instagram User Search tool in Inflact is a good place to start. You can enter keywords, and narrow down the search by follower numbers, posts amount, location, gender and categories.

The statistics can provide you with some insights when learning from top competitors in your industry, such as their content strategy, target audience, and when it is the best time to post on Instagram. Alternatively, when trying to validate the corporation, you can check the key performances of the candidate influencer on Instagram.

4.6 Instagram Font Generator

The font generator is a fun tool to play with. It will convert your text into stylish fonts, which you probably have seen many other influencers are using. Stylized captions, profile bio, and texts can help you to build up a consistent visual design of your Instagram DP, as long as the font style goes with your account's personality.

Instagram Font Generator


1. Is Inflact legitimate?

In terms of keeping up with the services they have promised, most of Inflacts tools works as described. Inflact receives 4.5/5 rating from Trustpilot. Downloading content of your own account for fair use is legitimate in some regions. However, it is against Instagram's TOS (Terms of Services) to access, import and display content from users without prior permission. Instagram also suggests that comments should be tailored for each person, instead of using spammy automation. Inflact hasn't disclosed further details regarding Instagram permission. You need to proceed at your own responsibility.

2. What is the pricing of Inflact?

Inflact offers three packs at different price tier:

Basic: $54, including PROMO, hashtag generator.

Advanced: $64, including PROMO, DIRECT, hashtag generator.

Pro: $84, including PROMO, DIRECT, SCHEDULED POSTING, hashtag generator, story saver, and downloader.

VPN is included free for all the packs above.

Inflact also allows you to customize the pack

PROMO: $54
Hashtag generator: $19
Stories saver: $3
Downloader: $9
Instagram search: $49
VPN is charged at $10 for the customized pack.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of the VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share creative content and useful information with readers. She has a strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in editing tips.

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