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As of Jan. 25, 2020, the total number of daily active Instagram users reaches to over 500 million, with around 100 million photos and videos uploaded [1]. Suppose one person one post a day, what about the rest 400 million users? It would be ridiculous if I say they all get stuck in figuring out how to post on Instagram. But some people, maybe only a small portion of them, do hit a wall while trying to upload photos or videos to Instagram from computer especially.

Can You Post on Instagram from Computer?

Instagram is primarily created as a photo and video sharing app for iPhone, and then Android.

There is an Instagram desktop service, but is feature limited. By feature limited, here mainly refers to that Instagram doesn't allow you to post from PC or macOS computer by default. There is no media ADD button. But we've found some feasible workarounds as follows. Read on to know how do I post Instagram from my computer.

Post to Instagram from PC

How to Post to Instagram on Computer?

To make it as easy as possible, you will only see two free ways to upload pictures to Instagram from PC (Windows 10) here, without data transferring process between computer and mobile phones or clouds at all, solely depending on your PC.

#1. Upload photos to Instagram from PC by F12

  1. Open a web browser, go to and log in.
  2. Right click on any blank space of the page, and choose Inspect. Or simply press F12.
  3. You should see the web page is shown in mobile mode now. If not, click Toggle device toolbar to activate it.
  4. Click the device dropdown menu to select your phone model.
  5. Press F12 to mobile mode
  6. The web page should be swaped into mobile mode now.
  7. Click + button at the bottom to upload one of your photo, or the camera button at the top left corner for posting to Instagram Stories.
  8. Edit the picture by applying filters or rotating.
  9. Write a caption, add your location and tag a specific person if you want.
  10. Click Share and the photo should be posted to IG on PC right away.
Click photo add button on PC

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the mobile mode doesn't appear after toggling device, pressing F5 will solve the problem.
  • If there is no + button in Instagram on PC, move to the end of the toolbar > click Customize and Control DevTools > Dock side > Dock to left or Dock to right.

#2. How to post to Instagram from Mac?

Most of the steps are the same as they are in 'post to Instagram from PC'. Generally speaking, you need to find the developer tool, followed by changing the viewer console from computer to mobile phone. Let's see how to upload pictures to Instagram through Chrome on macOS.

  1. At the tool bar: View > Developer > Developer Tools.
  2. Click the device icon to swap the viewer mode.
  3. Move to the Responsive part and choose a phone mode in the dropdown list.
  4. Now you can add photo to Instagram from Mac in mobile console by: + > select photo > Edit > Share.
Post to Instagram from Mac

#3. Post to Instagram from PC by using plug-ins

If it is difficult for you to get familiar with a panel full of things like source code, then installing a plug-in might be the right way to go. Upload photo to Instagram™ offered by lirikves is an easy-to-use extension that can be added to Chrome and allows you to post photo to Instagram on desktop PC.

  1. Free get Upload photo to Instagram from chrome web store.
  2. Choose Add extension in the pop out window.
  3. Right click the plug-in button in your web browser menu bar > Option.
  4. Switch on the option Upload From External link.
  5. Install Add photo to Instagram Chrome extension
  6. Go back to and sign in with your account.
  7. Go to your homepage on Instagram and click the extension icon under Edit Profile.
  8. Choose Add to Profile or Add to Stories now.
  9. Select a photo to upload, rotate it if necessary, and Next.
  10. Write some words, tag people or not, and your photo will be posted to Instagram on PC successfully by Next.
Add to profile or Add to Stories

Warm Notes

  • Instagram filters are not accessible through this Add photo to Instagram plug-in.
  • You can't delete Instagram posts on computer by using this Instagram extension.


Can I upload multiple photos on Instagram through PC?

No, you can't. Only a single picture can be added for uploading to Instagram on computer at a time.

Can I delete a picture from Instagram on computer?

Surely yes. Click the button right beside Like to get into your home page on IG > click to open the photo you want to delete > click More info at the top right corner > choose Delete in the pop-up window.

Can I post video to Instagram from PC/Mac?

You can't directly upload videos to Instagram on computer. The methods for postings photos to IG from PC or laptop do not work when it comes to videos. But since there are length and size limits for video uploading, you'd better cut and edit large videos on PC and then transfer it to mobile through USB or Cloud service for posting.

Instagram video uploading limits

Cut video for uploading to IG on PC

To upload a 60-second clip of like say one-hour shooting to Instagram, use VideoProc to do the cutting, splitting and merging on Windows 10 or macOS computer (You can head to this page for more details). It would be much smoother to handle large data calculating on PC than mobile, especially when you are allowed to use hardware acceleration with VideoProc. And it has helped many users post their YouTue videos on Instagram.

* Click the button below to free download VideoProc - a fast video editor/converter software to have a try!

How to cut video with VideoProc for Instagram

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