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If you are looking for an AVI video editor in 2020 then there are less chances that you'll end up with a good one. Right, many available video editors claim to have complete editing toolkit and can edit various types of videos including AVI files smoothly with a great user experience. However, the true thing is most video editors go crash as soon as you just import a short AVI clip, and some others have countless bugs and work extremely unstable on your windows and mac. Here comes the point why we wrap this list of top 7 best AVI video editors for Windows and Mac. They are:

Your Easiest Option to Edit AVI Video with Zero Error

As an all-in-one software, VideoProc covers all basic editing toolkits to polish AVI videos and all kinds of other popular footages, and audio. Efficient is something that is taken seriously by VideoProc. The tested data shows it can edit and export hour-long 4K AVI videos in just minutes. That's own to its support of level-3 GPU acceleration. Plus, the wide range of output options and rich preset allows us to generate videos with the most proper formats and bitrates properties. So that we can easily get the best viewing experience on phones, computers, TVs and various social platforms.

VideoProc AVI Video Editor
VideoProc AVI Video Editor

VideoProc - Drag and Click to Edit AVI Videos in Seconds

  • Cut, trim, split, merge, crop, rotate AVI videos as well as add subtitle, deshake, add watermarks,and more.
  • This specialized AVI Video Editor provides you full features to edit your MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, WMV videos.
  • It isn't crowded with any unnecessary features. All features come with VideoProc could be found in 2 clicks.
  • Fast AVI video editing and processing speed thanks to the support of level-3 hardware accelertaion technology.

Free download and installed VideoProc on your PC or Mac to find more useful features to spice up your videos

6 Best Free AVI Editors [With Practical Review]

#1. Handbrake

Basically, Handbrake is a video transcoder that is very good being a freeware. But as a video editor, it lacks important functions like video merging and multi trim. Its UI looks too bulky as there are lots of options visible in a single window which sometimes works against the video editing experience.

Handbrake AVI Video Editor
Handbrake AVI Video Editor


  • Free and open-source.
  • Cross-platform video editor.
  • Wide input options.
  • Cover basic video editing tools.


  • You can't get AVI output as it has to be MP4 or MKV.
  • Need a long time to edit high compressed/resolution/bitrate videos.
  • Out-of-date UI and many useful features are hidden on the menu.
  • The real-time review is not supported.

#2. Avidemux

If you want to cut and delete several parts of an AVI video in one go, then Avidemux is your thing. Even though it's just a lightweight video editor that comes with a minimal user interface, it offers you access to cut the video precisely by frame and gives you everything you need to do a quick editing, for instance, cutting, cropping, rotating, and subtitling. It also comes in handy when there is a need to cancel noise, adjust sharpness, or make very basic color corrections. The problem is the workflow of Avidemux is quite different from most AVI video editors. It edits video by adding filters which is intricate for most novice users.

Avidemux AVI Video Editor
Avidemux AVI Video Editor


  • Capable of editing AVI and other prevalent video and audios.
  • Requires only 512MB RAM Memory, and 50MB hard disk.
  • Cover all the needed tools for quick video editing.


  • Many features are hidden which makes it not easy to use.
  • Can't export video in some of the most popular formats like MOV, 3GP, VP8, and VP9.
  • Limited to add one filter, and in most cases, you can't preview that filter properly.

#3. Shotcut

Shotcut is the third open-source video editor that you can utilize to edit AVI files on Windows, Mac, and Linux. With an extensive list of capabilities, it is one of the more versatile programs in this wrap-up. Shotcut has everything from basic toolkits like cutting, trimming, rotating to advanced effects including chroma key, blurring filter, overlays and more. However, more features often imply a steeper learning curve for most video editing software. Shotcut is not an exception. You have to read many tutorials to discoverer all its potentials.

Shotcut AVI Video Editor
Shotcut AVI Video Editor


  • Rich features for creative users.
  • Low hardware requirement and enable hardware acceleration.
  • Supports the input and output of 4K HD videos in AVI, MP4, DNXHD, and all other standard formats.


  • No preset output properties for iPhone, YouTube, and TVs, etc.
  • Put transition for beginners is very challenging.
  • Not support to select multiple clips on the timeline.
  • Doesn't allow you to add subtitles files.

#4. Lightworks

Lightworks covers all editing features other basic tools have in this post. In addition, it comes with lots of advanced tools and real-time effects, for example, color grading (balance, main, RGB, HSV, and curve), abundant ready-made transitions. The interface of Lightworks is a little hard to approach, but it's not a big deal when considering its plethora of features. And, like other NLE video editors, most of your editing works are done on the timeline. My personal favorite is it provides royalty-free music and videos so that nobody can ever file a copyright claim against your video on the internet.

Lightworks AVI Video Editor
Lightworks AVI Video Editor


  • Boasts professional video editing features.
  • Supports a wide range of input formats.
  • Instantly share on YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Crashes even when running on a robust computer.
  • Takes a steep learning curve for beginners.
  • Only enable the output of MPEG4/H.264 videos.
  • The highest resolution it can generate is 1280x720p pixels.

#5. Wax Video Editor

Wax Video Editor is very versatile with lots of advanced editing features. It enables us to create multiple video and audio tracks. A unique thing of Wax video Editor is it has 2D and 3D plugins, that's great and cool. However, those extra bells and whistles are also making Wax Video Editor difficult to master for newbies. Especially, when those utilities are distributed on an 80-S style interface.

WAX Video Editor
WAX Video Editor


  • Boast professional editing features to polish AVI videos.
  • Supports a wide range of input formats including AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, and etc.
  • Can add multiple video and soundtracks.
  • Can use the preset of projects from some other editing like Windows Movie Maker.


  • Crashes even when running on a robust computer
  • Complicate and out of date UI are difficult for newbies to get adapt to.

#6. Windows Movie Maker [Microsoft Photos]

Windows Movie Maker, in my opinion, is the easiest yet full-featured free AVI editor. However, it has been discontinued by Microsoft and is no longer available to download officially. To stay safe, you are not suggested to install it form any website. Its replacement is Microsoft Photos, which is a moderate video editor offering basic editing tools, and by “basic” I mean you can only add background music, add video filters, cut videos, put text in prebuilt formats. There is no access to apply transitions, trim clips, add watermarks, etc.

Shotcut AVI Video Editor
Shotcut AVI Video Editor


  • Easy to use, navigate, and learn for a beginner.
  • No need to install it manually as it is prebuilt on Windows 10.
  • There are rich preset of fonts and 3D effects that can make your AVI videos very catching.


  • No available transitions.
  • Not allow you to trim, watermark, stabilize, speed up/down videos.
  • Partially support MOV, AVI, FLV videos.
  • Export all types of videos as MP4 format.
  • Takes long preparation time to load some small projects.
  Speed Advanced Features HD AVI Video Editing






Wax Video Editor


Which is Your Take?

The final decision depends on what you need. All we can do to help you is to invite you to download VideoProc. After all, from the above data, it is clear that none of the free AVI video editors supports level-3 GPU acceleration as VideoProc. On aside from its sufficient features on editing AVI videos, it allows you to download online videos, music, and subtitles for most of the popular websites, and record videos/audio and copy DVDs.

AVI Video Editor FAQ

1. What is the Best AVI Video Editor to Make Slideshows with Many Transitions?

Windows Movie Maker and VSDC come with many ready-made transitions for you to make eye-catching slideshows. Mac users can utilize iMovie to create very stunning presentations. iMovie boasts lots of templates, trailers, and transitions.

2. Which Video Editor is Good for Dividing AVI File into Small AVI files?

Go with the split tool of VideoProc. It enables you to batch split AVI files into many small clips automatically in one click.

3. How to Edit AVI Editors like Pros?

To edit AVI editors like pros, you have to figure out how to use advanced video editors. My advice is that you start with some easy NLE editors like Windows Movie Maker and Openshot. After you master some concepts like working with a timeline, and all the basic editing stuffs, you then move to serious programs that most Pro users would choose, for instance, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

Learn how to edit AVI video with Openshot here.

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