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  • Free to use with no watermarks or export limitations
  • Comprehensive editing features, including trimming, rotating, filters…
  • Visualized speed ramping, automatic keyframe, motion effects...
  • Color correction and color grading; stock and 3D LUTs
  • 4K support, blend mode, chroma key, record voiceovers…
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Meet the best free CapCut alternative

Top 9 Best CapCut Alternatives: Apps like CapCut for All Uses in 2024

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

CapCut has been the talk of the town. People love the CapCut app because it's easy to use, packed with features, and free to use! For beginners and intermediate users, you don't need to know arcane video jargon as in Premiere Pro or other big names. But sometimes, you might crave something a little different. Perhaps it's due to platform compatibility or the need for more functionalities. Whatever your reason, the world of video editing is vast and varied.

So here in this article, we list the top 9 best CapCut alternatives for all uses. Whether you are a PC die-hard, a Mac aficionado, an Android enthusiast, or an iOS devotee, we've got you covered. Please keep reading and check out these apps like CapCut.

CapCut Alternative for All Uses

How to Choose a CapCut Alternative

Choosing the right video editing software isn't just about picking the most popular one. We consider the following aspects while exploring these CapCut alternatives.

  • User-Friendliness. It should be easy to use even for a novice user.
  • Feature Range. On top of the simplicity, it should include all the editing features necessary to create high-quality and visually appealing videos.
  • Pricing. Is it free, freemium, or fully paid?
  • Operating System Compatibility. Specify the platforms it supports. Make sure the CapCut alternative is compatible with your device.
  • Unique Selling Points. This app similar to CapCut should also have its own advantages over CapCut.

CapCut Alternatives for PC

There are many video editors similar to CapCut available for the Windows platform. Here, we choose two that are free and easy to use.

1. VideoProc Vlogger

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows & macOS

VideoProc Vlogger is a good CapCut alternative for PC. People love CapCut because it's free and easy to use. That's what makes VideoProc Vlogger attractive. VideoProc Vlogger strikes a perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity. There's no steep learning curve with VideoProc Vlogger, so you don't have to invest lots of time as you do with the big names. And it will always be free and with no watermark. Besides, VideoProc Vlogger wraps a suite of powerful editing tools in a user-friendly interface. It offers almost all the features you may need for video editing, such as transitions, graphs, and video effects. You can also color grade your footage and edit the audio like a pro.

CapCut Alternative - VideoProc Vlogger

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive editing features, including trimming, rotating, filters, effects…
  • Visualized speed ramping, automatic keyframe, motion effects to imitate cinematic camera movements…
  • Color correction and color grading; stock and 3D LUTs
  • Studio-grade audio editor to automatically mark the musical beats, sound onsets, and silences
  • 4K support, blend mode, chroma key, record voiceovers…
VideoProc Vlogger

Comparative Benefits - VideoProc Vlogger

  • More robust features like color correction and 4K support
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface make it THE CapCut for PC
  • Free with no watermark, no hidden fees
  • Wider range of codecs and formats support than CapCut, including MKV, AVI, etc.
  • Fast editing and rendering process powered by GPU acceleration


  • Currently only available for Windows and macOS

2. Microsoft Photos

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Windows OS has its own built-in video editor. Microsoft introduced a video editor in the Photos app in Windows 10. It has all the functions of its predecessor, Windows Movie Maker. Starting from Windows 11, it's a separate Clipchamp app. Each generation of the integrated video editor offers a suite of basic editing features. You can easily create videos from pictures and songs and add text, 3D effects, etc. Anyway, you can easily use the built-in video editing software of Windows as an alternative to CapCut.

CapCut Alternative - Microsoft Photos

Key Features:

  • Simple editing tools for basic video creation needs, including slideshows
  • Enhance videos with text overlays and background music

Comparative Benefits:

  • Pre-installed with no additional software download required
  • Perfectly complements the Windows operating system
  • User-friendly and ideal for beginners valuing simplicity


  • Exclusively available for Windows users
  • Limited advanced features for complex or professional video editing

CapCut Alternative for Mac

Although there are far fewer software options on Mac than on Windows, there are still many video editing software options available. You can pick your favorite as the CapCut alternative for Mac.

3. iMovie

Price: Free

Compatibility: macOS, iOS, iPad OS

iMovie stands as a testament to Apple's dedication to combining elegance with functionality. As the go-to video editor for Mac enthusiasts, iMovie offers a blend of simplicity and creative freedom. It's free and pretty easy to use. From crafting stunning trailers to editing 4K movies, iMovie caters to the artistic inclinations of both novices and intermediate users.

CapCut Alternative - iMovie

Key Features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for an effortless editing experience
  • High-fidelity filters and effects to elevate your videos with cinematic touches
  • 4K resolution support
  • Green-screen effect with chroma key capabilities

Comparative Benefits:

  • Native Apple app for seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem
  • Tailored for beginners but without sacrificing quality
  • Built-in app free for all Mac and iOS users


  • Limited to Apple devices and users
  • Too simple and less suitable for advanced editing

4. OpenShot

Price: Free

Compatibility: macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS

OpenShot is a cross-platform and open-source video editor that champions accessibility and creativity. Whether you are a Mac, Windows, or Linux user, OpenShot can help explore video editing with its array of editing tools. It's unbelievably simple to use, even easier than CapCut.

CapCut Alternative - OpenShot

Key Features:

  • Unlimited layers and tracks
  • 3D animations and effects
  • Keyframe animation, zoom in and out, audio waveform visualization…

Comparative Benefits:

  • Open-source, free, cross-platform
  • User-friendly for beginners


  • Occasional crashes or bugs from some users report
  • Less intuitive than other desktop alternatives to CapCut

CapCut Alternative for Android

5. InShot

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android, iOS

InShot is tailored for on-the-go editing. In a recent update, it also introduced AI tools such as some effects and auto-captions. But only with a Pro Unlimited subscription, you can get editing materials and features without watermarks or advertisements.

CapCut Alternative - InShot

Key Features:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI design
  • Wide range of effects, filters, and stickers to choose

Comparative Benefits:

  • Ideal for creating videos for Instagram and TikTok
  • More audio options than CapCut with an extensive music library


  • Limited advanced editing features
  • Possible watermark and ads with the free version

6. KineMaster

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android, iOS

KineMaster is one of the best video editors for mobile vloggers. It offers some powerful editing tools with a user-friendly interface. You can easily cut, merge, and rearrange your video clips to make amazing videos. Compared with CapCut, KineMaster supports up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS exports.

CapCut Alternative - KineMaster

Key Features:

  • Precise frame-by-frame trimming for perfect timing
  • Create slow-motion or fast-forward effects effortlessly
  • Add voiceovers directly within the app with the recording feature

Comparative Benefits:

  • More advanced features for intermediate users than CapCut
  • The high degree of customization
  • Wide export formats available


  • Subscription needed to unlock full features
  • Overwhelming for novices

CapCut Alternative for iOS

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free or US$9.99/mo with Adobe Express

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Adobe Premiere Rush could be the best choice if you want something with a big name. Packed with Adobe quality in a mobile package, Premiere Rush is basically a simplified version of Premiere Pro. It's designed for video makers seeking professional-grade editing capabilities at their fingertips. So, it may not be as easy to use, but it offers more editing features.

CapCut Alternative - Adobe Premiere Rush

Key Features:

  • Accessible renowned editing tools of Adobe
  • Customizable motion graphics templates
  • Advanced audio tools, color grading, etc.

Comparative Benefits:

  • Professional editing features in the on-the-go package
  • Suitable for Adobe users with a seamless integration with the ecosystem
  • Portable editing with cloud syncing


  • Limited free features if you have no subscription
  • A much steeper learning curve than CapCut

8. VN Video Editor

Price: Free or from US$9.99

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Compared with Adobe Premiere Rush, VN Video Editor is much easier to use but not as famous as others in this list. Besides basic editing capabilities, you can also do multi-track editing with curved speed adjustments.

CapCut Alternative - VN Video Editor

Key Features:

  • Straightforward user interface
  • Curved speed adjustments for dynamic variations
  • Subtitle editor to easily add and edit subtitles

Comparative Benefits:

  • Quick rough cut
  • Support importing LUT (.cube) files


  • Lack of mature community support

CapCut Alternative Online


Price: Free or starting from US$12/mo

Compatibility: web-based is the best CapCut alternative online you can get. It's perfect for those who prefer no software downloads. VEED provides basic to intermediate editing tools you may need, including text, filters, transitions, etc. But please note that you can only export your projects with a resolution up to 720p and a watermark unless you have a paid subscription.

CapCut Alternative -

Key Features:

  • Record your screen and webcam with a built-in screen recorder
  • AI automatic subtitling tool

Comparative Benefits:

  • No software download required
  • Vast template library


  • Require a stable internet connection for smooth operation
  • Limited advanced features for high-end professional editing


That's all about our rundown of some of the best CapCut alternatives for different uses. There's something for you, whether you are a PC user, Android enthusiast, or Apple lover. The important thing is to choose the most suitable one based on your needs.

Of course, if you are looking for a CapCut alternative for PC, VideoProc Vlogger is a great option to go. Designed as a professional yet easy-to-use video editor, it's a tool that grows with you as you refine your editing skills. Just get this tool to your computer and start your journey.

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