CapCut for PC: Official Version and Alternatives with Similar Features

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Is there an official version of CapCut for PC? A true exe file to install the software instead of using an Android emulator? You can find answers in this post. Before we get started, here are some quick Q&As.

Does TikTok Own CapCut

CapCut (formerly known as Viamaker of TikTok) belongs to Bytedance Pte. Ltd, the parent company of TikTok. CapCut was launched in the Chinese Market in 2019 with the Name "JianYing", meaning capture and cut the video to share, thus the name CapCut.

Capcut and TikTok both belongs to ByteDance

Is CapCut Available for PC

Yes. But currently, it is released for the Chinese market, and there is no English language support.

Don't walk away though. If you are familiar with CapCut App on iPhone or Android phones, you probably can navigate through the official PC version, without knowing the language.

CapCut PC version adopts more or less a similar UI. You can add animated Text, stickers, transitions, effects, and filters in the same way you add it on a phone.

How Do I Download CapCut to My Computer

CapCut goes with the name JianYing in the Chinese market, and its Windows version is called JianYing Pro (CapCut Pro). The beta version was leaked and shared among editors and fans via cloud storage platforms and software downloading websites.

Now the official version is released on

The current version is JianYing Pro (CapCut Pro) 1.1.1, updated on Feb.25, 2021

Below is a screenshot of how it looks like:

CapCut for PC main UI

To download CapCut to Windows PC, follow these steps

Step 1. Visit the official page

Since CapCut and TikTok both belong to Bytedance Pte. Ltd, you might expect the official site to include CapCut or TikTok in the URL, and has none of those. We find out that Bytedance also developed a photo editing app named "Ulike" camera (ulikecam). Top tech websites and publications in China also confirmed that is the official download page for CapCut PC version in Chinese: JianYing Pro.

Step 2. Click the blue button to download. The page is in Chinese. If you are using Google Chrome, you can enable the Translate this page widget next to the search box.

Download CapCut for PC

Step 3. Run the EXE file, and click on the gray text, as shown below, to choose an installation path.

Select the installation path

Tick the first box to agree to its privacy policy and license agreement. Tick the second box to create a desktop shortcut.

Step 4. Wait for the program to finish the installation, and launch it.

Here are the system requirements for CapCut PC Chinese Version

System requirements Minimum Recommended


Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit) version or higher

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version

Hard Drive Space

10 GB of available hard-disk space for program installation; additional free space required during the installation process.

Solid-state disk (SSD) for program installation.






8 GB RAM for HD media; 16 GB RAM for 4K media or higher resolution

Graphics Card

NVIDIA GT 630 / 650m, AMD Radeon HD6570

NVIDIA GTX 660 / Radeon R9 270 or higher

Display Resolution


1920x1080 or greater

Follow these steps to edit videos using CapCut for PC

Step 1. Click on the Video icon and drag and drop to import video and picture files.

Import Videos and Pictures in CapCut PC version
  • Supported Input Video: MOV, MP4, AVI, M4V, MKV, MPG, F4V, FLV, RMVB, JPG, PNG, JPEG
  • Input Audio: AAC, M4A, MP4, WAV, WMA
  • Doesn't support importing GIF.

Step 2. Drag the video clip to the timeline, and use tools from the tools bar to edit the video. You can click the sound icon next to the clip to mute it.

Edit videos

Step 3. Click other icons below the menu bar to add text, stickers, video effects, transitions, and filters.

Step 4. If you want to adjust color, you can click the last icon, add the adjustment layer, and use the slider to change contrast, saturation, luminance, sharpness, highlight, shadows, etc.

Adjust color in CapCut

Step 5. Click the blue button on the top right corner to export the video.

Export the video

How to Use CapCut for PC Google Extension

If you search CapCut for PC, you probably have met this extension for Google Chrome.

However, it is not a 1-click solution as you normally expected for an extension.

After installation, when you click on the CapCut for PC icon in the Chrome tools bar, you will see a pop-up reading "To shut this popup down, edit the manifest file and remove the default popup key. To edit it, just edit ext/browser_action/browser_action.html."

The notification is non-sense for a non-techie, and even if you dig around and find out the solution, you will find that this is merely an emulator to run the App (Android version).

If you like to use the emulator, go ahead with these steps:

Step 1. Download and install an Android emulator.

Step 2. Search for CapCut and install it from the play store.

Step 3. Install CapCut and open it in the emulator. You will find that it is the app version, and you need to click or click and drag to simulate how you tap or swipe on a mobile phone.

There are bunch of dedicated Android emulator software, such as NoxPlayer, Bluestacks, YouWave, GameLoop, Bliss OS, etc. Taking NoxPlayer as an example:

Step 1. Visit to download NoxPlayer.

Step 2. Go to Tools > Play Store to sign in to your Google Play store account in NoxPlayer.

Go to PlayStore in NoxPlayer to Install CapCut for Windows

Step 3. Search for CapCut to install it on your Windows PC.

Install CutCap

Step 4. Import videos or pictures into NoxPlayer's album, so that you can access them in CapCut.

It can be break down into three mini steps:

Go to Tools > File Manager > Menu (Three lines icon) > Settings (Gear icon).

Manage settings

Click on the General Settings, and make sure the access mode is set to "Prompt User mode".

Change the access mode settings

Click the computer icon from the side bar, and in this newly opened File Assistant windows, click on Open PC Folder.

Copy and Paste videos to NoxPlayer albums

Now copy the vidoes or picutres files on your computer, and paste it to any subfolder in this Nox_share folder. For instance, you can paste the video to the Download folder: C:\User\Nazir\Nox_share\Downloader.

Now you can find the source video in NoxPlayer > Tools > Albums. Once they are inside the albums, CapCut can access the video and import it for the editing.

Import video in CapCut emulated version to start editing

Best Free CapCut for PC Alternatives

People love CapCut app because of its simplicity to create TikTok videos with tons of dazzling effects and transitions, and it is free to use. For beginners, you don't need to learn how to set parameters bit by bit as in Premiere or other big names. With the ready-to-use effects and templates, you just experiment with each and find one you love.

Now move to the big screen. CapCut's parent company doesn't release an English version for Windows PC currently. Its Chinese counterpart, JianYing Pro, is not intended for the American or European market.

But since your ultimate goal is to create a video with little effort, use templates to make a viral video without editing skills, there are many beginner-friendly video editors as alternatives for CapCut, such as WeVideo, Flexclip Video Maker, and VideoProc.

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