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How to Zoom In on CapCut: Complete Guide

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Video editing is no longer exclusive to filmmakers with the explosive growth of social video platforms like TikTok. People will ask how to do this or how to do that after seeing some impressive effects, for example, zoom. It is a simple edit you can do even on your phone.

You can create a zoom effect manually when shooting or automatically during post-production with CapCut, one of the most used video editing apps these days. There are three methods on how to zoom in on CapCut. Here's the only step-by-step guide you'll need.

How to Zoom In on CapCut

How to Zoom In on Capcut

CapCut offers most features you might need in short video creation and editing. You can zoom in on a video on CapCut using the Zoom Lens effect. It's a preset effect for the one-click operation. Below are the detailed steps.

  1. Launch CapCut on your device and create a new project.
  2. Add the video to use.
  3. Click the Effects button at the bottom, then select Video effects.
  4. Scroll through and choose the Zoom Lens effect in the Basic section.
  5. Customize the Speed and Range by clicking the Adjust button.
  6. Tap the checkmark to apply the effect.
  7. Hold and drag the edge of the effect to set how long the zoom effect will last.
  8. Save the zoomed video using the Export button in the top right corner.
How to Zoom In on Capcut With Effects

How to Do Slow Zoom In on CapCut

Presets of Zoom Lens may not always work as expected. The zoom effect may disappear too fast while you want to zoom in slowly, or the zoom effect doesn't appear where you want it to be. In this case, you can use the keyframe feature to adjust where your video zoom to and how long the zoom effect lasts in your video. Following are the steps on how to do slow zoom in on CapCut.

  1. Create a new project, and import the video.
  2. Click the Edit icon in the lower-left corner.
  3. Move the playhead to the part of the video you want the zoom effect to start.
  4. Tap the keyframe button in the toolbar to add the first keyframe (a little diamond shape appears on the video layer).
  5. Scroll the video layer and stop at where you want the zoom effect ends. Then click the keyframe button and insert another keyframe.
  6. Pinch with your fingers on the screen to zoom in on the frame.
  7. Swipe the bottom toolbar to the left and find the Graphs button.
  8. Click the Graphs button to edit the zoom speed. The steeper the curve is, the faster the zoom speed will be. You can flatten the curve to zoom in slowly.
  9. Save the edits by clicking the checkmark in the bottom right corner.
  10. Export the video with the zoom-in effect.
How to Do Slow Zoom In on CapCut

How to Do 3D Photo Trend (CapCut 3D Zoom)

You'll find this CapCut 3D trend if spending some time on TikTok. The trend continues to soar with the short-form video booms. Basically, this effect zooms in on the people or the subject of the picture while pulling the background away to make it look like a 3D photo. Follow the steps below to create the CapCut 3D Zoom effect. Note that this effect is currently only available for images.

  1. Start CapCut and create a new project.
  2. Choose and add 8 to 11 photos to the project.
  3. Select the picture or click the Edit button once you move the playhead to the image.
  4. Scroll the bottom toolbar to the left until you see the Style option.
  5. Click the Style option and select the 3D Zoom style. CapCut will automatically apply it to the selected picture.
  6. Click the checkmark in the lower right corner to save the effect.
  7. Reduce or extend the duration of the effect by holding and dragging the edge of the picture.
  8. Repeat the above steps for the rest of the pictures.
  9. Click the Export button to save the CapCut 3D Zoom effect.
How to Do CapCut 3D Zoom

Best Alternative to CapCut for PC & Mac to Zoom In on Video

CapCut is good for rough cut editing on mobile phones, but if you want to go further in video editing or edit on desktop, you'll need the CapCut for PC. Desktop software often does more than you can do on a mobile phone.

VideoProc Vlogger is a great alternative. It runs well under both Windows and macOS. Just like CapCut, this program is totally free. And even better than that, it even won't add the ending clip with that watermark. There will be absolutely no watermark anywhere in the video you export.

VideoProc Vlogger Editing the Video

Designed with an intuitive interface, VideoProc Vlogger is very easy to use. You don't need to invest much time learning how to use it. If you can use CapCut, you can use VideoProc Vlogger. Not all desktop video editing software comes with those dizzying features and complicated settings. But still, you can find almost all the features you may need in the short video creation, like zoom in/out, transitions, motion effects, speed ramping, color grading, and audio editing.

VideoProc Vlogger software box

VideoProc Vlogger - Best Alternative to CapCut for PC

  • Totally free and forever free with not any watermark.
  • Easy to use: compact and self-explaining interface.
  • Pro features: camera motion effects, reframing, zooming, panning, speed ramping, color grading, audio editing (cut to the beat).
  • Fast editing and rendering process powered by GPU acceleration.
  • Comprehensive text guides and video tutorials.

Hesitate no more. Get started and grow your video editing skills with VideoProc Vlogger.


What's a keyframe in CapCut?

The keyframe option in CapCut is a small diamond-shaped icon. Keyframes are markers that define the beginning and end points of different effects, transitions, etc. You can do different effects from one point to another point by using keyframes.

How do you slow zoom in on CapCut video?

You can use the keyframe feature to zoom in on CapCut video slowly. Scroll the video layer, and tap the keyframe button to add a keyframe where you want the zoom effect starts. Then add the second keyframe to where you want to zoom in. Pinch with your fingers on the screen to zoom in on the frame. Click the Graphs button. Flatten the speed curve to make the zoom-in effect slow.

Where is 3D zoom in CapCut?

3D Zoom is an effect of CapCut currently only available for images. You can find it when you select the image you want to edit. It's in the Style section. Click the Style button, swipe the bottom toolbar to the left, and you'll find the 3D Zoom option.

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