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How to Make a Cool Movie Trailer in 5 Steps?

Movie trailers serve as great marketing tools that advertise on behalf of your movie. It provides viewers with a sneak peek of what they can expect from the full drawn movie. Usually, the trailers highlight the main point of a movie and can set its tone for being sold ahead of a wider audience group.

You can attain further creative possibilities by adding multiple overlay tracks in your movie trailer. It also becomes possible to superimpose clips atop a background video. Great trailers can garner excitement for the movie without giving away its main secrets. After watching a good trailer, the audiences are left yearning for more and will get themselves a ticket for the main movie. Today we are going to discuss in detail the steps of creating movie trailers to gain maximum attention.

Part 1: How to Make A Movie Trailer?

Step 1: Establish the genre, characters, and atmosphere.

Your audience needs to develop a rough idea about the film genre within the first ten to thirty seconds of the trailer. Thus, you can skip introducing the basic facts of the movie and jump straight to the main characters. Trailers usually set the mood of the film by showing a quick clip of the main characters either doing or saying something.

Step 2: Cut movies and select clips for making a trailer.

A trailer is nothing but a collection of individual movie clips. But there is a generalized rule for collating all these clips to form a high-impact trailer. The line of rising action of trailers usually starts high with a cold open. It might even include a button meant for a final action scene or one last joke.

The main function of the cold open is to hook the audiences' attention. This can either be through a funny scene or an exciting action sequence. A cold open is usually followed by the film logos and ultimately makes way for Act 1. Herein the purpose and characters of the story are induced through exposition. It might even post some questions to get the audience's brain rattled.

Next, the trailers make way for Act 2 with the audience aware of the basic premise. This Act reveals the central conflict and might even introduce the main villain. The main aim here is to keep the audiences wondering about how the main characters will handle the situation, but don't be a spoiler.

Ultimately, Act 3 surfaces by paving the path for the most dramatic music. The climax is often followed by grandiose dialogues which sum up movie scenes while being non-specific to the movie plot. The trailer ends at the peak of the climax and the audiences are presented with the title card.

Step 3: Add music and audios.

Music has a very big role to play in film trailers as it helps in setting the mood for the entire movie. The best trailers effectively use audio for magnifying the impact of action sequences. You need to be especially cautious while choosing the music so that it carries a strong sense of rhythm with the main storyline.

Step 4: Add texts and voiceover.

You can give context to the onscreen footage by adding texts and voiceovers. But you need to be very careful about using this option. Excess usage can come off as very distracting and even make the trailer look very cheap.

Step 5: Save and share the trailer.

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, you can share it with a wider audience. For doing this, you can select various social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or even post it on your website or blog. The trailer should also be saved in your computer after being converted to popular file formats.

Part 2: Tips for Making a Successful Movie Trailer.

  • 1. Show as little information as possible as you don't want to end up divulging the whole plot before the movie hits the theatre screens. But you also need to make sure that the audience doesn't get confused.

  • 2. Use visuals that stand out and allow them to speak for themselves. Excessive usage of generic texts is a big no-no. Rather you can arrange the movie characters to explain all the details. Here you can take the example of the Mad Max movie trailer which uses just one text "From George Miller".

  • 3. Appropriate usage of music and audios which can be found in the trailer of Inception. It made use of a foghorn noise which has now become a staple of every epic large-scale trailer of modern times. However, recent movie trailers such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Thor Ragnarok can be seen making use of covers of classic songs.

Final Words

Creating the perfect movie trailer might require a lot of planning, persistence and a potent video editing tool. But follow this routine, you can produce a trailer for a commercial movie or a theme movie mashup as a movie fan.


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