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How to Remove Background Noise from Video Audio

Best Ways to Remove Background Noise from Video Recording
By Jordi D. Rodríguez Updated: November 29, 2018

"I created a video for uploading to YouTube but can't remove the background noise in the video. Is there a way to edit video background noise? What is the best app to remove or minimize the background noise in my recorded videos?"

To some extent, background noise would destroy your recorded video, no matter how carefully the shooting was conducted. It could be wind noise, footsteps, etc. If the video is for uploading and sharing widely, then removing background noise from your audio or video is necessary. And yes, there are many apps can do the noise reduction for you, among which the easiest ones include VLC and VideoProc.

Background Information about Background Video Noise
What is video noise and what causes video noise? Technically speaking, noise is defined based on audio frequency and audio decibel, which is loud, disruptive and out of the comfort area to human hearing, for example, hiss, rumble, crackle, hum and so on. But sometimes for us, all unwanted sound in video recordings is noise. It could be wind sounds, man's vocal cord, motor noises, etc. When we record a song, all sounds except for human voice are noises. When you mainly want to collect ocean wave sounds, then all others are noises.

Easily Remove Background Noise from Video with

1. VideoProc

Best video removal app - VideoProc

VideoProc is an all-in-one new-style video processing tool, including four main modules: video processing, DVD ripper, video downloader and video recorder. Inside the Video Processing center, you are allowed to convert and edit videos, be it 4K or 1080p, downloaded from YouTube or recorded with GoPro, H.264 or HEVC. Better still, there is a long list of video editing features. You can crop image, split, cut or merge clips, rotate videos, add watermarks, apply filters, add subtitles, fix lens distortion,create MKV/GIF, etc. Certainly, there is "Deshake" function to help clean up background noise from videos.

The "Denoise" option is under Toolbox. Professional Low-pass and High-pass filters are applied to remove video background noises during your selected audible range. You are allowed to do the noise removal completely or partly. All sounds lower and higher than your preset value will be cleaned up with only once click. And the recommended value settings to remain human voice with less noise is 500 - 2000.

How to Remove Background Noise from Video with VideoProc

VideoProc is a linear-editing tool, not that professional as Adobe Premier Pro, but it really is an easy-to-use noise reduction tool. Especially, the unique support of Level-3 hardware acceleration powered by Intel, Nvidia and AMD makes large-size video editing smoothly without lagging. 5x faster than most other tools. Next we will show you how to remove background noise from video audio within several simple steps.

Step 1. Free get VideoProc

Click the following download button to save VideoProc for your Windows PC or Mac computer. Then double click the .exe or .dmg file and follow the setting wizard to get it installed quickly. After the installation, open the software right away.

Step 2. Load your video clips

• Click "Video" to get into video processing center.

• Click "+ Video" or "+ Video Folder" to load your recorded videos from local drive seperately or all together.

Step 3. Remove noise from video

• When the video is fully loaded, move to the "Target Format" section at the lower part of the main interface.

• Switch to "Toolbox" to find "Denoise" option. Or click "Target Format" to open the "Output Profile" window, scroll down to "Toolbox" option and then select "Denoise".

• Slide the control bar to set a video duration for noise removal. Specify the value for Low Pass and High Pass, and then click "Done".

Step 4. Start video noise removal

Back to the main interface, change the "Output Folder" and then press button "RUN" to start removing background noise from video.

VideoProc Subtitle

2. VLC Player

VLC made its name as free and open source media player software compatible with all mainstream platforms, like Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, etc. Strong decoding ability makes it possible for VLC to play any video you throw into it. And yes, it allows you to edit video background noise. Follow the next steps to learn how to remove background noise from video audio using VLC.

How to Remove Background Noise from Video with VLC

Step 1. Free download VLC

If you still don't have a VLC player, then download it from its official site and finish the installment:

Step 2. Load your recorded video

• Open VLC media player, click "Media" in the top task bar, choose "Open File" and then select a video to do noise reduction.

• Or you can directly drag and drop the file into the main interface to get it loaded.

Step 3. Start noise removal

• Move to the bottom of the player window and find the button of "Show extended settings" right beside the fullscreen option. Or click "Tools" in the top task bar and choose "Effects and Filters" in the scroll-down menu.

• Click to get into "Audio Effects" panel, switch to "Equalizer" and then tick the "Enable" box.

• Play the track, change the frequency band and decible settings and then "Save". Or you can choose from the "Preset".

VideoProc Subtitle
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How to Video Processing Remove Background Noise from Video

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