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How to Remove Background Noise from Video (Free & Online)

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

"I created a video for uploading to YouTube but can't remove the background noise in the video. Is there a way for video noise reduction? What is the best app to remove or minimize the background noise in my recorded videos?"

Technically speaking, noise is defined based on the audio frequency and audio decibel, which is loud, disruptive, and out of the comfort area of human hearing. Hiss, rumble, crackle, hum, and even white noise are instances of noise in the audio. Also, all kinds of unwanted sounds in video recordings are noises.

To some extent, background noise would destroy your recorded video, no matter how carefully the shooting was conducted. But is there any app to remove background noise from video? This article will show you how to remove background noise from video free and online with some best background noise removal apps.

How to remove background noise from video

How to Remove Background Noise from Video Free

VideoProc Converter is an all-in-one new-style video processing tool, including four main modules: video processing, DVD ripper, video downloader and video recorder. Inside the Video Processing center, you are allowed to convert and edit videos, like 4K, 1080p, H.264, or HEVC videos, or videos downloaded from YouTube or recorded with GoPro.

Better still, there is a long list of video editing features. You can crop images, split, cut or merge clips, change the video orientation, add watermarks, apply filters, add subtitles, fix lens distortion, create MKV/GIF, etc. Certainly, there is Denoise to help clean up background noise from videos.

The Denoise option is under Toolbox. Professional Low-pass and High-pass filters are applied to remove wind noise and other kinds of background noises during your selected audible range. You are allowed to do the noise removal completely or partly. All sounds lower and higher than your preset value will be cleaned up with only one click. And the recommended value settings to remain human voice with less noise is 500 - 2000. Let's see how to remove background noise from video with VideoProc Converter in the following.

VideoProc Converter - More than a Tool of Noise Reduction

  • Flexible setting of high pass filter and low pass filter to remove background noise from video.
  • Cancel background noise in a video like vocal cord, footsteps, motor noises from record machines, etc.
  • Other audio related options: change audio codec, channel, volume, sample rate, bit rate, etc.
  • Set audio delay, disable all audio tracks, recalculate time stamp to force A/V sync.
Best video noise removal app – VideoProc

Step 1. Download VideoProc Converter for free.

Navigate to VideoProc Converter via a browser and download the application for free. Launch the installation pack to start installing. When the installation is done, you can use VideoProc Converter to your will.

Step 2. Load your video clips.

Click Video to get into the video processing center.

Click +Video or +Video Folder to load your recorded videos from local drive separately or batch load.

Step 3. Remove noise from video.

When the video is fully loaded, move to the Target Format section at the lower area of the interface.

Switch to Toolbox for the Denoise option. Or click Target Format to open the Output Profile window, scroll down to choose Toolbox and then select Denoise.

Move the sliders on the side to set a video duration you would like to remove background noise. Specify the value for Low Pass and High Pass, and then click Done.

Step 4. Start video noise removal.

Return to the last interface, change the Output Folder when needed and then select RUN to start removing background noise from video.

Remove background noise from video in VideoProc

How to Remove Background Noise from Video on iPhone

There are many ways to remove background noise on an iPhone, for example, iMovie, the free video editing software preinstalled on Apple devices. The program has many audio filters, including a background noise removal feature. Follow the steps below to clean background noise on iPhone with iMovie.

Step 1. Launch iMovie and add your video clip to a new project.

Step 2. Go to Effects > Audio Filters.

Step 3. Click on the Noise Reduction tool.

Step 4. Drag the slider to the right to reduce background noise.

How to Remove Background Noise from Video Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has the audio tools that are ideal and powerful enough for individual artists or small teams to use as well. If you need to handle big projects such as Hollywood studios and broadcast productions, transferring files to Adobe Audition is a good choice.

With Premiere Pro you can perform soundtrack spotting, dialogue editing, music editing, audio enhancing and sweetening and many more. You are allowed to use plug-ins to help you remove or eliminate unwanted noise as a matter of course. Here's how to remove background noise from video in Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro icon

Step 1. Download and purchase Adobe Premiere Pro.

Free download Adobe Premiere Pro at Creative Cloud at first. It takes a subscription model with $20.99/month. Or if you're new to Premiere Pro, you can get a 7-day free trial.

Step 2. Create a new project.

You will create a new project with proper sequence settings and import source files to the project.

Step 3. Apply the denoise effect.

Navigate to the Effects tab and search for Denoise > select DoNoise and drag it onto the audio track > make sure your audio track is selected and head over to Effects Controls > scroll down select Edit next to Custom Setup. And there's a pop-up with controls for removing background noise from video.

Remove background noise from video in Premiere Pro

How to Remove Background Noise from Video in VLC

VLC made its name as free and open source media player software compatible with all mainstream platforms, like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Strong decoding ability makes it possible for VLC to play any video you throw into it. And yes, it allows you to edit video background noise. Follow the next steps to learn how to remove background noise from video audio using VLC.

VLC icon

Step 1. Free download VLC.

If you still don't have a VLC player, then download it at VideoLan.

Step 2. Import your video.

Launch VLC media player, click Media in the top bar, choose Open File and then select a video to do noise reduction.

Click +Video or +Video Folder to load your recorded videos from local drive separately or batch load.

Step 3. Start noise removal.

Move to the bottom of the player window and select Show extended settings. Or click Tools in the top task bar and choose Effects and Filters in the scroll-down menu.

And Audio Effects panel pops up. Navigate to the Equalizer tab and then put a check mark in the Enable box.

Change the frequency band and decibel as the video plays. After the adjustment, click Save. Or you can choose a preset that automatically configure all the audio settings for you.

Remove background noise from video in VLC

How to Remove Background Noise from Video in OBS

Making a screencast with voice-over is a daily routine for many content creators and streamers. But the background noise caused by fans in computers or other unnatural sounds can spoil your entire video recording and keep the audience at a distance.

I recommend a useful setting in OBS where can minimize background noise from video recording or streaming in a few clicks. More importantly, OBS is a free and open source program that doesn't cost anything. Let's check how to make it in the following.

OBS icon

Step 1. Download and install OBS.

Head over to OBS Project and free download and install OBS on your system. When the installation is complete, launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Apply the noise reduction filter.

Go find your microphone input in the Mixer settings > click the wheel-shaped icon > Filters > go for the plus icon and select Noise Suppression from the expander > Name your filter when prompted and hit OK.

Step 3. Regulate the suppression level.

Put on your headphones and adjust the suppression level to your wish.

Remove background noise from video in OBS

Remove Background Noise from Video Online

You would like to remove background noise from video without installing extra applications? Then try an online tool – Audiodenoise. It can recognize most popular video and audio formats and minimize the noise. It's worth noting that if you've uploaded a video, both video track and background noise will be removed. And you need to combine video and audio together later.

Step 1. Open the online tool.

Navigate to Audiodenoise in the first place.

Step 2. Upload a local file.

You are allowed to upload a video or an audio file. And hit the Start button to upload.

Step 3. Tweak the denoising parameters.

When audio players appear, you can manually adjust the denoising parameters to remove background noise from video. Of course, you can apply the denoising preset that configure all settings automatically.

Step 4. Save the output file.

When the adjustment is done, click the Download button to save the file locally.

Remove background noise from video in Audiodenoise

Last Words

You might have heard the adages "Seeing is believing", but the fact is that a soundtrack is as important as a video. If your video with a great soundtrack, it sells the content better. If there's background noise, the audience would tune out. To save you the hassle, go out with the six best apps to remove background noise from video.

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Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of the VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share creative content and useful information with readers. She has a strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in editing tips.

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