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Remove Wind Noise from Video in One Click

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How to Remove Wind Noise from Video in 3 Ways

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

So, you just recorded a video on the outside which was supposed to be a perfect shot – the landscape is fabulous and the look is on-point. However, when starts to edit, you suddenly realized a lot of unwanted wind noise had snuck into the video. Now what? Are there any ways to remove the wind noise from the video without affecting the voice?

Reshooting the video sounds like a good method to get rid of the wind noise. Unfortunately, it's tricky to avoid the wind noise when recording outside even with a professional microphone. Additionally, we're not always able to capture a scene that looks similar to the original. Luckily, the good news is that there are some ways to remove wind noise from your video in post-production.

Remove Wind Noise from Video

Can We Remove Wind Noise from Video and Why

Yes. We can get rid of wind noise from a video.

The wind noise is mostly a low-frequency sound (the frequency range from about 20Hz to 200Hz), no matter what forms it comes in, from rumble to swish, whiff, howling, and more. The human voice usually lives in the frequency between 500-1000Hz (even a low bass voice does not go below 100Hz). Thus, by filtering out the low-frequency signals, we may be able to eliminate the wind noise.

How to Free Remove Wind Noise from Video via VideoProc Vlogger

A user-friendly and free video editor with a handy built-in audio editor, VideoProc Vlogger can deal with wind noise, white noise, vocal cord, footsteps, and a variety of unwanted noise. Beginners can apply the preset 12 sounds effects, including high pass, low pass, and denoise to shape our audio quickly. Moreover, it boasts a flexible audio equalizer that comes with 10 bands that go from 31Hz to 16KHz, making customizing the audio volume on a certain frequency range easy like a breath.

VideoProc Vlogger - Top Pick to Remove Wind Noise from Video

  • Remove wind noise from the entire video or the selected segments
  • Hear the changes in real-time. Make edits while listening to the audio
  • One click to remove noise from video with high pass or denoise effect
  • Get better wind-noise reduction results with Loose/Tight and Wet/Dry knobs
  • Rich audio editing tools, cut, split, mix, silence/onsets/beat detection, and more
  • A full package of video editing tools to make incredible videos

Steps to Remove Wind Noise from Video with VideoProc Vlogger

Step 1. Download, install and launch this wind noise reducer. Click on +Project to start a new project. Drag the video with the unwanted wind noise to the media library. After that, drag that video onto Video Track.

Step 2. Select the video on the timeline, hit Detach, and then we can click on Audio to get to the Audio Editor.

Detach and Select Audio

Step 3. As said, there are 2 ways to remove wind noise.

Option 1. Add a Sound Effect

Hit Effects to enter the Sound Effects panel. Herein, click on High Pass to enable VideoProc Vlogger to filter out the low frequencies. Next, drag the slider of High Pass, Loss/Tight, and Dry/Wet until the wind noise is sufficiently reduced.

Use High Pass Effect to Remove Wind Noise


  • We can click on the Play button at the bottom of this panel to hear the changes in real-time.
  • Apply Denoise and Low Pass sound effects can also help us get rid of the wind noise.

Option 2. Equalize(EQ) the Audio

Hit Equalizer and then move down the sliders of 31Hz, 62Hz, and 125Hz to lower the volume of the low frequencies. We can click on the play button on the top to hear the changes.

EQ Audio to Remove Wind Noise

Step 4. Click on Export and then hit Start to save the video without the distracting wind noise on our computer.

Although Videoproc Vlogger, Premiere Pro, and many advanced audio editing programs bring us many capable tools to cope with wind noise, filtering out all unwanted wind sound from video sometimes can be tough. The lucky thing is, in most cases, we can make the wind noise less noticeable by simply adding background music.

How to Remove Wind Noise from Video via Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-standard video editor. It's known for its practically endless range of video editing features but also offers versatile tools for audio editing. We can use the powerful audio repair feature located on the Essential Sound Panel to reduce rumble, hum, ess-like sound, and other common types of noise from the background audio.

It also allows users to add third-party noise reduction plugins like Multiband Compression to get rid of wind noise. Another plus with Premiere Pro is we don't need to search around for good background music as the Adobe Stock Music inside it offers us a huge collection of high-quality music.

Step 1. Purchase Premiere Pro from the official site of Adobe. It costs 20.99USD/month.

Step 2. Download and install Premiere Pro. Launch it up and log in with your Adobe Account.

Step 3. Create a new project with proper sequence settings and then drag the video to the media library.

Step 4. Drag the original video to the timeline. Select the audio on the timeline track.

Step 5. There are mainly two methods to remove wind noise from video via Premiere Pro.

Option 1. Use the High Pass Filter

Enter High Pass on the search bar of Effects to find the High Pass effect. Select it and drag it onto the audio clip on the timeline. Go to the Effect Controls panel.

Decrease the value of the Cutoff option under Audio to around 100Hz to 250Hz, as we just want Premiere Pro to filter out the low frequency.

Remove Wind Noise via Premiere High Pass Filter

Option 2. Use the Repair Tool

Click on Audio to open up the Audio Essential panel. Enter Denoise on the search bar of Effects to find Denoise and select it. Drag and drop it into the audio clip on the timeline. Choose Dialogue as the Audio Type. After that, we can enable Reduce Rumbel and then drag the slider left or right until the obvious wind noise is removed from the video.

Remove Wind Noise via Premiere Audio Repair

Step 6. Go to File, click on Export, and choose Media. Complete the output settings on the Export Settings panel. After that, click on Export to save the video without the unwanted wind noise on the computer.

How to Remove Wind Noise from Video via iMovie

iMovie is a piece of macOS- and iOS-based free video editing software, aimed at helping beginners and amateurs fast edit out videos into storytelling. It does lack many basic and high-end features like speed ramping, 6-way split-screen, and smart beat detection.

However, for the purpose of removing wind noise, iMovie is worth trying. It comes with a straightforward noise reduction/equalizer feature, letting us decrease the wind noise that lives in the low frequencies range.

Step 1. Download iMovie and then fire it up. Click on Create New and then hit Movie to create a new project.

Step 2. Select the target video in the top-left corner. Drag it onto the timeline. Choose this video on the timeline.

Step 3. Come over to the menu bar above the preview window to find the noise reduction and equalizer button.

Step 4. Click on the unfold button of Equalizer to find Bass Reduce.

Remove Wind Noise via iMovie

Step 5. Play the video to check whether the wind noise still exists. If there is, check the option of Reduce background noise and then drag its slider until wind noise is reduced.

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