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Best 10 Subtitle Editors You Deserve to Use

Have you ever noticed that there are text strings at the bottom of your TV screen while watching a movie? These text strings are, precisely, known as video subtitles. They are a text based collection of all the dialogues delivered by all presenting roles in a movie. They are widely used for movie translation (foreign languages or some informal words, eg. terms, idioms, slangs, etc..). Occasionally, we see some text strings in the sideways. That's another purpose of the subtitle - to add background info on some typical words for audience's well-understanding.

Subtitles are always compiled as a single file and may have any format (eg. ASS, SSA, SRT etc.). No matter you are a professional subtitle editor or a video enthusiasts wanting to sharpen and DIY your homemade video, you can easily add subtitles to a movie, customize them, eg. change their display position, text size, color, and font. All those changes can be made through a subtitle editing tool. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 best subtitle editing tools which are divided into online subtitle editor and offline subtitle editor. So in this article you are going to know 10 subtitle editors featured by online or offline.

Instead of a pure subtitle editor, if you prefer video editing software with simple subtitling features like adding texts, adjusting font style, size and color, etc, the Windows 10 video editor built-in is a good option for entry-level users.

Friends Subtitle

To begin with , let's have a look at 2 online editing tools and then we go on discussing about 8 offline subtitle editor software.

Online Subtitle Editors

1. Kapwing

Kapwing is an advanced online subtitle editor and creator. It is good for creating subtitles for short videos or online videos (say YouTube). It has a very nice interface which lets you format the text, and provides multiple timestamps on which you can manually add subtitle text. Some of its features are,

  • - Real-time subtitles preview.
  • - Easy to use UI which lets you add subtitles in a line-by-line fashion. You can also easily select timestamps.
  • - Has an auto generate feature which uses artificial intelligence to create subtitles without any keyboard intervention.

2. Subtitletools.com

This is a online tool collection of subtitle editing, converting, syncing, fixing and cleaning. You'll find some useful tools here related to subtitles editing. This online tool is quite popular and easy to use, check its features below:

  • - Convert plain text subtitles and other formats to SRT.
  • - Use syncing for subtitle shifting.
  • - Remove bad formatting with just a single click.
  • - Merge multiple subtitles and change colors.

Offline Subtitle Editors ( Clean & Safe Software)

This is a list of software subtitle editors which can be downloaded across multiple software platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

3. VideoProc

VideoProc is an one-stop video and audio processing software that can edit, convert, compress, download, record both video and audio with super fast speed. As a powerful video editor, it is responsible for subtitle editing as well. Below are its important features.

  • Add external subtitle file (filename extension of *.ass, *.ssa, *.srt) to your video.
  • Search and download subtitles with its built-in search engine. TV shows' subtitle search are also available, which makes it unique feature that outshines other subtitle editors.
  • Customize the text position, language, font size, and font color of subtitles.
  • Two modes available: Burn-in (Hardcode) mode and Softcode mode.

4. AVIAddXSubs

AVIAddXSubs is a nice subtitle editing tool if you don't want a separate file. It takes a subtitle file and adds it internally to a movie or video. This eliminates the manual need for loading the subtitles from a file. You should have a look at its features as follows.

  • Edit up to 8 subtitles file at a time.
  • Easily configure text size, color, position, an even add outlines in texts for better visibility.

5. DivXLand Subtitler

DivXLand Subtitler is a freeware for editing and creating subtitle files. This tool uses a text file for creating subtitle timestamps and then adds it to a movie file. Check out some of its notable features.

  • Spell check and multi language support.
  • Save the editing project and resume later.
DivXLand Subtitler

6. Subtitle Workshop

This subtitle editor performs three main functions which are creating, converting, and editing all kinds of subtitles files. As per its claims it can process about 60 subtitle formats. Have a look at its important features below.

  • Built-in video player for previewing the subtitles thus edited or created.
  • Includes quality tools like spell check, find and replace, time sync, undo or redo in a multi-level fashion etc.
Subtitle Workshop

7. Jubler

Jubler is an open source and free subtitle editor and authoring software. One unique feature of Jubler is that it can let you mark subtitles with different colors. With Jubler you can edit subtitles individually, split or join them, use time shift for correct syncing etc. Some basic features of Jubler are given below.

  • Spell check support.
  • Fixes time stamps and prevents subtitles overlapping.

8. Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is a free program for editing and converting subtitles for any movie. This is some rare subtitle editor that has a conversion function. It has more features as follows:

  • Built-in Google translation tool for translating subtitles.
  • A special built-in Swedish to Danish translation feature.
Subtitle Edit


AegiSub is a free, cross-platform, and open-source subtitle editing software. It is an advanced editor known for fixing formatting errors. Note that it only supports SSA and ASS file formats editing. Its main features are:

  • Provides a subtitle styles manager and spell check utility.
  • Can easily detect duplicate lines.

10. SubMagic

SubMagic is a free and full-featured subtitle editing tool for Windows 10. It has a nice subtitles analyzer which automatically finds and fix any associated errors. The features of SubMagic are as follows.

  • Easily customize color, font, and position.
  • Find and replace subtitles with some other text.

Final Thoughts

Till now, you've acquired the name of 10 best subtitle editors, I bet you have decided to go with one of them to edit subtitles. Before you leave, there's one nominee - VideoProc that deserves being adressed more words. VideoProc is more than solely a subtitle editor. Besides being a well-performing subtitle editing software, it is, moreover, a multifunctional video editor, video converter, video compressor, video recorder and video downloader. Customize your personal editing preferences and dig out more fun in VideoProc by yourself. Find the download links below and have a go with VideoProc now!


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