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The Best Instagram Video Editor for Windows, Mac, Mobile, and Online

Instagram videos are the latest rage amongst digital marketers and even common people. This popular social media platform provides users with various video editing features. But these features are mostly limited to the application of filters, making boomerangs or trimming the clips. Thus, if you are on the lookout for advanced video editing options, then you are bound to feel disheartened.

This brings us to our todays topic of discussion, i.e. the best Instagram video editors which can be tried out even by amateur users. They can keep you covered with a variety of features ranging from adding animations to resizing footages and many more. And here we have selected 5 powerful video editing tools which you can rely on for Instagram video polishing, from dozens of reviewed items. Check them now.

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Part 1: Best Instagram Video Editor for Windows & Mac: VideoProc

VideoProc is an all-in-one video processing tool which can beautify your Instagram feed in no time. It comes backed with numerous editing options which are bound to make the users spoilt for choice. Suppose you wish to trim big footage and make it more attractive, then VideoProc can come into your direct rescue. For this, you will just have to follow the below-mentioned steps and you will make it:

Step 1. Import the video clip by clicking on the +Video icon.

Step 2. Next select Trim from the Toolbox.

Step 3. Specify the start and end positions by dragging the green toolbar.

Step 4. Now click on the orange Cut button to preserve the desired footage from the entire video.

Step 5. Ultimately you will have to click on Done.

trim video on VideoProc

Similarly, users can also crop the video for making it more compatible with the display screen. This can be done by following the steps lined down below:

Step 1. You will have to first import the video clip by choosing the +Video option.

Step 2. Now you need to click on the Codec Option, and then select the Crop option from the Edit toolbar.

Step 3. Next, you will have to check the Enable Crop option. This will surround the original video frame with a dotted line on its four sides.

Step 4. You can remove unwanted frames by simply dragging this dotted line.

Step 5. Alternatively, you can take your pick from the preset options available.

Step 6. Finally, you can save by the changes by clicking Done.

crop video on VideoProc

After you have made necessary changes to the video dimensions, you might wish to add in some filters. This can be done in the following way:

Step 1. You need to select the Effect option. This is indicated by a magic wand button, right in the video information section.

VideoProc effect feature

Step 2. This will cause the video effect controls to pop up. You can select the one which pleases you the most.

Step 3. VideoProc also offers users the option of enjoying a preview of the frame before saving the effect.

Step 4. It also becomes possible to adjust gamma, hue, contrast, brightness, and saturation for a more visually pleasing effect.

add effect to video on VideoProc

Apart from the obvious video editing features, VideoProc also offers its users with the option of video stabilization. For this you will have to adhere to the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. Select the Deshake option from the Toolbox tab.

stabilize feature on VideoProc

Step 2. You can access the video stabilization controls either by hitting the gear icon located at the top right corner or double-clicking the Deshake button.

Step 3. Users can trim the shaky footages by moving the two green cursors. It also offers the option of typing in the start and end times manually.

Step 4. You can adjust accuracy, shakiness, minimum contrast and step size for stabilizing the cut segment by moving the sliders.

Step 5. Finally, you will have to click on Done.

stabilizing video on VideoPorc

These are just part of VideoProc features, and there are more which you can try out for your Instagram video clips. So why not download it now for your attracting-fans video?

Part 2: Best Online Instagram Video Editor

1. Biteable

Whether you wish to grow more followers or promote your brand, this Instagram video editor online can serve as your ideal pick. You can easily turn plain concepts in vibrant footages coupled with its diverse video editing possibilities. Users can benefit from the same without the requirement of installing or downloading anything in their system.

Instagram marketers are always on the lookout for Instagram story video editors. But in most cases, they come with a difficult learning curve. Biteable can be easily mastered by people of all skill levels. Hundreds of live-action and animated scenes can provide you with ideas that can blend well with your regular business needs. Its simple drag and drop operation further adds up to its overall lucrativeness. Instagram marketers working on a time constraint can seek out the assistance of its ready-to-use templates. They just have to edit the text and add in some pictures for nailing a professional-grade look and feel.

2. Kapwing

This collaborative platform can help you hike up your Instagram feed with drool-worthy video edits. It started initially as a meme editor but slowly found acceptability amongst Instagram video editing fraternity. You can easily change horizontal video orientation to vertical for meeting with the set specifications of IGTV using Kapwing.

If users wish to lengthen a short video, they can easily copy and paste the link or upload the video while also specifying the looping time. Similarly, you can also benefit from this no crop video editor Instagram by resizing the video for being in sync with your specific requirements. You can toggle between video formats and even add in captions for a premium feel.

Part 3: Best Instagram Video Editor for Android & iOS

1. Magisto

Magisto is an intelligent AI-powered video editor that can help users mix video clips with music, photos, text and n number of effects. Think of a scenario where you do not have any video clip on your phone. Magisto can come into your rescue by helping you create a collage with music in such a way that it feels like a true movie. Users can select clips directly from Google drive or their phone gallery for hassle-free editing and storage. And once you are done with the editing, you can share your content over social media using its one-tap button.


Your search for a user-friendly and intuitive Instagram story video editor ends with the inShot Editor which can help you bring a professional flair to all your video editing assignments. Whether you wish to cut, paste or add in effects, inShot can get it all done for you seamlessly. The normal audio content in video clips might not always sound very good. In such a case, you can insert musical soundtracks to give your ultimate footage a cinematic touch.

Final Words

Most of us have high-quality smartphones that can capture premium-grade footages. However, it becomes imperative to bank on a good Instagram video editor for editing the raw footage. You can easily choose any of the five video editors we have listed out above. But VideoProc surely stands out from its peers with the versatile features and sheer ease of usage which can suffice both Mac and Windows users.


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