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Top 6 Ways to Make Video from Pictures for Free

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

A musical photo video is definitely a sweet present to surprise our near and dears ones on a special day because it carries beautiful memories and expresses deep love for us. And I know most of you are stuck in the first step since there are so many slideshow makers in the market that you have the faintest idea of what to choose. Actually, you need none of them. This post rounded up 6 methods to make a video with pictures and music without downloading any third-party software. Now get ready to dive into the detailed instructions.

Method 1. How to Make Video from Pictures in VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger is an easy-to-use video editor for Windows and Mac users. Its non-linear and frame-by-frame editing features can turn any still pictures into nice videos. Moreover, it has preset a vast amount of transitions, effects, filters, and text styles for you to make videos of all genres.

Now download and install VideoProc Vlogger and use it to make a video with pictures in 4 steps.

Step 1. Add pictures or a picture sequence to VideoProc Vlogger.

Launch VideoProc and create a project in it. Then hit the big plus icon in Media Library to add pictures or a picture sequence folder from your device to it.

Import pictures to VideoProc Vlogger

Step 2. Reorganize pictures in the timeline.

Drag these pictures to Video Track. Then move these clips in the timeline to change the order as you like. By default, the duration of each picture is 5 seconds. You can shorten or lengthen them by dragging the edges of these pics.

Re-sequence pictures in the timeline of VideoProc Vlogger

Step 3. Add effects, transitions, filters, texts, and background music.

To make these pictures look more artistic, go to Transition, Titles, and Effects tabs to select cool templates, and drag to apply them to the timeline.

Add effects filters and transitions to pictures

To insert background music, you need to import the song to Media Library, and drag it to the audio track.

Step 4. Save and export the video.

When the editing is done, click the Export button and finish settings (filename, destination folder, video format, and codec) to start exporting it to your computer.

Export video from VideoProc Vlogger

Method 2. How to Make Video from Pictures Using Windows Photos

You might be surprised that the Photos app is a hidden video editor, though designed to include only essential functions, it is fairly enough. If what you have in mind is slideshow style photo videos, with basic transitions, text layover, and music, this App has your back covered.

Option 1. Select Photos and Let the App Auto Creates Slideshow for You

1. Open Photos App and Click Video Editor from the horizontal bar.

2. Click the three-dot icon, and hit Make a video for me.

3. Now you shall see the editing panel. You can click to select multiple photos.

4. If you want a little surprise, you can tick remix it for me which randomly changes the order of selected photos in your video.

5. Then you can either choose Finish video or Edit video and follow easy instructions.

6. Save it as 1080p (recommended), 720p or 540p.

How to Make a Video with Pictures Featured

If you prefer more customizable options, such as 3D effects, zoom in transitions, and animated text laying over your picture video, skip to the next method.

Option 2. Use the Storyboard Mode

1. Click Video Editor from the top bar in Photos App.

2. Hit the blue button: New Video Project.

3. You will see a storyboard option at the bottom, click it.

4. Now there are many slots where you can drag pictures right inside the app. Once you arrange pictures into these slots, they can be played from beginning to end.

5. Between these slots, you can add transitional effects.

Windows Photos App

Method 3. How to Make Video from Pictures Using Google Photos

If you are already a loyal Google Photos user, you can create enchanting videos with pictures already uploaded on the platform. Besides photo slideshow, it also helps create short movies, photo collage, and animation.

One thing to notice is, movies are auto-created by Google Photos based on photos, meaning you cannot manually select which photo you need. You do have the choice of movie themes, such as a meow movie or a dog movie, and the platform intelligently uses an AI engine to create a movie with related photos. But the concern is, this also means your face information is scanned and stored in the server.

Since the whole process is AI-powered, you won't need a wordy tutorial here.

Step 1. Go to Google Photos and sign in with the account that you sync photos.

Step 2. Click the create icon, and select Movie.

Step 3. Select a theme and let the platform churn out photo videos for you.

Google Photos

Tips: You can download Google Photos for iPhone or Android and create video from photos on your smartphone in the same way.

Method 4. How to Make Video from Pictures Using PowerPoint

Over the years, Microsoft has ensured that they provide their customers with the best software bundles and packages. Creating slideshows on Windows wouldn't have been easier without the help of MS PowerPoint. No wonder how many times PowerPoint has been our last-minute savior to make pictures into a video.

The modern versions of PowerPoint like the one in Office 2010 provide users with an option to add interactive slide transitions, better background options, more default themes, and layouts. Plus, users can also incorporate captions, music, frames around the pictures, etc. Thus, it permits users to completely customize their slideshow.

Follow the steps listed below to make a video from pictures with Photo Album in PowerPoint.

Step 1. Create a New Photo Album.

Select the theme and layout of the slide. Now, click on the Insert option and select the images option. Clicking on the arrow under the Photo Album option and then selecting the New Photo Album.

Step 2. Import Pictures to PowerPoint.

As soon as the Photo Album dialog-box appears, click on the Insert picture option and select File/Disk. Now, navigate to the folder that keeps the picture to be inserted in the slideshow and click on the insert button.

Tips: You can rearrange pictures by moving them up or down the list under the Pictures in the Album section.

Step 3. Add Music to the photo video.

Click on Insert > Audio > Select an audio file. Once the audio is added, it's your choice to select the audio settings as per your needs or opt for automatic transitions.

Step 4. Create a Slideshow.

The final step is to click on Create option in the photo album dialog box, and then a picture video is made.

Honestly, this is more complicated than other methods to make a video with pictures. So if you need more intuitive instructions, check this video tutorial:

Method 5. How to Create Video from Pictures with Mac Photos App

For all Mac users reading this article, I'd like to add the steps to make a video with pictures and music using Mac native app Photos. It gives you easy access to all the pictures and quickly plays them in the form of a slideshow. Besides, there's always an option to add theme and music in the slideshow.

Step 1. Import pictures to Photos App on Mac.

Navigate to Photos app. App a group of photos to the slideshow project.

Step 2. Create a slideshow project.

Click on File option > Create > Slideshow > Photos. As soon as the Slideshow menu pops-up, select the New Slideshow option. Then type the name of the slideshow project.

Step 3. Reorder pictures.

For arranging/reordering photos, all you have to do is to drag the photos to the bottom of the window in the order that you want them to be arranged.

Step 4. Add a theme, music, and transitions.

Click on the Themes button and then select a theme as per your needs. Click on the Music option. Then, click on the down arrow next to the listed Music library and select the desired songs. And select the desired transition effect from the pop-up menu.

Step 5. Export the slideshow.

Set the scale size so that photos in the slideshow all fit the screen. Click on the Play button to run the slideshow. If it's okay, hit Export in the upper right corner.

Make a video with pictures on Mac

Now, you're all set to make a video from pictures in the form of a slideshow. This slideshow can be exported on any of the Apple platforms like Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.

Method 6. How to Create Video from Pictures Online with Smilebox

Apart from using the default methods provided by the OS platforms, there are numerous online tools can help you to make a video from pictures or create movies from photos e.g. Smilebox. It is an online service that helps you to create collages, greeting cards, slideshows, videos, invitations, etc. Personally, it is my favorite go-to online service for creating my stories through pictures. It comes with designs for all occasions. You just need to select the one theme, and you're all set to go.

Step 1. Sign in on the Smilebox official platform.

Go to the site of Smilebox and register an account to get started.

Step 2. Create a slideshow project.

Select the slideshows option from the multiple presets available, and select the desired category like college days, school days, weddings, etc. Click on Personalize option to start editing.

Step 3. Add pictures.

Load photos by clicking Add photo. For adding photos in a specific order, drag and drop the photos sequentially in the slides.

Step 4. Add text and music.

The text can be added by clicking on the textbox. Click on Choose music option and select the required music file.

Step 5. Save the slideshow.

When you finish all the edits, click on Preview, Save or Share.

Make a video with pictures online

Final Words

The above-listed methods are simple and easy-to-use. You can choose any one of them according to your device OS and your personal editing preferences. Hope this guide on how to make a video from pictures works for you, and look forward to your photo videos.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of the VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share creative content and useful information with readers. She has a strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in editing tips.

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