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Best Video Editor for Kids [Easy, Fast and Safe]

As schools are closed due to special circumstances, now it is time to keep our kids busy for a while! I'm not saying that you should pay a visit to the Disneyland Park or go for a long hike, the truth is, however, you can still find something interesting and valuable to do at home.

Think about those raw videos you shot during the last travel, and now you can edit those materials a bit for sharing or for other uses. I understand that it won't be too difficult for you just like kids' stuff to do, then you can pass the task to your kids, let them do the "child's play". It's the most ideal time for the children to polish up their video editing skills as well as acquire some video editing tricks.

When it comes to the video editing tool, there are a bunch of free video editing software packages in the marketplace, which are developed out of different purposes. However, video editor that is defined as kids-friendly should be something special. Here, we provide you the best video editor for kids.

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Video Editor for Kids

Factors to Consider for Kids-Friendly Video Editing Tools

Unlike video editing software for business or for commercial uses, the video editing tools for kids is supposed to be both handy and intuitive to use and are able to offer a great many templates and colorful text overlays, which will promise a better creation. Better yet, a good video editor for kids under 14 years old should be applied without internet to keep our kids away from some R-rated contents.

In short, what is deficient in market is the video editor that can entertain children and help them learn out of it, which should not only work as a monitor for the kids but a teaching assistant for the teachers as well. At length, it's nearly perfect if such editing tool doesn't ask for internet connection and can be login without account or password.

Features that best video maker for kids should include:

  1. Can create very visual stuff
  2. Basic editing features included
  3. Extremely easy to use, no difficult learning curve required
  4. Ready-made templates and themes to use
  5. Fast react to orders, no delay occurs
  6. Stable, no crash problems to worry about
  7. Can be used without internet connection
  8. Tutorials provided
  9. Security verified

Three Best Video Editors for Kids

We've picked out three video editors here for kids' use. The text below is going to specify the most remarkable features of each.

Movavi Video Editor

Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Other than the common functions such as cropping, merging or adding filters etc. that many video editors have, Movavi Video editor can add more fun to video creation. The stunning design and interesting features are to keep kids' brains in a relaxed learning situation. Also, creations can be lighted up by adding effects such as speech bubbles, colorful stickers and animated titles etc., which will attract other kids' attention when showed to them in class. Besides, children can professionalize their video editing skills through adding pan and zoom effects, stylizing videos and add callouts, etc.

MOVAVI Video Editor

Some of Movavi Video Editor's Outstanding Features:

  1. Considerable filters, transitions and captions etc. for creation.
  2. Super easy-to-master
  3. Stylizing effects for all-level learners


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Not only for online, this video editor also performs excellently on Android tablets and iPad. Accordingly, children can edit their videos everywhere with their tablets. Kids can shoot any memorable moments and making them into videos when they are camping as the Scouts, having a picnic with their family and friends or doing any outdoor sports with their partners. This video editor for kids can put their inspiration immediately into practice.

Magisto Video Editor

Some of Magisto's Outstanding Features:

  1. Share your works with 100 million users
  2. Excellent performance on all sorts of tablets
  3. Easy-to-use tool


Platform: Windows, Mac

As VideoProc is one of the most easy-to-use video editing tools, everyone can soon learn how to cut, crop, merge, split, compress, rotate and re-encode their videos. Safely, kids can make their videos without connecting the internet, which will protect them from seeing any online adult content. It is convenient for parents to supervise and prevent children from watching any unhealthy information or too many cartoons, in that this kind of editor doesn't ask for account and passwords to login. In short, it is not only designed for beginners, but is practical for all family members to download, record, convert, edit and fine-tune videos.

VideoProc Video Editor

Highlight Outstanding Features of VideoProc:

  1. Easy-to-handle
  2. Meet virtually all basic editing needs for beginners
  3. Support off-line operation as a way of parental control
  4. Doesn't require account and password login
  5. Not only a video editor, but also a media converter and downloader.

A Sum-up

We can't allege which of these three editors is the best, but we strongly suggest you find the one that suits you or your family best. Don't know which one is the most suitable one for you? Don't worry! Just download and try them one by one, as the trial is free of charge.


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