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How to Increase Video Volume in Windows 11/10 and Mac | 4 Video Volume Boosters

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

An ideal volume level makes a great difference on a video from the perspective of both creators and viewers. However, we cannot always shoot a video or record a voiceover for the video at a proper volume. Hence, it is necessary to increase video volume and let audiences hear what's going on in the frame.

Today we are going to reveal the top 4 best video sound boosters in Windows and Mac. Scroll down the page to see how to make a video louder with them.

1. Increase Video Volume with VideoProc Vlogger

Video sound issues can be solved in one-stop by VideoProc Vlogger, the best video editing software for Windows and Mac users. It has an all-around audio editor to make video louder, quieter, or muted, and increase voice volume in a video by removing the background noise. VideoProc also meets the needs of users asking for better sound quality as it supports lossless audio codecs like FLAC and stereo audio channels.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional audio editing toolkit: volume controller, equalizer, audio filter, and audio analyzer.
  • 420+ supported formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, AAC, M4A…
  • High Quality Render Engine to increase video volume without quality loss.
  • Friendly to users of all levels with different PC builds.
  • Quick workflow and fast performance.

Step 1. Create a new project and import a video to VideoProc Vlogger.

Launch VideoProc Vlogger and create a new project. Click the + icon in Media Library to load a quiet video.

Load a quiet video to VideoProc

Step 2. Detach the audio from the video.

Drag the video file from Media Library to Video Track in the timeline. Click the Detach option in the toolbar to separate the audio from it. Now you can see a waveform in Audio Track.

Seperate audio from video in VideoProc

Step 3. Open Audio Editor in VideoProc Vlogger and make the sound louder.

Select the audio track and click Audio in the toolbar to open the audio editor in VideoProc Vlogger. Move to the toolbar above the waveform, and keep clicking on the +1dB button to amplify the sound of the whole video.

You can also drag the slider at the head of the audio waveform to change the volume of each channel separately.

How to increase video volume with VideoProc

If only a part of your video is not loud enough, you can press and drag the cursor on the waveform to select it, then click +1dB to enhance the sound of this segment only.

How to make a part of video sound louder

Pro Tips

  • To increase the volume of a certain frequency, such as a female vocal or an instrument, use Equalizer in VideoProc Audio Editor.
  • To reach the maximum volume without clipping or match volumes of different audio files, normalize audio in the video.

Step 4. Export the video with louder sound from VideoProc Vlogger.

When you make the sound loud enough, click Apply in the lower right corner to close the audio editor panel. Finally, click Export above the timeline to save the video with a louder sound to your computer.

Export video with louder sound from VideoProc

2. Increase Video Volume with Windows Movie Maker

To boost the video volume in Windows 11/10, check if you have Movie Maker installed. If not, download Windows Live Essentials and choose Movie Maker in it. But this free MP4 volume booster does not support H.265/HEVC input nor UHD 4K output.

Step 1. Open Movie Maker in Windows and add a video by clicking the Add videos and photos option. Wait for a while for it to prepare the file to edit.

Step 2. Click Edit > Video volume and drag the slider towards the right to increase the volume of the video file.

If you want to make a certain part of the video louder, split it first.

Boost video sound in Windows 11/10 with Movie Maker

Step 3. Click Home > Save movie to select an output format, and save it to your Windows computer.

3. Increase Video Volume with iMovie

Making the sound of a video louder is one of the video editing needs, so the built-in and easy video editor on Mac also can be employed. Here's how.

Step 1. Open iMovie and create a new project. Import a video to its media bin and drag it to the timeline.

Step 2. Select the clip in the timeline that you want to boost the sound. Now click the volume icon above the preview window and drag the slider to make the video louder.

Amplify video sound with iMovie

Alternatively, you can hover the mouse on the audio waveform in the timeline and drag it upward to boost the sound of the audio.

Increase MP4 volume with iMovie

Step 3. Save and export the video to your Mac in MP4 or MOV format.

4. Increase Video Volume with VideoLouder

Online video volume boosters like VideoLouder offer an easy solution for both PC and mobile users to change video sound. If you do not need other edits, you can give this method a shot.

Step 1. Go to the website of VideoLouder:

Step 2. Browse to select the video file on your computer. But note that it only supports videos under 500MB.

Step 3. Choose Increase volume in the following option and decide how many decibels (dB) you want to increase.

Step 4. Hit the upload button and wait for it to process. When it is over, you can download the loud video to your computer.

Make a video louder online


1. How to make a video louder on iPhone?

You can use iMovie, the free video volume booster app on iPhone. After loading a video from the Photos library to the movie project, you just need to tap on the volume icon under the preview window and drag the slider towards the right to enhance the video sound.

Increase video volume on iPhone

2. How to increase volume on uploaded YouTube Video?

You CANNOT change the sound volume in your video after uploading it to YouTube. So it is better to edit your video at a proper volume level with the video sound boosters above.

3. How do I increase the volume of a recording?

Once it was saved, you can import it to VideoProc Vlogger. Detach the audio track and boost the sound in either the Inspector panel or the audio editor panel.

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