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What Is the Best Video Editor without Watermark for Windows or Mac?

Guess almost every user will show disgust at the fact that some video editing software adds its logo or other watermarks on videos after it finishes processing the items. This is bad, honestly. Because the watermark will block part of the images of the video, making the video look ugly and less likely to be shared by others. Especially for the commercial video, if there is a watermark representing another brand on it, your partners may doubt your professionalism and affect your business.

Surely there are more impacts that you will feel uncomfortable about. But that is not the topic that we are going to focus on in this post. What we really care about here is to recommend other video editors no watermark, helping you process and edit videos more professionally on Windows or Mac computers. The basic ones absolutely go to Windows Movie Maker and its official alternative Windows 10 video editor built in - Photos, while the professional tool to makethem look like Hollywood blockbusters is - VideoProc.

Looking to a good video editor without watermark? VideoProc is just the way to go.

VideoProc - One-stop Video Processing
VideoProc – Video Editor without Watermark

You may wonder why VideoProc is recommended. Does it have some special features to make it outrank other video editors? Don’t worry. We will tell you all about it in the following part.

But before we get down to it, let’s take a look at other video editing software.

Part 1: Some Video Editors Have No Watermark, BUT…

When many users are looking for the best video editing software without watermark, they may merely focus on the point of no watermark, but miss some other features as important as it. And in result, users always find the tools which cannot make them happy.

For example, some video editing software no watermark has only basic or primary editing features, such as Windows Movie Maker. If you plan to add some effects, which require some advanced editing features, to your video, obviously it cannot be your best choice.

Windows Movie Maker No Watermark
Windows Movie Maker No Watermark

Another problem, which users may encounter when they are looking for a video editor without watermark, is about tedious operating procedures, such as VLC.

VLC No Watermark

VLC is a free video editing software, and in the process of video editing, watermarks will not be added, which I personally appreciate a lot. However, to be honest, its operation process is a little bit complicated. For example, if you want to use VLC to rotate a video 90 degrees, then save it on your computer, there will be more than a dozen of operational steps to complete in order to meet your needs finally. We don’t think you will be accustomed to such complex and time consuming procedures.

Besides these two issues which users may suffer from, there can be more. In fact, the real best video editing software no watermark should not be like that, but can be much better. That's why we recommend VideoProc, more than a good 4K video editor for video editing on your Windows or Mac computer.

Part 2: Why VideoProc Is the Best Easy Video Editor No Watermark?

Step 1: By no means will VideoProc add any watermarking to any video.

You don’t need to worry about whether there will be watermarking added to your video during any process.

Step 2: VideoProc is easy to operate.

It may only take 10 minutes or so for the novice to learn to use it. As long as the users have the basic computer knowledge, there will be no problem to use it.

Step 3: VideoProc is powerful enough to meet the editing needs of users.

Its functions include: video format conversion, deshake, denoise, video merging, video clipping, video rotation and flipping, video into GIF, removal of fisheye effect, video parameters (frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, etc.) adjustment and so on.for more specific information.

Step 4: Make settings for best result.

Tick "Nvidia/Intel/AMD under" under "Hardware Acceleration Engine", and then VideoProc embedded with Full Hardware Acceleration Tech will provide optimal utilization of your hardware for fastest processing speed.

How to Get the Video Editor without Watermark for Free?

VideoProc is not only a video processing tool comes without watermark but is also free available:

  • 1.The license code of VideoProc is being given away from now and then.
  • 2.It is provided with free trial version.


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