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Top 3 Screen Recorders without Watermark 2019

There are many free screen recorders which can help us to complete the production of tutorials and demos, and to record some splendid or useful clips of diverse activities or things in daily life. However, you will find a watermark in what you have been recorded after making use of some free screen recorder software, which causes a lot of inconvenience.

Today we are going to pick out software that can record screen without watermark, OBS (Open Broadcaster), VideoProc and Ezvid, which are the handiest screen recording tools at present. We will make a review and list the differences among them and I am sure you will find the one you prefer.

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These three desktop screen recording apps below have something in common. They can provide free and watermark-free screen recording; record both screen and webcam; provide screen drawing and record audio and video simultaneously. But in terms of their pros and cons, each of them wins and losses in different aspects.

Part 1: VideoProc

VideoProc, a versatile video processor, virtually meets all the users' requirements of a screen recorder. It offers users a free choice on what parts they would like to record. It can record webcam only or record screen and webcam simultaneously and deliver high-quality and diverse recording files.

VideoProc Recording Guide

Step 1. Dwonload and launch this software. And hit Recorder button to get access to recorder interface.

Step 2. Select a recording mode. Choose Screen, Webcam, or Screen & Webcam to record.

Step 3. Crop out the desired recording area. It records the full screen by default.

Step 4. Choose recording audios, internal, external, or both.

Step 5. Hit REC to start recording, and end it by pressing Ctrl+R.

Record screen with VideoProc


  • • VideoProc has a clear and intuitive interface.
  • • It can record high-definition and high-bitrate videos.
  • • It records both internal audio and external audio at a time, or either of them.
  • • Recording area can be flexibly cropped.
  • • Allows editing recording frames with painting tools, arrows, circles, squares and even texting.
  • • You can edit recorded videos with VideoProc, such as remove green background.


  • • It is not available for several scenes recording at the same time, screen and webcam recording at most.

Part 2: OBS

Users can get further customization and functionality based on their needs via OBS. It can be utilized in the editing of unlimited number of scenes, and audios. Meanwhile, it owns free and open sources for live streaming, which offers users access to a wider array of configuration options to tweak every aspect of your broadcast or recording.



  • • It records both system audio and microphone audio.
  • • It supports the output of high-definition and high-bitrate.
  • • It exports videos in diverse video formats.
  • • It can capture the windows, media source and many other scenes at the same time.


  • • It is unbale to edit recorded videos.
  • • Novices need much time to get used to the professional operation.
  • • It often freezes and shutters to a black screen.

Suggestion: OBS is more suitable for advanced users knowing about various video parameters and users who want to get improvements in their screen recording.

Part 3: Ezvid

Ezvvid works in HD, and it can be utilized in cutting-edge effects and features. Meanwhile, Ezvid can complete voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing and speed control.



  • • Ezvid is easy to handle.
  • • It comes with built-in video editing functionality.
  • • It can add music and supports speech synthesis.


  • • It lags and has a serious problem in the sync frequency of audio and video.
  • • It only supports one output format, WMV.
  • • Parameters like bitrate and frame rate cannot be customized by users.
  • • It usually fails to install.

Suggestion: Ezvid is more suitable for newcomers of scree capture and video editing.


To be honest, there are many similarities among various screen recorders. However, the key standard for us to choose screen recorder software is what we want to realize with this assistant.

OBS is great for professional screen recording production, yet it is a little bit difficult for newcomers and people who lacks of related knowledge to use. Ezvid is easy, yet it lags and is unable to realize advanced qualities. Compared with OBS and Ezvid, VideoProc is easy but powerful, and thus more friendly for both beginners and professionals.

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