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How to Create a Good Screencast?

What are screencast videos?

Wondering how to make a screencast? In the first place, you need to know these ideas. Screencast, made by a screen recorder, is a form of digital recording of a computer monitor, television set, phone screen, tablet, etc. with a voice-over to narrate what is going on. Sometimes, there is a webcam to make face-to-face communication.

What we can do with screencasts?

Screencasts have a significant advantage in online education over simple books. The reason is that human memory is not all that accurate, efficient, visualized and infinite, and recording the important moments into videos will facilitate future recall, sharing and reuse.

Put scientifically, video information, offering a learning scenario with image and audio, is more acceptable to human beings as compared with pictures and text information as 7% of our brain processes verbal cues, 93% the nonverbal cues, with processing speed 4.3 times faster than that of verbal cues.

But what particular scenario will we engage in screencast the most? It is usually used to create how-to videos, presentation, workflow and more. Such as how to use the software, how to code, how to understand a diagram, a game tutorial to find out an Easter egg in a game and even an online webinar.

Choose a correct screen recorder

Before screencasting, pick correct software may help you do more with less. In this post, it is strongly recommended to get a screen recorder with a built-in video editor and video converter. Why? You cannot record a video smoothly all the time. Sometime you could forget your words, sometime you would have to wait for a program to load or render, or transcode a video to another format to cater to some social media platforms. All of these steps require a video editor.

Videoproc comes as a multimedia software integrating video recording, editing and format conversion. It is easy-to-operate and novice-friendly, helping people how to make a screencast from computer screens, microphone, webcam, etc. pleasantly to make walkthrough videos, game tutorials, presentations, software reviews and so on.

How to Make a Screencast with VideoProc

To begin with, download and install the latest version of VideoProc on your computer. This video recorder and editor is compatible with all the popular Windows and Mac OS, such as Windows 10, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, High Sierra. And complete the installation process following the onscreen instructions to solve 'how to make a screencast' issue. Next, launch this screen recorder when you need to record your screencasts, when you are playing a video game, attending an online meeting and watching an online lecture and so on.

Step 1: Set up related parameters.

Launch VideoProc, click Recorder on the main interface, then click the gear icon at the top right corner to call Settings, where you can adjust some parameters such as recording quality, format, audio device etc.

Step 2: Enable audio and webcam.

You may enable computer audio or mic by clicking the two icons on the bottom of the window.

Click Screen & Webcam then two options will pop up: Record screen while showing facecam & Record webcam while showing screen. The former one prioritizes screen recording and webcam recording serves as an auxiliary video window overlaying the main video. The later one functions oppositely. For details, you can refer to the guide on How to Record Desktop Screen while Showing Facecam.

Note: You can click the Crop option on the left bottom corner of the window to specify the area that you intend to record.

Step 3: Activate screen recorder.

When you have all your things prepared, hit Run to get screen recorder activated.

When you want to shutdown recording, press hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R or click Stop on the bottom right corner of the window.

Activate screen recorder
Activate screen recorder

Note: You are allowed to highlight or offer annotations while recording. Press Ctrl+T to call annotation tools to make highlights or markings circles, lines & arrows.

Step 4: Edit screencasting and share.

You may happen to dead time while recording. In this situation, go to video proceesing where you can cut, trim, crop, rotate, etc. your scrrencasts. After completing all the edits, click Run to render and post you screencast online.

Free Download VideoProc to Have a Try

More than a Windows/Mac screen recorder, VideoProc serves as a great helper in the field of video editing, such as trimming, merging, cropping, slipping, etc., armed with powerful, versatile functions and concise operation interface. Just download and give it a whirl!


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