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Video Recording Software Apps [2020]

How many things we can do if we have the ability to make screencasts? Here are some examples: building up a YouTube channel and being a contributor, filming lectures on an e-learning platform, showing how tough your skills are in heat video games, etc. Those are possible to fulfill if you get the right video recording software app. But for pros and beginners, do you know what kind of software apps fit you the most and which one you should take among those apps? Don't worry, this post has gathered 8 of the best video recorder software apps that will be able to help you make screencasts.

1. OBS Studio

When it comes to video recording and live streaming, OBS Studio is the software you should not let go. The most attractive point is that OBS is free and open-source software, indicating that it is available to all users without any charge and is welcome to anyone who knows programming to make the software better. Users are allowed to set up countless transitional scenes consisted of plentiful sources covering audio input/output capture, display capture, webcam, image, text, etc. What's more, OBS characters as its live streaming. If you have accounts of Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or other live streaming platforms, choose a right server and input your stream key new to get, then you are able to broadcast what you want. However, though it is a set of strong and free recording software, it is genuinely difficult to master with its complex configuration.

OBS Studio interface


  • • No watermark on screencasts.
  • • Support FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, TS, and m3u8 format, and all files are allowed to transcode into mp4.
  • • Six audio tracks are available along with real-time audio monitoring and audio ducking abilities.
  • • Built-in filters can beautify webcam when it starts recording and streaming.
  • • Reduce CPU load by activating hardware encoders.
  • • It comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


  • • No video editor provided.
  • • Advanced settings are too complicated for beginners.

2. Camtasia Studio

This software app has the world renown on screen recording and video editing. All users are permitted to download the 30-day trial version, but a watermark will be left on generated videos during the trial period, which may be a problem for some users. Anyway, it is still a software app possessing 30 million customers for its complete and user-friendly video editing features ranging from annotation, animation, cursor effect, visual effect, interactivity and more. Once you complete your works, you are allowed to post to social media like YouTube, Viemo, etc. However, one thing you have to contemplate before purchasing is its high price on full- version license cost $249, and if you want to get software maintenance, you have to afford another $49.75.

Camtasia Studio interface


  • • PowerPoint recording feature for its plug-in.
  • • Import media from Google Drive.
  • • Video and audio editing are easy to use with little training.
  • • Countless editing sources are accessible to download from Techsmith assets.
  • • Support output format including MP4, WMV, AVI, GIF, and M4A (audio).


  • • Register an account at the beginning or you cannot use it.
  • • Videos will be watermarked during the trial period.
  • • High price to purchase without lifetime upgrades.

3. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Developed by Bandicam company in Korea, Bandicam screen recorder is one of their products specialized in making a screen capture, especially in video game recording for it allows 144 FPS maximum for video game capturing, which means the grabbed videos will be super smooth. What's more, this software app is not only available for PC screen but for external video devices like Xbox, PlayStation, phone, television, vision capture device and more. Compared to Camtasia with 484 MB installer, Bandicam screen recorder is really handy taking only 17.8 MB. Therefore, it has a clear and delicate UI which is easy-to-use for users, but it is relatively weak in video editing.

Bandicam Screen Recorder interface


  • • Hardware acceleration powered by Nvidia, Intel, and AMD.
  • • Game recording mode displays FPS when recording video games.
  • • Full screen or area recording as you like.
  • • External video devices can be captured.


  • • No live streaming and editing provided.
  • • During the trial version, 10 minutes recoding limitation with watermark.
  • • Only the Windows operation system is available.

4. Movavi Screen Recorder

Launched by an industry-leading multimedia software development company, Movavi Screen Recorder is also a handy and simple application specialized in creating screencasts, photographers, software demos and more in full HD at 60 FPS. Apart from basic functions on video and audio recording, Movavi Screen Recorder can call out keyboard and mouse effects when capturing videos. The keystroke effect displays keys you just hit on the keyboard that makes your viewers taking less trouble to understand your software tutorial videos, video game instruction, and others. While mouse effect highlight cursor visually and aurally, such as highlight cursor, clicks and record click sound which can keep catching viewer attention. By the way, you don't have to rush to purchase it at once, it offers a 7-day trial version to all users.

Movavi Screen Recorder interface


  • • It is more than a recorder that allows you to convert video format to MP4, AVI, GIF, MOV, MKV, and other formats fitted mobile devices.
  • • Hardware acceleration strengthened by Intel and NVIDIA.
  • • Full HD recording.
  • • Keystroke and cursor effect


  • • 5 minutes recording limitation with watermark added during the trial period.
  • • The broadcaster is not available.
  • • Relatively weak in video editing.

5. ShareX

Released 12 years ago and now hosted on GitHub which is a code development platform, ShareX is an open source screen capture application with no charge and advertisement for Windows. And it is also an extremely lightweight software app because its installer carries only 5.35 MB.

After using it I finally realize why it is called "ShareX". Log-in your social media account on ShareX, and when you complete your works, they will be posted to the targeted destinations automatically, that is the meaning of "Share". While "X" is a symbol in mathematics indicating an unknown value. And here "X" represents the huge number of social media that the application can be posted to.

ShareX interface


  • • No charge and open source.
  • • Super lightweight application.
  • • Videos will not be watermarked.
  • • Automatically upload to social media.


  • • For Windows users only.
  • • Video editor and broadcaster is not available.
  • • No highlight effects in the course of recording.

6. XSplit

Developed in 2010 and released in 2012 by SplitmediaLabs in Hong Kong, Xsplit is a professional video recording and broadcasting software app that has made great contributions to game, music, e-learning industries, and the others. If you often check twitch, mixer, YouTube, you must know lots of streamers broadcasting with many impressive features, such as multiple scenes, alerts, amazing transitions, and webcam without background, all of these are able to be created by XSplit. And it also allows you to record in high quality where stream in full HD and record locally in 4K. Considering that XSplit demands a dedicated graphics card to work, which is a limitation to some users. Last but not least, most features are not available in the trial version. A 12 months license is $59.95, while a lifetime license is $199.

XSplit interface


  • • High video quality powered by GPU.
  • • Complete stream management tools.
  • • Countless video features.


  • • If video resolution is beyond 1280*720, it will be watermarked without a license.
  • • High system requirement.
  • • For Windows users only.

7. Player.me

Equipped by a mature gaming community, secure account protection system, hotkey system and more, Player.me, with its banner "Don't just play, create", is absolutely an amazing design for recording video games and broadcasting. What's more, it is completely free for all users as OBS Studio. If you are a noob to PC and you want to broadcast, you should not miss Player.me. You can personalize your studio following the application instruction, such as the features like new followers, sponsors, labels, chats, etc. Given the fact that it has a built-in gaming community, you are allowed to make friends who purely are game fanciers and share your sensational moments with them.

Player.me interface


  • • A completely free and easy-to-use video recorder and broadcaster application for beginners.
  • • Countless overlays for different gameplay.
  • • Share happiness with your friends in the gaming community.
  • • Support console games streaming.
  • • Multiple transitional scenes can be created, saving time for post-production.


  • • Support Windows 10 only for now.

8. Ace Thinker Screen Grabber Pro

Released in 2015, screen grabber is the first product of Ace Thinker company giving the ability to users on making screencasts like tutorial YouTube videos, video games, webinars and more. Before the steps to record, set up what you are going to record, video only or audio only, or video and audio simultaneously. Besides, there are more options for inputting audio, you can take system sound or microphone sound alone, or take both of them at the same time, which can make sure your viewers easier to chew up your instruction. But what is disappointing is that the ceiling FPS for recording video is only 50, which means it cannot give viewers back the most authentic footage, such as blue-ray videos and triple-A video games.

Ace Thinker Screen Grabber Pro interface


  • • A number of video and audio output formats.
  • • Video, audio, and webcam can be filmed on the same screen.
  • • Post your works directly through the application.


  • • 3 minutes recording limitation with watermark added during the trial version.
  • • The maximum frame rate is 50 only.
  • • No built-in video editor provided.


Here is a suggestion, if you just want to record video for free without watermark, ShareX will be a good option; if you want an all-in-one video recorder and editor, take Camtasia Studio, but it will cost you a lot; if you desire to record external video device but not for streaming, go for Bandicam; if you want to be a streamer, take OBS studio, XSplit, Player.me as you need; and both Movavi Screen Recorder and Ace Thinker Screen Grabber have some special features.


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