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By Reuben Zaback Updated: Oct.14, 2019

"If I try to record a YouTube video on safari, the iPhone screen video has no sound. However, if I try to record from the YouTube app, it does have sound. Keep in mind this is all without turning on microphone recording so there is no ambient noise."
"My iPhone can't screen record internal sound/system audio. My microphone mic is turned off and the ringer (side button) is ON. I play music on iTunes, YouTube, etc and try to record the audio internally (via earphones, not through speaker) but there is no sound on the iPhone screen recording."

Since iOS 11, iPhone users can not only record their iPhone screen activities, but also the audio and voice-overs. However, there are too many users reporting the "iPhone screen recording no sound" error. The iOS 11/12/13 screen recording audio not working problem happens with YouTube/Instagram audio, internal sound and external voice. This may be caused by wrong settings, DRM, and some inexplicable reasons. Anyway, if the screen won't record iPhone audio smoothly, the fixes in the post may help.

Tips: Safely transfer your iPhone video to computer for a fix (Export Now→)

Record iPhone Screen with/without Sound Freely
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How to Record iPhone Screen with Sound - the Correct Steps

Before you fix the iPhone screen recording no sound problem, make sure you have followed the right steps on how to record iPhone screen with/without sound. You should also know that in some cases, the music will go silent during the recording.

1. Add the screen recoding button to the Control Center in the Settings. Then open the Control Center.
2. 3D Touch or long press the Screen Record icon. Then you will see the Microphone Audio button. Select one option and click Record.
* To record both your voice-overs and the in-app sounds, turn on the Microphone Audio button.
* To record the internal sound of the app only, turn off the Microphone Audio but turn on the phone's ringer.
* To record iPhone screen without sound, turn off both the Microphone Audio and ringer.

How to Fix iPhone Screen Recording no Sound Error

1. Try the iPhone Screen Recording Software

The most effective fix is to try a third-party iPhone screen recorder. VideoProc will allow you to not only record iPhone video and audio, but also remove the red bar and solve iPhone screen recording not saving problem (due to limited storage in most cases). It's able to record gameplays as well as video, music and movies from YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, etc.
 Download VideoProc to Windows |  Download VideoProc to Mac

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your Mac via a USB cable.
Step 2: Click the Recorder button on the main interface.Then select iPhone icon from the top bar and you will see your iPhone screen.
Step 3: You can choose to record full screen (default at launch) or define a custom area via the Crop option at the bottom of the interface. Click the Microphone button and select the audio you want to record. You can record the sound of the iPhone system, built-in microphone or other devices, or you can also choose "No Audio" to record iPhone screen without sound.
Step 4: Click the Browse button and select a folder for the recorded video. Click the red REC button to record iPhone screen with sound.

record iPhone screen on Mac

2. Can't Record Audio from iTunes/Apple Music, etc.

Sometimes when a user try to record while playing a song, the sound suddently mute. You should note that if you're trying to record a song or music video on iPhone screen from iTunes or Apple Music, it may contain DRM, Digital Rights Management. In addition, some other apps use DRM too, just like YouTube. The DRM may be the reason for iOS 11/12/13 screen recording no audio problem. When you can't hear the audio, check if the content comes from iTunes Store or Apple Music. As for the DRM, iPhone's built-in screen recording may be unable to cope with. In this case, try the iPhone screen recorder mentioned above. It has no problem recording iPhone screen audio and video from YouTube, FB, Instagram and content from many other DRM-restricted sites. (Note: please abide by the law on copyright in your place before you recording any commercial content)

3. Reset All Your Settings

Wrong or conflict settings may reulst in "iphone screen recording no sound" error. By resetting the WiFi & Cellular network settings, VPN settings, Touch ID, notifications, and others, we can go from the start and make sure that nothing goes wrong. To reset the settings:

* Go to Settings >General >Reset.
* Select "Reset All Settings" and enter your passcode when asked.
* Then select "Reset All Settings" and tap it again to confirm.

4. Recording and restart

A user on Apple Community reported that he had fixed the no audio on iPhone screen recording error. What he did was:

* Enable iPhone screen recording.
* Double press the home button and swipe the muted Music app up to turn off the app completely.
* Allow the screen recording to continue and reopen the music app. Then play the song you want to record.
* After the recording finishes, edit and remove the first unnecessary part of the recording.

5. Update Your System

Many reports of the iPhone screen recording no sound errors happen on iOS 11 devices. We're not sure if it's a bug of the system as Apple has given no official announcement. But many users have solved the problem by updating their devices to a newer system. First of all, try restarting your iPhone and see if the error continues. If you still can't record the audio from iPhone screen, update or restore your iPhone.

* Connect your iPhone to Mac/Computer via a USB cable and open iTunes (make sure it's the latest version).
* Force restart your iPhone. Hold the button until you see the Apple Logo. Keep holding it until you see the Recovery Mode screen.
* Then select "Update" in the pop-up box (or select Restore). Wait for the process to complete.
* Then Force Restart your iPhone.

If you still can't find the way out after restarting, resetting or updating, try the first solution anyway. This screen recorder, VideoProc, records iPhone screen without any audio error. Meanwhile, it excels in recording screen with facecam and webcam on both Windows and Mac, and assists you in recording and sharing tutorial and gaming videos handily.

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