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Screen Recorder with Facecam: Capture Screen with Webcam on Windows 10/11 or Mac

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Summary: On this page, we will introduce you a screen and facecam recorder, and show you how to record your desktop (both Mac and Windows) screen while keeping the facecam window being captured at the same time.

Many videos recording apps are capable of screen recording or webcam video recording. Among them, several can capture desktop screen and webcam video at the same time, that is, recording screen with the facecam window shown on the screen and get recorded. Plus, if you are playing games on iPhone, you can cast the iPhone screen to the computer to record the game play, while showing your face on the screen too.

If you are to create a gameplay tutorial, software review, podcast, business presentation, etc., you may need an easy-to-use screen recorder with Facecam recording shown at the same time. That's where VideoProc Converter comes to your aid.

VideoProc Converter Screen Capture and Webcam Recording Features:

  • Record full screen or select any area, window, streaming media to record
  • Record and display with screen and facecam simultaneously
  • Record screen, webcam, and iPhone/iPad screencast on PC/Mac Screen
  • Recording Quality: Standard Definition, High Definition
  • Recording format: MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, TS, etc.
  • [Bonus feature]: Remove webcam green/blue screen into transparency background

Nicely enough, VideoProc Converter is NOT just a video app with built-in screen and webcam recorder. It also enables you to convert videos, audios and DVDs, process videos after recording, download videos and subtitles from online sites, etc.

Features of VideoProc Converter as the Screen Recorder with Facecam

Add facecam to screen recording, adjust facecam position, create PIP videos. Realtime preview.

Record Selected Area
Select any area you'd like to take a screenshot; record in a window at any aspect ratio or in a full-screen mode.

Recording Preview

Chroma Keying
VideoProc Converter helps to remove green screen background during webcam recording, and change it to any digital background as you wish.

Drawing for Recording

Highlight, Draw and Type
Capture video, audio, capture mouse actions, highlight mouse. Draw, type texts, add arrows or outlines during screen recording.

Record with Voiceover

Record system sound and voice over the microphone at the same time. You can adjust system audio and mic audio level, use keyboard shortcuts.

Capture Mouse Clicks in Screen Recording

Edit after Recording
VideoProc Converter allows you to edit the videos after recording directly: add watermark, effect, adjust brightness, adjust speed, cut, crop, rotate, and save the file.

How to Record Screen and Facecam/Yourself at the Same Time

VideoProc Converter, with the best screen recorder for Windows 10/11 and Mac built in, makes it easy to record the scene from yourself and your screen, or capture facecam and gameplay at the same time.

To get started, make sure you have:

  • A computer (For Windows: XP and higher; for Mac: Snow Leopard and higher)
  • An external microphone to record your voice (or built-in mic)
  • An external webcam that has been properly installed and connected to your computer
  • Free downloaded and installed VideoProc Converter on your Windows or Mac computers

Step 1. Enter Recorder Section.

Go to Recorder function

Open VideoProc Converter, and click Recorder from main screen.

Step 2. Choose Mode: Record Screen with Facecam.

Click record screen and facecam

Click on Screen & Webcam mode (for Mac version, click Camera and choose the first option).

Step 3. Select an Area for Recording.

Select an area to record

The default mode is to record in full screen. If you'd like to record a program window, click Crop on the bottom left to set the recording area. You can select an area directly or adjust the width and height of the screencast. Click ESC button to exit the crop.

You can also resize the webcam window, and drag to move the position, for example, to show your face in bottom/top or left/right corner on the screen.

Step 4. Stop Recording.

You can press CTRL+R (command + R on Mac) to stop recording anytime. Afterwards, you can browse and open the output folder or delete the recordings directly on the interface of the screen recorder with facecam.


1. Manage settings before recording

You can turn on or turn off speaker and microphone, set the recording video quality, video formats (among MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, TS), choose audio device, webcam device and audio level. You can also set shortcuts, set to show mouse movement / mouse clicks such that you can capture mouse actions, highlight the cursor.

Recorder Settings

2. Remove and change the webcam background

This webcam recording features in VideoProc Converter allows you to remove the green screen or blue screen recorded and swiftly change it to a digital background with the help of its Video Background Segmentation Technology.

3. Drawing during recording

After hitting REC on the bottom right area, there'll be a 5-sec countdown before recording. Press the hotkey CTRL+T on the keyboard or right click on the mouse, you can access to the Paint Tool. Here, you can draw, type texts, add outlines, arrows, and select/highlight an area.

4. Show keystrokes while recording the screen

You can enable keyboard typing information in settings: Click the gear icon, and scroll to the recording settings, tick Show key in recording. This is extremely helpful when you are producing video tutorials, your viewers will know which keys you are pressing. And for you, it is a big time saver as you don't need any post production to manually add keystrokes.

How to Edit Videos After Screen and Facecam Capturing

To share the screencasting video to social platforms, recording video is just the first step. You may have need of post-processing the video. VideoProc Converter is an all-in-one desktop app that is also capable of video editing and video processing. You can do the following things to any of your videos, including HD/4K footage, DVDs, HEVC videos, high frame rate videos, and so on.

Cut: Flexibly cut the original videos into pieces and make any combination of them.

Trim: Cut off some start time and / or end time to only maintain the remaining part of the video.

Crop: Remove unwanted outer areas from the image, get rid of annoying background on the video.

Split: Divide the screencast into small parts/segments regularly or irregularly.

Merge: Stitch the cut/split video clips together into one complete video.

Add Effect: Add Grayscale, Mirror, FourColor, Lens Correction, Emboss, Sharpen, Blur or some other special effect to your recording.

Denoise: Remove or reduce the wind noise and so on in the recorded video.

Rotate/Flip: You can rotate your video left or right, or flip/mirror it vertically or horizontally.

Make GIF: You can also convert video to GIF dynamic image for sharing.

VideoProc Converter – One-Stop Solution for All Your Video Editings

Screen and Facecam recorder interface
Click Screen & Webcam to record yourself with the screen

Edit Videos: Deshake and denoise videos, add effects, watermark, subtitles, rotate, merge, etc.

Convert/Compress Videos: Compress large video files, 4K to 1080p, MKV to MP4, MP4 to MP3, etc.

Download Videos: Download online videos from YouTube and 500+ other UGC websites.

Record Videos: Record screen with no watermark from Webcam and/or Facecam, record or reset time to record live YouTube videos.


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