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How to Download YouTube Subtitles/Captions/Transcript to SRT/Text

YouTube boasts very many videos including a lot of varieties, for instance, movies, tutorials, and speeches, etc. The best part is that you can share and download those resources totally free. And when you download YouTube videos, very often you need to acquire the video subtitles as separate SST or SRT file for further studying or editing. That is the problem as normally, you can't directly download subtitles from YouTube. Now what? Please sit down with me for a sec. We are going to introduce an easy video editor with a robust built-in subtitle extract engine with which you can download YouTube subtitles in just a few clicks.

As for the output result, it could be SRT file which goes compatible with almost all the video players in recent years or an ASS file which is more complicated and implements rich subtitle functions including set size and position of different subtitle data, dynamic text, watermark, etc. If the YouTube video comes with multiple subtitle tracks, VideoProc will list up the detailed language information for you to easily download the YouTube subtitle in the needed language.

VideoProc - The Best Tool to Download YouTube Subtitles as SRT/ASS File Fast with Ease

  • - Download subtitles from YouTube videos and other 1000 + UGG sites separately or in batch
  • - Extract subtitles from MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, DVD Video, etc.
  • - Add hardcode subtitles and embed SRT ASS files to any videos without quality diminishing
  • - Guaranteed for stable performance, user privacy and security
  • - One-stop video processing program to cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, deshake, denoise videos, etc.

Free Download VideoProc to Download YouTube Video with Subtitles on your PC or Mac

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Method 1: Download Subtitles in SRT/ASS from YouTube using VideoProc

After downloading VideoProc on your PC (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac (VideoProc for Mac ), you can acquire YouTube subtitles after following easy steps.

Step 1: Launch VideoProc

Hit Downloader > Add Video. Now you come to the Recorder panel of VideoProc.

Step 2: Analyze Video Information

Paste the YouTube URL to VideoProc analysis box and tap Analyze. Then select the desired output property from the available YouTube video resolution, format and size information listed up.The information of this video is now been analyzing by VideoProc and it will be displayed in seconds.

Step 3: Select the Target Subtitle Language

Click Search and choose the language you need, including English, Japanese, German, Turkish, etc. Select the needed subtitle language.

Download YouTube Video with Subtitles
Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

Step 4: Download YouTube Videos with Subtitles

Click Done > Browse to choose the video/audio output folder, and then click download. The output folder will pop up once it finishes downloading.

Step 5: Import the Downloaded YouTube Video to VideoProc

Click Back and then hit Video. There you click +Video to import the downloaded video.

Step 6: Download Subtitles from YouTube Video

Click Export Subtitle, and there you can choose the export it as an SRT or SST file. Click Done and then hit Run. You will acquire the subtitles in seconds.

Download YouTube Subtitles
Download YouTube Subtitles

Tip: You can reset the start and end time of your video to download subtitles of the specific duration.

Special Case: Download Videos with CC Tag from YouTube using VideoProc

CC subtitles (aka closed captions) are the transcription of a YouTube video including descriptions of sounds like applause, background music, audio effects, and, of course, dialogues. YouTube videos with English subtitles definitely function as an aid to foreign language learners and people who are hard of hearing. Here VideoProc continues helping you download YouTube videos with closed captions.

Step 1: Open Video on YouTube and Enable CC

  • Open the target YouTube Video on your browser.
  • Toggle CC on at the bottom of the video playback window to enable the subtitle option.
  • Enable YouTube CC/Subtitles
    Enable YouTube CC/Subtitles

    Step 2: Go to the Record function of VideoProc and Take Parameter Settings

    Suppose you've already download downloading VideoProc on your PC (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac (VideoProc for Mac ). Launch VideoProc and click Recorder.

  • Click on the tool icon on the right top of VideoProc, and hit Settings.
  • You can adjust all the displayed parameters including quality, format, audio device, hotkey, and more.
  • Enable VideoProc Screen Recorder
    Enable VideoProc Screen Recorder

    Step 3: Adjust the Crop Frame – Record Only Frames inside the Surrounding

    Click Screen > Crop, and then you can drag the blue surrounding box to adjust the area of recording frames. Or you can type in width and height information aside on Crop in VideoProc.

    Record YouTube Video with CC Subtitles
    Record YouTube Video with CC Subtitles

    Step 4: Start to Record YouTube and Save with CC

  • Click on the green icon and then hit Record.
  • It gives you 5 seconds for preparation. I usually make use of this short interval to restart the playback of YouTube Video, so VideoProc can record from the beginning. (You can skip this process of course).
  • Click Stop after getting the needed segments recorded.
  • Now, you can find the recorded YouTube video with closed captions displayed on VideoProc.
  • Method 2: Download Subtitles from YouTube via Online Tools

    The methods of YouTube subtitles downloading above all involve YouTube video downloading. If you have already had this video file in your local computer and just want a subtitle file in TXT or SRT format, online subtitle downloader SaveSubs is worth a shot.

    Step 1: Paste the URL of a YouTube Video to SaveSubs. And hit the button of Extract&Download.

    Step 2: Go to English subtitle, and choose a format, SRT or TXT. Then it starts downloading.

    Tips:You can scroll down to download dual subtitles or translated subtitles (by Google Translate) in SRT format.

    Download YouTube Subtitles in SaveSubs
    Download YouTube Subtitles in SaveSubs

    Step 3: Open and check the subtitle file downloaded online.

    Method 3: Download YouTube Subtitles Directly within YouTube

    Another quick way to download YouTube captions to text can be done within YouTube. But this method is only available when there are subtitles auto-generated by YTB or closed captions uploaded by the YouTuber. Otherwise, you cannot find the Open Transcript option in the tutorial.

    Step 1: Open a video on YouTube.

    Step 2: Open the transcropt of the YouTube video.

    Click the 3-dot icon under the playback window. And hit Open transcript. Then you can find the transcript beside the video. You can toggle the timestamps to copy a pure text.

    Open YouTube Video Transcript
    Open YouTube Video Transcript

    Step 3: Select them all and copy the transcript as a text.

    Copy YouTube Transcript
    Copy YouTube Video Transcript to a Text


    Most online YouTube subtitle downloaders save YouTube subtitles solely. If you want both YouTube videos and subtitles, multifunctional desktop software VideoProc extractly meets your needs. It saves files from more than 1000+ video sites and extract multilingual subtitles in SRT or ASS format in just a few clicks.

    Free Download VideoProc to Download Subtitles from YouTube

    Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading or converting authorized or copy-protected media content. Any commercial or illegal use of YouTube subtitles and videos is strictly forbidden.


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