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How to Record Live Streaming Video on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Now live streaming seems to have become one of an important parts in entertainment industry. You can watch Super Bowl on Sling TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, etc., watch Chinese/Korea drama or Japanese animation on Netflix, or even watch Apple Event, game play tutorial on Twitch/YouTube. The problem is, however, we are not always available and at our computers/TV/mobile phone when live streaming starts.

Is there a way for us to watch live streaming videos sometime later? The first is to subscribe a VOD service from content providers, which allows users to access live streaming videos at any time. But you need to make another payment. The second method is to recording live streaming video using screen recorder on your devices.

In this post, we have rounded up different methods to record live streaming videos on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

A legal warning on recording live streaming videos

Before diving in, let me make a quick disclaimer here. Recording live streaming videos that are not created on your own is in violation of various copyright and piracy laws around the world. Please consult the laws regarding video creation in your country or region before doing so.

Record live streaming videos on computer

In this part, we'll focus on the software by which you can use to record live streaming videos on your Windows or macOS, with detailed how-to steps.

How to record live streaming video on Windows?

We will go first the easiest option by the help of VideoProc. Besides known as a professional video processing software, VideoProc is also an outstanding screen recorder. With it, you can record the whole screen as well as system audio and voice-over, and also choose to capture any area of the screen you want. Besides, it also supports recording webcam with the green screen effect. With the help of this little gem, you will definitely embrace your "wow moments" at how efficient it can be.

VideoProc's recorder
VideoProc's built-in recorder

VideoProc - Easily and safely record live streaming video!
1. It is available to Windows and macOS.
2. Free video recording with no watermark.
3. Support hardware encoding technologies.
4. Novice-friendly operation.
5. Screen recorder iPhone with no red bar.
6. Video editing after being captured.

Step 1: Start VideoProc and tap the Record button for live recording screen.

Step 2: Select a recoding mode from the top menu.
* It is normal to be displayed in the form of an infinite loop.

Step 3: Click on the wheel-shaped icon at the upper right corner to reset hot-key system, recording quality, output format and more.

Specify the screen recording area of display. Tap Crop, press and hold the left mouse button once, decide the area you want to record, and release your finger.
You can also set whether to record the internal sound or microphone sound.

Step 4: Navigate to live distribution sites or software and click on a live streaming video you want to record. Click on the red REC button at the bottom right of the software to start a countdown for 5 seconds.

Step 5: Hit Ctrl + R on the keyboard or return to the VideoProc software screen and press the red STOP button at the bottom right to stop recording live streaming video. After recording, you can replay the videos by clicking them on the preview window.

If you find there are buffers or dead time in the live streaming videos, you can move to the built-in video editing kit in VideoProc. You can easily cut, crop, convert, regulate recording settings, etc. with the help of the video editing tools.

Record live streaming videos in VideoProc
Record live streaming videos in VideoProc

How to record live streaming video on macOS?

On Mac, there is also a built-in screen reocrder which can work for recording onscreen activities. You can just hold the keys of Command+Shift+5 to bring it up. Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Hit Command+Shift+5 to open the native screen recorder on mac.

Step 2. Switch to record mode by clicking Record Selected Portion on the right of the menu, and then select the area or app you want to record.

Step 3. Click the record button to start capture live streaming.

Step 4. When the job is done, call it out still with Command+Shift+5 and press Stop Recording.

Mac Native Screen Recorder
Mac native screen recorder

Record live streaming videos on mobile phone

Apart from computer, you may also record the video on a smart phone. In this part, you'll be informed about the apps that can be applied to your phones to record live streaming videos and the concrete steps.

Above all, you must bear in mind the pros and cons of live video recording on phones.

1. Live streaming recording can be performed anytime, anywhere regardless of location.
2. The recorded live video is saved on your smartphone so you can watch it while you go to school.

1. Live broadcasts may not be recorded normally due to an instantaneous interruption of the Internet connection, if you are not in a Wi-Fi environment.
2. If it is a long live video, it will put pressure on your smartphone capacity.
3. Image quality of live broadcast recording may be degraded in the app.

How to record live streaming video on iOS?

Here you will learn more about how to record live streaming videos on your iPhone.

Before using the iPhone screen recording ability, you have to add a screen recording button to the Control Center. Tap Control Center from the iPhone settings, then tap Customize Control. Then press the screen recording plus button on the customization screen to add it to the control center. After the addition is complete, you can return to home and record live streaming video on your iPhone by following the steps below.

Record Live Video on iPhone - Screen Recording
iOS built-in screen recorder

How to record live streaming video on Android phone?

Does Android itself have screen recording feature? In Android OS 4.4 KitKat, there was a screen recording utility added, but it only let developers to record unless the device was connected to a computer through the Android Developer SDK. And what’s worse, it was awfully difficult to use. But since Android version 5.0 Lollipop, it has a built-in API that can realize live video recording on Android with a help of an app for recording. So it means, if you are an Android user, things have already become easier but you have to rely on a screen recorder.

Screen recording apps that can be downloaded from application store and used on Android smartphones. There are a lot of options, such as AZ screen recorder, Mobizen Screen Recorder, Google Play Games, etc., which are all easy to use. If you are interested in these screen recording apps, go and check our top picks of best screen recorder for Android.

AZ Screen Recorder features
AZ Screen Recorder features

Closing words:

Now you all have already been aware of how to record live streaming videos across platform & devices. However, you have to note that the native screen recorder on mac is not avalialbe to thoes who haven't upgrade their iMac or Macbook to macOS 10.14 Mojave or later. Moreso, that built-in recorder fails to record computer sound and microphone sound at the same time. Therefore, VideoPorc is my top pick when I need to capture something on computer. iOS native recorder works well but it gets red bar attached on the clips. In Android, built-in API can help you make the job done.

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