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How to Record Live Streaming Video on Windows and Mac

It is quite a sensible choice to record live streaming videos and save them on the PC or Mac computer using recording software. Why? Because almost all of the live videos, such as live TV shows, educational tutorials, special events, game matches, episodes, broadcasts, etc. are not available to download; Besides, there are the occasions where you may be busy with some other work when the live streaming video broadcasting. But recording live streaming video and saving on your PC or Mac computer can totally help you solve such issues. And you can watch them anytime anywhere, even no internet, you like.

But the real question is "How can I record live streaming video?" There seem a group of people using iPhone or some other mobile devices to make job done. Well, I am not saying this method is silly, because I did it like that, too, a long long time ago. It truly works indeed, but the images quality is very terrible.

And in this post, obviously, we will not recommend you this way, but another 4 ways to record live streaming video with ease and great quality using professional recoding software, on matter from the online web pages, like the Chrome or Safari, or the social media platform like Twitch, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix. Keep reading and check them all one by one.

How to Record Live Streaming Video on PC and Mac

We will go first the easiest option by the help of VideoProc. Besides known as a professional video processing software, VideoProc is also an outstanding screen recorder. With it, you can record the whole screen as well as system audio and voice-over, and also crop any area of the screen you want. Besides, it also supports recoding modes like Webcam, picture-in-picture. Why not download this nifty software now and Follow FIVE steps showed as below, and you will definitely embrace your "wow moments" at how efficient it can be.


Step 1: Launch VideoProc, then select Recorder out of these four options at the home screen.

User Interface

Step 2: Select one of the recording modes at the top, and click wheel-shaped icon on the top right corner to make beginning and ending hot-key combination and customize other recording settings, namely recording quality, recording format, desk/mic audio device, etc. in your videos.

Screen Recording & Setting

Step 3: Click REC button to record live streaming video.

REC Button to Start Recording

Step 4: To record the live streaming videos. A big hint about the live stream recorder here: after you click the REC button as Step 3 shows, move fast to the live page you want it to be captured. The live streaming videos will be captured after a 5-second-delay.

Live Recording Interface

Step 5: Preview the recorded videos and set output location for them. When everything is done, you can find those recorded videos placed your local drive.

Preview Window & Export Destination

At the very last, apart from using the easy Recorder of VideoProc I already show you to record your live streaming videos, you can download & record live streaming video with the help of downloader under VideoProc. You are allowed to set the duration time of your recording, stop at any time you want, and download live streaming video with selective subtitles!

To have detailed info on this method, get yourself a bonus time here!

How to Record Live Streaming Video with Game Bar on Windows 10

You may not notice that there is one built-in screen recorder, dubbed as Game Bar, hidden in the Windows 10. This game bar is designed by Microsoft originally for the video gaming recording, but it also works unexpectedly well in capturing live streaming videos.

Before we apply this screen recorder, we need first to make sure that it has turned on. Here are the steps: Tap the [Win] key on the keyboard > Choose Settings gear button > Find Game and enter > Toggle on the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar option.

Toggle on Game Bar

Now follow the easy steps below to record live streaming video with audio.

Step 1. Hold [Win]+[G] down on your keyboard to enable Game Bar.

Step 2. Click 'Yes, it is a game' on the pop-up window.

Step 3. Click Start Recording or hold [Win]+[Alt]+[R] down to get video recording activated.

Step 4. You can save the live streaming videos to your computer in an .MP4 format.

How to Record Live Streaming Video on Windows 7

For Windows 7 users, you can use another built-in screen recorder to film live streaming video.

Step 1. Hold [Win]+[R] down, then type 'psr.exe' in the search field. Click OK when is done.

Launch Built-in Recorder

Step 2. Click Start Record button whenever you want it to be filmed.

Start Recording

Step 3. Pause when you want to take a brake, stop when you get finished.

Stop Recording On Windows 7

Step 4. Set an output folder for your videos.

Save Recording

Note: This built-in tool for PC users are limited to steps recording. Although it can capture live streaming video, there are images not video clips that are saved after all. You may not rely it on a recorder, yet it works good for recording working steps.

How to Record Live Streaming Video on Mac

On Mac, there is also a built-in screen reocrder which can work for recording onscreen videos. You can just click the keys of Command+Shift+5 to bring it up. Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Press Command+Shift+5 to open it.

Step 2. Switch to record mode by clicking Record Selected Portion on the right of the menu, and then select the area or app you want to record.

Step 3. Click the record button to start capture live streaming.

Step 4. When the job is done, open it again still with Command+Shift+5 and press Stop Recording.


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