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How to Add Hardcode Subtitles to MP4/MKV and Other Video Files

Hardcode subtitles, also known as "burned-in subtitles, or forced subtitles", means taking the subtitle track and writing it into the video itself. If a video file has burned-in subtitles, it ensures the video will look the same no matter how it’s played. Note that you won’t be able to toggle subtitles on or off; if they’re burned-in, they’re there for good.

Unlike its rivals - the softcode subtitles, external subtitles, and embedded subtitles, hardcode subtitles has no requirement for subtitle plugins, since they are part of the video. So we can enjoy the video on computer, mobile phones, TVs, and anywhere freely.

But how exactly to add hardcode to MP4, MKV, and other videos? Obviously, we need to get help from some professional video editing applications to help us with it. Here we sincerely recommend VideoProc to make this job done easily. And in the nest part, we will you why you can trust it.

The Features of VideoProc for Hardcoed Subtitles Adding

Simplicity - With concise interface and clear guidance, VideoProc is easy enough for you to operate. Users may add subtitles only by slight moves of fingers.

Flexibility - Users can adjust the position and font of the hardcode subtitles in videos. You can decide how the subtitles look like.

Understanding - If users do not have subtitle files, relevant subtitles can be searched and downloaded by VideoProc. Then users are able to add them to the video, or export subtitles from other videos to the video to be processed (as long as the subtitles of the source video are suitable for the target video).

Speed - As VideoProc supports Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology, fast video coding and decoding are possible. The addition of subtitles to the video will be accomplished in a very short time.

Multi-function - In addition to video editing functions related to subtitle, many other functions are supported as well, such as deshake, denoise, video clipping and merging, and so on.

So why not download it now and follow the detailed steps below to add the hardcode subtitles to your video?

How to Add Hardcode Subtitles to MP4/MKV and Other Video Files

Here are the step-by-step guide on adding hardcode subtitles using VideoProc.

Step 1. Run VideoProc on your Windows or Mac computer, and choose the Video option on its homepage.

choose video option on VideoProc

Step 2. Click the +Video button to load your video file which you plan to add subtitles, and then choose the Codec Option menu, which will lead us to the another page where we can edit the subtitles.

import video on VideoProc

Step 3. Then choose Edit Video and then the Subtitle. There we can see two options listed below - Add Subtitle File and Search Subtitle File.

Add Subtitle File enables you to import the subtitle file saved on your computer; While if there is no saved files, you can click the Search Subtitle File to look for and download the file through Internet.

subtitle editing feature on VideoProc

Step 4. Here we just import the saved file on our computer, and you will see the screen page below.

First, check Enabled button; Then adjust the Position number to make sure where the subtitles appear, and the Font. After all settings are done, click the Done button.

add hardcode subtitles to video on VideoProc

Step 5. The last step is setting the output path, so you can easily find the processed file. Please do not forget to check the Hardware Acceleration to shorten the processing period. Then click the RUN button to start.

add hardcode subtitles to video on VideoProc

Final Words

You may see that we can also apply VideoProc to add the softcode subtitles to a video. And besides that, VideoProc can also help users with video splitting, rotating, wide angle distortion correction, etc. So why not give it a try now?


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