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How to Choose the Best Music Video Maker?

Why Do We Need a Music Video?

In this digital trend, audio-visual files are most welcomed by the social platforms, and people are quite used to music video contents in the internet. We can learn from influencers on YouTube that the video accompany by appropriate music notes is far more attractive to their followers.

Looking around, many of us have run a Twitter blog or owned a Facebook page, where we can share with other people those memorable, joyful or highlighting moments of our lives. Now, it's time to get to know some kickass tricks to make your own site look animated- collect your photos, audio and video files and make them into a music video. How to make your own music video which represents you well with easy-to-use software? As there are a great many free video editors out there bragging itself to be your No.1 choice, here comes another question: how do you know which is the best software for making a music video? Well, you've landed on the right place as we will walk you through some great music video makers in the market. Keep scrolling down the page.

How to Create Your Own Music Video?

In order to create a fancy music video of your own, you need to make following preparations first: sort out some music/audio, video files, and make them well organized - you'd better have a rough idea when will the music enter the video, when to make transition and fade out, what texts will be presented on the screen, etc.. Secondly, pick up one music video maker, then you are good to get started.

Before you rush to grab a music video maker and start creating, there are some editing tips that you should take into consideration:

The ability to time the audio file. If the music maker you choose don't endow you with the right to adjust the audio length, you should quit it as it is not the right one for you to make a good music video.

The ability to add effects to your audio file.The music video maker you choose should allow you to upload audio files to it, what's more, it should provide you with some audio effects which can make your audio more zippy. Stay away from those software that can't even let you change the volume of your audio.

The ability to choose from various templates. As we are talking about making a music video, audio and video files, texts, transitions, etc. are a must to be mentioned. Without a couple of templates to be chosen from, you will not be able to glue those file clips together in a fascinating manner.

The ability to be flexibly shared in different kinds of file formats. After you make a music video, you will need to export it and share it elsewhere. When you export, you need to adujust settings on container format, bitrate, frame rate, video quality, etc.. In a word, the more options provided, the better. If you are not allowed to make any adjustment on these settings, you may end up with a music video that is exclusive to be played on your own device, which is not recommended to use, drop it then. (Another way out? >> Troubleshoot: use third-party software to convert the file format, making the file type compatible to be played on your target device.)

Now, let's move on to see what is the best software for making a music video.

Quick Access to:


Animaker music video maker allows you to DIY music video of your own. When making a music video, you'll need to use various music templates. In Animaker Library, there are over 100+ music sources available to use, which is best to be your background music if you don't have any in hand. Most music video software can create a music video for you, but when you want to export from it, you are charged for upgrade. However, in Animaker, no such scenario will happen to you as it is definitely a free tool.

It is quite easy to create a music video with Animaker. Firstly, you need to register for an account, or you can log in with your Facebook / Google account. Next, you are in the dashboard where you can select the destination video type for your music video - whether to export in square, horizontal or vertical, crop in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, or publish on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. After that, you are free to create your own music video > click the video and music function icon on the left side bar > find your desired video and audio clip among options > add it on the video or music track by simply click on the thumbnail or drag and drop it to the preview panel in the center area.

For video track you add, you are allowed to trim/ crop/ rotate/ flip/ resize the clip as you wish. For music track you add, you can turn up/down the volume to make it be the fade in/out transition in your work.


Highlighted features

  • • You can edit with 4K resolution.
  • • You can upload images, audios and videos to it.
  • • You can build your unique characters by yourself.
  • • You can resize your video in horizontal, vertical, square angles.
  • • You can create Instagram story, Facebook cover, YouTube video, etc..


  • • Online free tool.
  • • Ready-to-get templates.
  • • Easy to use like drag and drop.


  • • Audio is out-of-sync with video occasionally.
  • • Strong and stable internet connection is essentially needed.

#Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one music video editor online for free that can customize your video, audio with both themes from their theme library or uploaded files from users themselves. It is not only a good music video maker, but also performs exceedingly well in making a photo video. Spark is free to get both on the web and mobile, you are free to create your music video anywhere when you are not available to get to computer.

Adobe Spark

Highlighted features

  • • Various templates provided for your personal needs.
  • • Eye catchy fonts are available to be chosen from.
  • • Diversified themes and templates are ready-to-use.
  • • Available both on the web and the mobile client.


  • • Excellent user interface and very easy to use.
  • • You can choose themes from royalty-free templates.
  • • Make social post like Facebook, Twitter in one-click.
  • • You can share your work from web to mobile, and edit it anytime.


  • • Export your work with watermark.
  • • Stable network environment is required.

#AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor, developed by Online Media Technologies, offers a number of notable features. It provides you with a bunch of audio and video effects, texts, allowing you to create a music video and publish it on YouTube, Facebook, Flicker, MySpace, etc..

AVS Video Editor


  • • Easy to use interface.
  • • Professional music video maker.
  • • Videos are automatically saved to your account.


  • • Limited Operating system: run on Windows 10/8.x/7, Windows XP incompatible.

Final Thoughts

Till now, I believe that you have acquired some tips on choosing the best music video maker. Although the above-mentioned online music video makers are very convenient to use to some extent, there are some things in common between them that are specially worth noting: stable and strong internet connection required, content exported with watermark. If you want to make your work unique and more professional-like, you may need to upgrade to a premium license.


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