9 Lyric Video Makers for Any Platforms: Windows, Mac, Online, iPhone, and Andriod

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Did you know you can create stunning lyric videos on your own? I'm not just talking about simple lyric music video with plain text, music, and graphics, but some really amazing ones that have animated text, moving background, cool transitions, funny stickers, and many catching effects. And there are tons of lyric video makers on the market that enables you to do so, but basically, it depends on what you want to produce. Here we put together of the top 9 easy yet professional music video maker with lyrics that can achieve your different demands. The details steps on how to do with these apps are also covered.

LyricVideoCreator - Proffesional Karaoke Lyric Video Maker

  • OS supported: Windows.
  • Key features: Can create duet karaoke song. Tap to sync lyrics to music.

Karaoke video for YouTube can be easily achieved in LyricVideoCreator. This fabulous music video maker allows you to add MP4 videos with lyrics, pictures, as well as music. Besides, the output can be MP4 or MKV videos in 4K ultra-high resolution.

How Can I Make Karaoke Video with Lyrics by Using LyricVideoCreator

1. Launch up LyricVideoCreator on your PC after downloading and install it on your PC.

2. On the main interface, click Browse songs to add the music file to LyricVideoCreator.

3. Click Set Background video or Image to import your static picture or video file.

LyricVideoCreator Lyric Video Maker
Sync Lyrics to Music in LyricVideoCreator

4. Come over to the right of the preview windows and paste the lyric text on the blank box.

5. Click Start and you begin to play the music. Next, you hit SET or press the Spacebar key to synchronize text to video.

6. To fine-tune the synchronized word, move the cursor over the number (when the number was highlighted, it means it has been selected) on the right of the text, and then press CTRL+ left / right arrow keys.

7. Press Options to enter the Settings panel to acquire the below 4 tabs.

  • Encodings: set up the quality and format for the output lyric video. You can leave it as default.
  • Font Setting: change lyric font and color.
  • Other settings panel: change the lyric line number and the alignment.
  • General Setting: change the output file folder.
LyricVideoCreator Lyric Video Maker
Adjust Profiles in LyricVideoCreator

8. After applying the adjustments you want to make, click Save Settings. Now you can hit Preview to check is there anything that needs to be modified.

9. Hit Create Karaoke video to let LyricVideoCreator start to generate the lyric video.

Summary: Easy UI is friendly for beginners. However, there are still many annoying issues, for instance, free account can't export videos longer than 1 minute, slow rendering speed, only goes compatible with MP4/MKV video and MP3 audio.

Lyric.TV - Easy Karaoke Lyric Video Maker

  • OS supported: Windows and Mac.
  • Features: Clear guidance for each step; Sync lyrics in time to the music, word by word.

If you're looking for the simplest karaoke lyric video maker to add texts and slideshows background to your loved song, you might give Lyric.TV a try. The instruction shown on the UI allows you to crank out quick lyric music without angst.

How to Create Karaoke Lyric Music Video on Lyric.TV

1. Click Select Song to add an MP3, WAV, AAC, or AIFF audio clip, and then click OK. Lyric.TV starts to compress and convert the file and this process takes seconds to minutes depending on the source audio file. Once the music imported and encoded successfully, press OK.

2. Paste the lyrics into the text box, and click OK.

3. Hit the playback icon to listen to the audio, and press TAP each time the beginning of a word is sung by the artist.

Lyric.TV Lyric Video Maker
Synchronize Lyrics in Lyric.TV

4. Click OK after syncing the words with the song. On the new panel, press OK to acquire the PROJECT NAME panel. There you can adjust the name of the artist and music, as well as the font/text/color of the text. Click OK to save the settings.

5. Hit IMAGES > SELECT IMAGES. You are enabled to add at most 51 pictures from your device. Click on OK to let Lyric.TV merge the pictures, songs, and lyrics as a video.

Choose Video Styles in Lyric.TV
Synchronize Lyrics in Lyric.TV


How to get a solid color picture as the background? Click COLORS to enter the new interface, here you can choose 5 colors for the text and the relevant background. Lyric.TV provides you with 6 ready-made design templates. To acquire and apply them, click on THEMES and select the favored one, and click OK.

6. On the Video Quality setting panel, select the needed output resolution. After that, click on RENDER.

Summary: Easy but limited. The whole process takes a very long time as it renders the files many times. Lack of customized options on font style, color, size, and positions. There is no access to add video backgrounds.

SuperString - Animation Lyric Video Maker

  • OS supported: Windows and Mac.
  • Key features: Drag to align the timing of lyrics, line by line; Adjust the background, font, and animation effects for every single line.

SuperString is a super customizable lyric video maker on Windows and Mac. With an extensive list of features, it is one of the most powerful lyric video makers in this roundup.

How to Create Lyric Video with This Animation Lyric Video Maker

1. Launch SuperString on your computer, click Albums, and hit the + icon. You can press Choose songs to add a prepared MP3 or WAV music file, or directly drag & drop the audio file from your computer.

2. Press the blank key to play the music, during this process, drag the clip to align the timing of lyrics. Whenever you need, use the Up/ Down Arrow keys or Shift + Up/Down arrow key to move the lyric clip 0.1/1 seconds.

3. Select the aspect ratio. You can click the box of Canvas option to choose the canvas color that you like most if there is no plan to add any pictures or videos as the background.

4. Scroll up the Text tab, you can adjust the color, style, opacity, rotation direction, and more.

SuperString Lyric Video Maker
Make Lyric Music with SuperString

5. The next tab is Font, there you can change its font, size, alignment, letter space, and a few more properties. All those can get a real-time preview on the above preview windows.

6. Come over to the background tab, you can click the box of Media to upload the picture or video file. It will be the background for the chosen lyric clip. Just like the Text tab, SuperString also allows you to adjust the style, scale, blur, and opacity of your background pictures and videos.

7. Click on Export, select an aspect ratio and resolution, and then press Export to save the lyric video as an MP4 file.

Summary: It is worth to take some exploration to master all the available editing options. However, it starts stuttering every time I load up a video background to the app.

VideoProc - The Fastest Lyric Video Maker(Use Subtitles as Lyrics)

VideoProc Converter is a robust and versatile video editing and processing software that enables you to add subtitles file as lyrics so you can make lyrics video in seconds without synchronizing lyrics with songs.

Key features:

  • Use Subtitles as lyrics and batch add them to 4K UHD videos.
  • Extract subtitles, videos, and music from websites.
  • Support the level-3 hardware acceleration technology.
  • Rich editing features: trim, cut, crop, split, rotate, deshake, etc.

How to Use Subtitles as Lyrics to Fast Produce Lyric Video

1. Firstly, you need to prepare the video with background music and the SRT file of the music.

2. Open up VideoProc, and click Video to add the source video file.

3. Click Subtitles and select Add subtitle file to add the SRT lyrics.

VideoProc Lyric Video Maker
VideoProc Use Subtitles as Lyrics

4. Check Softcode. Now you can move the slider left/right to change the position of the lyrics. You are also allowed to adjust the size and color of the font by clicking A.

5. By doing this, the lyrics are already merged with the video. Click Done and hit Run to start making lyric videos.

Summary: VideoProc is the fastest tool among all the tested programs. The feature of adding subtitles to video allows me to use SRT files as lyrics. This saves me lots of time to manually synchronize lyrics with videos.

Windows Movie Maker - Free Lyric Video Maker for PC

  • OS supported : Windows.
  • Key features: Basic editing options; Instant share on social media.

Windows Movie Maker is a built-in app on Windows 7 and some earlier versions of Windows OS. It is an easy and free video editor with a very simple timeline and allows you to make watermark free lyric videos with music, pictures, and text.

How to Create Lyric Video with Windows Movie Maker

1. Click Add Videos and Photos to import one or some videos and pictures as the background.

2. Press Add Music to add the prepared song to Windows Movie Maker.

3. Click Caption to acquire a text box on the preview window, you paste the first line of lyrics there. Press the bland key to play the media. Move the caption track under the video layer so it matches with the song. Click Format and change the start time and duration of the lyric.

4. Stay on the Format tab, you can adjust also the font, paragraph, size, effects, size, and color of the text and outlines.

SuperString Lyric Video Maker
Make Lyric Music with SuperString

5. Go back to Home and click Captions, you need to repeat the last few steps to add the rest of the lyrics line by line. To make everything faster, you can copy the adjusted caption and paste it after the last caption in your video, and then change the start time, duration, and the lyrics.

6. After getting things done, click File > Save movie and choose a setting that works best for you.

Summary: Everything is very basic but labor-intensive in Windows Movie Maker. Manually entering each line of the lyrics and synchronizing them with the song need big investments in time.

iMovie - Free Lyric Video Maker for Mac

  • OS supported: Mac.
  • Key features: Many animated titles, templates, and classic filters; 4K Ultra high-resolution output.

iMovie is available for Mac users as an entry-level video editing program. Since it allows you to add music, texts, videos, surely it can be utilized to create lyric videos.

How to Create Lyric Videos without Watermark with iMovie

1. Open up the iMovie on your Mac. Drag the video clip to the timeline of the program, and then you load up the audio file.

2. Drag the video track to make it match the length of the audio.

3. Select a title effect and drag it over the place where the artist begins to sing the first word. Paste the first line of the lyrics here. You can also type the lyrics manually on the text box shown on the preview windows.

iMovie Lyric Video Maker

4. Tap the lyric track on the timeline to change its position, size, and other properties.

5. Preview the videos and drag the lyric track left/right to make it synchronize with the song.

6. Play the video, and create the second text clip from where the second verse starts. To save time, you can copy the previous text clip, and paste the content into the point where the next verse starts.

7. Edit the text and everything else again. After adding all lyrics to the videos, export the video.

Summary: Things are very similar to what Windows Movie Maker has. You need to add and align the lyrics with music videos manually. This may take days of trails and errors to get ideal results. Besides, the UI of iMovie put many editing options in hidden.

Flexclip - Online Lyric Video Maker with Free Music Stock

  • OS supported: Online.
  • Key features: Royalty free online music stock; A variety of text and video templates.

The easy-to-use interface is enough to make Flexclip one of the best online lyric video maker apps but there's another department where it outranks many other lyric video editing software – copyright free music stock.

How to Make Short Lyric Video with Loyalty Free Music

1. Click the + button on the storyboard and select Add local media to add a clip or a photo.

2. Press the music icon > Add Music. Click Browse my files to import the existing music file to Flexclip, or select the copyright free music from the online stock.

3. Click the scissor icon to split the video into many parts according to every sentence sung by the artist. This is a crucial step as you then need to add different text to each clip separately.

4. Click the Text icon and choose the needed dynamic text. Double click on the text box to change the content. You now have access to change the text font, size, and color on the editing menu over the preview windows.

Flexclip Lyric Video Maker
Flexclip Lyric Video Maker

5. Drag the text box on the preview windows to change its positions. Next, you need to repeat the work many times until you add all lyrics to your music videos.

6. Click Export to save the lyric music video. The free account can export video in 480P. A basic account can generate video in 720P resolution, and the 1080P video is the sole preserve of the Plus account. Anyway, select the needed resolution.

7. Enter the name of the title and writer. After that, click No intro and select Export video. If necessary, select Bubble, Rays, or any other effects for the intro to give your video a personal touch.

Summary: The online copyright-free music stock and lots of templates are the things I like best. However, the workflow of splitting the video into tons of pieces for adding every sentence of lyrics is too cumbersome.

RotorVideo - Online Lyric Video Maker with 40+ Video Edit Styles

  • OS supported: Online.
  • Key features: Free stock video and audio clips; Predesigned text templates to quickly create stylish lyrics.

RotorVideo is an online lyric video creator that goes compatible with your browsers on both computers and mobile phones. It offers basic lyric video making toolsets.

How to Make Short Lyric Video with RotorVideo

1. Click Create New Video, enter the name of the clip, and then press Create your video to enter the main workspace.

2. Tap on Select file to upload to add the music background. Next, RotorVideo will upload the audio, process, analyze it, and find the beat, tempo, and loudness that fit the music best.

3. Once it successfully loads the music file, you select Next: Choose Clips to add the videos from the online collections or your hard disk. Click Next.

4. Hit on Text and Create an Overview. RotorVideo starts to render the video, and this takes minutes.

5. Click Add/Edit Text Overlays to enter the text-editing panel. Press Add text. Once RotorVideo finishes rendering the video and music, it leads you to a new page. Enter the lyric on the text box shown on the preview window. Drag the text layer to change it's start and end time.

6. Go to the top menu bar to change the text size, font, color, spacing, and other properties. After that, you move the mice hover over the text track, click copy. This can add more text tacks.

RotorVideo Lyric Video Maker
Enter Lyrics in RotorVideo

7. Change the text content for each track and adjust their start/end time to make them match with the song.

8. Click Down > Download to save the lyric music video.

Summary: I have to spend USD18/25 removing the big brand logo and downloading the result. And RotorVideo doesn't offer any free service. In addition, the render process takes too much time.

KineMaster - Lyric Video Maker App for iPhone and Android

  • OS supported: iPhone and Andriod.
  • Key features: Keyframe animation; Add voice over, background music, handwriting layers; Rich Asset store with many Stickers, transitions font, and sound effects.

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It covers basic editing toolkits and enables you to add multiple video, images, effects, text layers to one project.

How Do You Make A Lyrics Video on KineMaster

1. Click the add icon, and select the aspect ratio for the projects. Click Media to add one or many media and photos files to the app. Tap on audio on the main interface to import the existing audio file.

2. Click the triangle button below the right toolkits to playback the video. Tap on the red play head to mark in places where lyrics change.

3. Click Layer > Text to enter the first sentence of the lyric. Drag the newly created text layer so it has the same length as the music and video layer.

4. Select the Text layer to get the options to change Font, Color, In-animation, Out-animation, and more.

iPhone Lyric Video Maker
Create Lyric Video on iPhone

5. Move the playhead to each of the marks, and every time you click Trim/Split > Split the Playhead to split the Text track into many clips.

6. Select the separated text track and tap on the keyboard icon to input the relevant lyrics.

7. After making everything properly, click the share icon, select the needed resolution and frame rate, and then tap on Export to save the lyric video.

Summary: KineMaster, as a mobile video editor, is awesome. It supports 4K and boasts lots of editing features that are even superior to some desktop software. However, a free account can export 6.9GB videos at most. Another disappointing thing is you have to pay USD5/month to remove the brand logo.


Can I make money from lyrics videos on YouTube

Yes. However, the precondition is that you own the copyright of the music. Otherwise, the uploaded lyric video might be muted, and your channel will be under the risk of being taken down.

How can I legally make money on YouTube by making song lyric videos (copyright issues)

The easiest method is stopping using copyrighted music. However, if you have to use copyrighted music, you should: 1) Visit websites like AudioJungle to get license permission from the original owner. 2) Go to YouTube audio library to get music and sound effects for your videos. 3) Use YouTube Creative common songs. Some artists grant you the license to use parts of the song in your YouTube video after you attributing to the credit the original artist.

How do I make a lyric video only text

You can use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to make a lyric video only text. How? Use a solid color image as the background. After that, click the Caption or Text icon to add the text information.

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