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  • Multiple solutions to add lyrics to music videos
  • Full control over the size, font, position, and animation of lyrics
  • 999+ tracks, scalable timeline, precise frame-by-frame editing
  • Studio-level audio editing, cut video to beat, music analysis, etc.
  • Handy presets for transitions, filters, effects, and texts
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9 Best Lyric Video Makers: Fast & Easy to Use

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Looking for a capable lyric video maker for creating awesome music videos? You've come to the right place. There are tons of lyric video makers on the market that enables you to do so, but basically, it depends on what you want to produce. In this post, I'm going to share the top 9 best lyric video makers on the markers. With them, you can make music videos with animated texts, moving background, cool transitions, funny stickers, and many other stunning effects.

LyricVideoCreator - Professional Karaoke Lyric Video Maker

Karaoke video for YouTube can be easily achieved in LyricVideoCreator. This fabulous lyric video maker allows you to create music videos with scrolling lyrics and custom background pictures. The support of insetting two different colors makes it possible to create duet karaoke songs effortlessly.


  • Tap to synchronize every single word with the music easily.
  • Customize the lyric line number and alignment, font color, font size.
  • Create 4K ultra-high-resolution lyric videos in MP4 or MKV format.
LyricVideoCreator Lyric Video Maker
Sync Lyrics to Music in LyricVideoCreator

Summary: The easy UI make this karaoke video maker a good option for beginners. However, there are still many annoying issues, for instance, the free account can't export videos longer than 1 minute, the slow rendering speed, only goes compatible with MP4/MKV video and MP3 audio.

VideoProc Vlogger – Free Lyric Video Maker on Windows and Mac

VideoProc Vlogger is developed as a streamlined and free video editing software. It supports 999+ tracks (video, audio, effect, overlay, subtitle) and offers the ready-made 15+ text templates, dozens of text styles, and color presets. Thanks to the support of timeline markers, we can tap to add markers at the end of each sentence of lyrics when listening to the music for easily synchronizing lyrics to the vocal. Thus, it is also a great lyric video maker.


  • A bunch of 3D LUTs, filters, effects to add a professional touch to the lyric video.
  • Manipulate the lyric video speed via time stretch tool, besiege curve, 14-speed ramp presets…
  • Animate the lyrics with 18 animation effects and a full set of customizable options.
  • Edit and export 4K lyric videos with popular aspect ratios (1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 9:16, etc.)

Summary: VideoProc Vlogger is the best pick if you are looking for a completely free lyric video maker that can output some creative outcomes with cool animations and effects. The support of the SRT file can help time-sensitive users align lyrics with music within seconds.

Lyric.TV - Easy Karaoke Lyric Video Maker on Windows and Mac

If you're looking for the simplest karaoke lyric video maker to add texts and slideshows background to your loved song, you might give Lyric.TV a try. This intuitive lyric video maker allows you to tap at the beginning of a word sung to synchronize lyrics to the music. And you can change the text color and the relevant background image. Better yet, the instruction shown on the UI allows you to crank out quick lyric music without angst.


  • Clear guidance for each step.
  • Sync lyrics in time to the music, word by word.
  • 6 ready-made design templates.
Use Lyric.TV as Lyric Video Maker
Synchronize Lyrics in Lyric.TV

Summary: Lyric.TV is an easy but limited lyric video maker. The whole process of adding lyrics to music video takes a very long time as it renders the files many times. It lacks the options to customize the font style, color, size, and positions. And you can't add video backgrounds for the lyric video.

SuperString - Animation Lyric Video Maker on Windows and Mac

SuperString is a super customizable lyric video maker available on Windows and Mac. With an extensive list of features, it allows users to add lyrics to music and create eye-catching animated effects for the corresponding lyrics. It's one of the most powerful lyric video makers in this roundup.

SuperString Lyric Video Maker
Make Lyric Music with SuperString


  • Drag to align the timing of lyrics, line by line.
  • Adjust the background, font, and animation effects for every single line.
  • Customize the color, style, opacity, rotation direction, and more.
  • Real-time preview.

Summary: It is worth taking some exploration to master all the available editing options offered by this premium lyric video maker. However, it starts stuttering every time I load up a video background to the app.

Windows Movie Maker - Free Lyric Video Maker on Windows

Windows Movie Maker is a built-in video editor on Windows 7 and some earlier versions of Windows OS. You can use it as an easy and free lyric video maker for making watermark-free lyric videos with music, pictures, and text.

Use Movie Maker as Lyric Video Maker
Use Movie Maker as Lyric Video Maker


  • Basic editing options, rotate, cut, trim, text, and filters…
  • Instant share on social media platforms.
  • Add video or picture as the background for the corresponding lyrics.

Summary: Everything is very basic but labor-intensive in this free lyric video maker. Manually entering each line of the lyrics and synchronizing them with the song need big investments in time.

iMovie - Free Lyric Video Maker on Mac

iMovie is available for Mac users as an entry-level video editing program. Since it allows you to add music, texts, videos, surely you can use it as a lyric video maker for synchronizing lyrics to music videos.


  • Drag to change the position, size, and other properties of the lyrics.
  • Many animated titles, templates, and classic filters.
  • Support the 4K Ultra high-resolution output.
iMovie Lyric Video Maker

Summary: Things are very similar to what Windows Movie Maker has. You need to add and align the lyrics with music videos manually. This may take days of trials and errors to get ideal results. Besides, the UI of iMovie put many editing options are hidden.

Flexclip - Online Lyric Video Maker

The easy-to-use interface is enough to make Flexclip one of the best online lyric video maker apps, but there's another department where it outranks many other lyric video editing software – the copyright-free music stock. However, what's worth noting is, the free account can only export lyric video in 480P. A basic account can generate video in 720P resolution, and the 1080P video is the sole preserve of the Plus account.


  • Royalty-free online music stock.
  • A variety of text and video templates.
  • Change the text font, size, position, and color.
Flexclip Lyric Video Maker
Flexclip Lyric Video Maker

Summary: The copyright-free music stock and hundreds of templates are the things I love this online lyric video maker most. However, the workflow of splitting the video into tons of pieces for adding every sentence of lyrics is too cumbersome.

RotorVideo – Online Lyric Video Maker

RotorVideo is an online lyric video creator that goes compatible with mainstream browsers on both computers and mobile phones. It offers basic lyric video-making toolsets. After uploading the loved song, Rotor Video will analyze the beat, tempo, and loudness and dive the song into multiple clips. Next, you can select a style template that matches your song most from the tons of ready stock options and change the background pictures to match the video clips. After that, you can use the Add Text Overlay feature to add the music videos with lyrics.


  • Free stock video and audio clips.
  • Preset text templates for creating stylish lyric videos quickly.
  • Drag the text layer to change its start and end time.
  • Adjust the text size, font, color, spacing, and other properties.
RotorVideo Lyric Video Maker
Enter Lyrics in RotorVideo

Summary: I have to spend USD18/25 removing the big brand logo and downloading the result. And this paid online lyric video maker doesn't offer any free service. In addition, the render process takes too much time.

KineMaster – Lyric Video Maker App for Smartphone

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor that works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It covers basic editing toolkits and enables you to add multiple videos, images, effects, text layers to one project. Thus, it's also a flexible lyric video maker app for smartphone users.


  • Create animated lyrics with the keyframe animation feature.
  • Add voice-over, background music, handwriting layers.
  • Rich asset store with many stickers, transitions font, and sound effects.
Lyric Video Maker App
Kinemaster Lyric Video Maker App

Summary: KineMaster, as a mobile based lyric video maker app, is awesome. It supports 4K and boasts lots of editing features that are even superior to some desktop software. However, a free account can export 6.9GB of videos at most. Another disappointing thing is you have to pay USD5/month to remove the brand logo.

FAQs on Lyric Video Maker

Can I make money from lyrics videos on YouTube

Yes. However, the precondition is that you own the copyright of the music. Otherwise, the uploaded lyric video might be muted, and your channel will be under the risk of being taken down.

How can I legally make money on YouTube by making song lyric videos (copyright issues)

The easiest method is stopping using copyrighted music. However, if you have to use copyrighted music, you should: 1) Visit websites like AudioJungle to get license permission from the original owner. 2) Go to YouTube audio library to get music and sound effects for your videos. 3) Use YouTube Creative common songs. Some artists grant you the license to use parts of the song in your YouTube video after you attributing to the credit the original artist.

How do I make a lyric video only text

You can use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to make a lyric video only text. How? Use a solid color image as the background. After that, click the Caption or Text icon to add the text information.

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