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How to Cut a Video? The Best and Easiest Way You're Looking for

Many video processing tools provide cut functionality, but differentiated in performance. Some only cut the start and end parts, and others support quite limited video formats, or degrade the quality upon exporting. And those free online video cutters and free desktop programs always set maximum file size - 100 MB or 200 MB - on input file and are embedded with annoying ads. It is a troublesome task to find a desired one from a ton of cutters. But don't be frustrated, because the best and easiest way to cut a video has been presented here.

Built in with easy-to-use video cutter & trimmer, VideoProc is a piece of low-cost, easy-to-use and yet powerful video processing software to enhance your video. It stands ready to trim, cut, split, join, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, deshake, denoise, deinterlace, convert, compress, and do other work with your 4K, HD, 3D, 360-degree videos.

VideoProc can cut a video file from both ends, but also cut the middle of a video. For example, you got a 20 minute video, but you only want to keep 00:30-2:35, 08:00-11:35min, and 17:15-19:00 and merge these 3 clips into a new single file. This is what VideoProc can do. It helps you chop off unwanted parts in the beginning, ending or middle and save the wanted parts.

  • Delete unwanted sections in the beginning, ending or middle of a video.
  • • Cut a video without quality loss when you keep original format or use remux (swapping containers only).
  • • Support cutting almost all video formats, say 4K/1080p MP4, AVI, MKV, and HEVC.

And there is more to expect.

What VideoProc Has to Offer as a Video Cutter Software

Cut a video without re-encoding
Many other cutters re-encode your video upon exporting. Re-encoding might alter the quality of your video, and it is a waste of time. With VideoProc, you can cut, trim and export video without re-encoding, leaving the original file untouched.

Cut out an interesting section from the video – and multiple sections too!
Remember the mesmerizing dancing scene of Mia and Vincent in Pulp Fiction? You can cut out that 4min twist dance clip from the entire 2h 34min movie, and playback on any of your device when you have the mood to swing.

Cut and remove unwanted sections from your footage
Besides option to trim off the start and end part, you can also cut out boring parts, long pauses, awkward moments, interruptions and other undesired scenes from your video, at once.

Cut a video into multiple smaller segments at equal length
Many applications and forums have a limitation for the maximum duration of a video. Instagram story can be up to 1-min for instance. The trick is, you can use video cutter software to auto split long video into identical length, and post many stories in a roll. Besides, short videos are popular since they load faster at the viewer's end.

Cut out clips from DVDs
Despide video content booming, there are some good old movies and home recordings that are no where to find on the internet, but stored on your forgotten DVDs. Dust off these disks, and let VideoProc cuts out clips from DVDs, digitalizing your precious content to playback on a computer and other devices.

Cut the sound from a video file:
Captured many wonderful street musicians playing guitar? You can cut out the melody from your mobile videos to enjoy on the go, since those songs might not find their way into an album yet. With VideoProc, you can easily extract audio from videos, and save it as MP3, AAC, OGG and many more.

How to Cut a Video with VideoProc

So you have a 1-hour large video of a fantastic traveling, how about cut it into 5-minutes shorter teaser?

Sometimes, a short video performs better on social media. For one thing, it loads quicker without buffering; plus, short videos force the budding editors to cut out the best part of their raw footage, eliminated boring part.

Prepartion: Free install VideoProc.

To get started, free download VideoProc for Windows ( VideoProc for Windows ) or for Mac (VideoProc for Mac ).

Step 1: Add a video to cut.

• Launch VideoProc and then click Video button from home screen. Then, add the video you need to cut by clicking on the "+Video" button or simply dragging-n-dropping it.

• Video panel is where most editing happens. The rest of the panels are self-explicit, you can retrieve clips from DVDs and video sharing sites, or record screen.

Step 2: Choose the format for output video.

• Choose target format from bottom panel. MP4 and MOV are popular and compatible for most devices.
• Keep the original format or cut and convert to a different one? It totally depends on you. It won't re-encode the video if you select a format same to the original.

Step 3: Open Cutting Panel by clicking the cut icon beside the video.

• To remove start and end part: simply drag green knobs to decide the new start and end points. What's in between will be saved.

• To cut several sections: drag two knobs to keep sections in between, hit cut, then repeat the dragging and cutting.

• To rearrange the sequence of each sections: click the triangle button besides each cut section.

Video cutting tips: How to split one video into equal length smaller segment >>

Step 4: Export the new video.

When you are happy with the cutting, hit Done. Now back in the video panel, you can tick Use High Quality Engine and enable Hardware Acceleration. Hit Run to export your work.

Online Video Cutter vs Desktop Software

Online video cutter is convenient when you want to trim a short video. For a long footage, however, it could be a waste of time to upload and download, and there is no batch processing either. Security is another concern. Uploading video to cut online could be risky. Decent online site won't purposefully violate privacy to view your video, but chances are, your footage is vulnerable to possible attack and hijack.

There are other important aspects to consider, including cutting options, format support, output quality and efficiency. Here is a handy list for you to check which tool suits your video cutting needs.

Free Download VideoProc to Have a Try

As you can see, VideoProc can help you cut video easily and flexibly. Meanwhile, you can crop videos at any aspect ratio. Indeed, it is a full-stack video tool that can process, adjust, convert, compress videos, and download online content and record video from your screen or facecam. Free download VideoProc to cut and and let your creative juice flow.


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