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How to Upload High Quality Pictures Videos to Instagram

To keep Instagram from compressing too much, click here: Instagram video upload tips [2019]

Instagram Video Is in Full Quality When Editing but Gets Pixelated after Posting

"I spent a month on an edit and I rendered it... looked awesome then I uploaded it to Instagram... looked like crap. The color changes, it gets blurry, very frustrating."

Is it weird that you sent a 4K video to Instagram but it looks like a 240p video with dramatic loss of quality? Downscaling to 240p might be an overstatement, but bad quality is true. That "error" happens to a lot of people in the past few years. And it happens to short and small-size clips that shouldn't have been compressed that much.

Upload high quality video to Instagram

Analysis: Why is there such a big quality loss after posting video on Instagram? Firstly you should know there is a thing named Instagram algorithm. What is that for? Once you uploaded a video, it calculates and then compresses your file to a reasonable size for storing on the server. By reasonable size, I mean, a video of size less than 100MB. The process of compressing during uploading is the prime culprit for video quality loss. Besides, Instagram has limits on video resolution. Footages shot in 4K would be squeezed to 1080p while 480p/720p enlarged to the same 1080p resolution. And, as you can imagine, videos get pixelated.

Is there a workaround to keep high video quality on Instagram? The Key: Manually compress video to what Instagram exactly wants The Easiest Solution

Solution: Remember that Instagram is a social media platform, not a video hosting site. It always compresses videos for efficient content loading. What we can do is to resize the footage previously to match up with Instagram requirements. And this can be easily done through entry-level video editor software like VideoProc, without painful and long learning curve. You don't have to reach out to ultra-professional editing tools, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

VideoProc - Video Editing and Processing Software for Beginners

  • Resize Instagram video for high quality posting in 5 ways
  • In detals: upscale, downscale, crop, trim, transcode video
  • Speical for GoPro video uploading to Instagram: Deshake
  • Bonus: GPU acceleration - 4K/large video processing FAST

Download VideoProc on Mac

Download VideoProc on Windows

  • Instagram Video Upload Settings Video resolution: Square - 600 x 600, Landscape - 600 x 315, Vertical - 600 x 750 Aspect ratio: 1:1, 1.9:1, 4:5 Maximum file size: 4GB Maximum video length: 60s Maximum frame rate: 30 fps Video format: .MP4 or .MOV

Resize Video with VideoProc, and Upload to Instagram in High Quality

Step 1. Download VideoProc. After the installation, open the software and click "Video" to get into video editing and transcoding center. Then load your video file through "+Video".

Free get VideoProc .dmg file - for macOS (Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later is required)
Free get VideoProc .exe file - for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or later (32-bit & 64-bit)

VideoProc main interface

Step 2. Cut video for Instagram
You are allowed to post a video in less than 60 seconds only to Instagram. So before the uploading, cut off the unnecessary footages and merge the clips into a new one. Check the following video tutorial.

1. Click "Cut", drag the slider to specify the range you need.
2. Press "Cut" button and then "Done".
3. Do 1 and 2 again to trim the whole video into several clips.

* The guide on How to cut video on Mac/PC starts from Time [02:10]

Step 3. Clip "Crop" to resize video
1. Enable Crop, choose 1:1 for Instagram in the dropdown list of "Preset", and then "Done".
2. Or choose "Free" in Preset to resize the image manually for Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Crop video for Instagram

Step 4. Merge resized clips.
1. Move to the preview window on the main interface.
2. Find "Merge" right under the "Hardware Acceleration Engine". Enable "Merge" option. Keep in mind that the combined new one shouldn't go beyond Instagram's 60-second limit.

To merge different parts of several footages, watch the following video tutorial. The guide starts at 00:14.

[Optional] Step 5. Upscale or downscale video resolution

It is said that video would be kept in high quality if you upconvert 1080p to 4K first and then upload it for compressing. According to our tests, the winner of "highest quality" goes to video originally shoot in 1080p.

[Test Results]
High quality - video shot in 1080p uploaded to Instagram
Good quality - video shot in 1080p, upscaled to 4K manually, compressed to 1080p by Instagram
Slightly pixelated - video shot in 4K, downscaled to 1080p manually for Instagram
Bad quality - video shot in 4K, compressed to 1080p by Instagram

Upscale or downscale video for Instagram

Step 6. The next video specs could also affect video quality
1. Change frame rate to 30fps.
2. Increase a little bit the value of brightness.
3. Choose MP4 (H.264) as the output format - high compression ratio, accepted by Instagram.

Final Words:

There is no video uploading option available in Instagram desktop app and web page. To upload high quality video to Instagram, edit video through the tips above and then send the file to your mobile. You'd better not transfer the video via email. Use USB or file transfer software.

Besides converting videos, VideoProc is also able to perform some video editing tasks, including cutting, trimming, merging, splitting, deshaking, denoising, adding special effects, and more. The operation is really beginner-friendly. Moreover, it can digitize DVDs, convert audios, download videos and music from 1000+ sites, and record screen and webcam.

  1. Download VideoProc on Windows
  2. Download VideoProc on mac

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