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10 Apps to Make Video Collages for Instagram

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Want to create scroll-stopping video collages for Instagram? You don't need to familiarize yourself with intimidating Photoshop or other heavy desktop software. For all those minimalist, trendy and stylish posts you wowed at, either in-feed or from highlighted Instagram stories, there might not be a professional designer behind it.

Create Instagram collages with best video collages Apps

With one of these best video collage apps, you can put multiple videos and photos together, displaying more content on one screen. For brands, you can showcase more products in limited screen space, and for everyone, those predesigned templates can take your stories to a different level. There are endless possibilities, and they all start with the tools below.

1. Canva

If you are looking for something modern and original, Canva is the life-saver with free game-changing templates. They are grouped under several themes, making it great to create multiple slides for the Instagram carousel. The name for each theme is enticing: Vinyl, Ripped paper, Retro, 90's Throwback, Feminine film…You probably have pictured the overall looking and mood of the layout.

Canva Video Collage App

The best part? Canva even allows you to make a video collage with animated visual assets. There are movements and effects such as pan, slide, fade, photo flow that decides how the videos appear on the canvas.

If you were to create the same look in traditional software, you would have to learn how to cut out the assets, add masks, use the lasso tool and the pen tool in photo processing software, and add keyframe animation in video editing software.


Canva is baked with a handy eyedropper tool to pick the color. You can make use of the eyedropper to ensure color consistency. For instance, besides background templates for the collage, you can also add shapes. Now you can use the eyedropper to pick the color from the background, and change it slightly for the shape.


  • 700+ aesthetically pleasing free templates to use.
  • Built-in images searching engine to directly apply a free image into the design.
  • You can save the collage designs as a draft.


  • There is nothing to complain about unless you think it is a hassle to sign-in before using the app.

Available for: iOS

2. Unfold

Unfold has taken the Instagram story by storm with all those fantastic and eye-catching templates. If you love old films, or if you are a big fan of scrapbooking, you will find Unfold a sweet place to create your next video collages for Instagram. In fact, you probably have seen celebrities and brands using filmic elements or tapes in their collage post, and that's from Unfold.

Use Unfold to Make Instagram video collage

The stickers go with the design. If you are experimenting with the scrapbook background, you can add vintage tapes around the corner of the video frame, as if the visual asset is taped to the wall. Love animated stickers? It is powered by GIPHY to add any meme and GIF, right within the app.

Based on your content, you can choose templates under one of these themes: Film, Scrapbook, Plastic, Moodboard, Journal, Digital, Paper, Artist, Home, Love, Pride, and Nine— sure, it's time for Instagram Best Nine. Another interesting template is titled as the number for each year, and you can add up to 6 videos or images to showcase your life in a nutshell.


For brands and content users, you can subscribe to the Unfold for Brands plan. It allows you to upload custom stickers (your brand logo, for instance), font, and color scheme to the brand kit. Then, you can flexibly incorporate these elements into the collage.


  • Free and aesthetically designed templates.
  • The elements in the template are highly customizable.
  • You can save a project.


  • The current version doesn't support adding background music for the video collage.

Available for: iOS and Android

3. PicCollage

With this app, you can create an Instagram collage with videos and pictures in three modes, grids, freestyle, and templates. If you are in a hurry, or have trouble mingling texts, stickers and videos into a pleasant layout, then a template is the best way to go. You can replace stock images with your own video clips, change texts, fonts, and background style.

Create video and pictures collages with PicCollage

Before creating the video collage, you can choose whether to design for Instagram Feed or Instagram Story. This app has other aspect ratio options, so that you can also create a video collage for other platforms.

Don't worry if you have zero design knowledge. This app offers a PicCollage 101 tutorial, presented in several templates. You make nice Instagram video layout while playing around with the templates. If you tap on a photo, you can further edit it or make a cutout to remove its background. For videos, you can trim off unwanted Instagram video, or mute them.


  • Multiple aspect ratio options, best for IG stories, feed, and IGTV.
  • Predesigned animations for the clips, pictures, texts, and stickers.


  • No option to add background music to the video collage.
  • You cannot pause playing a video once it's added to the canvas.

Available for: iOS and Android

4. Mojo

In Mojo, all the templates are animated in one way or another. If you choose a collage template, you can add multiple videos and pictures into one screen. All the assets in the templates are editable. You can tap on a picture to replace it with a video clip, or adjust the contrast, hue, and saturation of the visual assets. Landscape, square or portrait, you will find a suitable aspect ratio.

Mojo video collage app

We like the way it showcases the background music. The tracks are grouped under several categories, such as Rock, rhythmic, upbeat, funky, tropical, etc. Whatever mood you are in, you can tell the story with a perfect melody.

When you are happy with the design, you can tap that little eye icon to preview the video collage. Also, you can drag the slider to set the duration of the piece, up to 60s.


  • Nicely designed templates with animations.
  • You can save the work as a draft, or duplicate it for another design.


  • Most of the templates are available for the pro version.

Available for: iOS and Android

5. SwipeMix

You probably have seen Instagram carousels that arrange multiple photos in a seamless way. When you swipe for the next slide, you might see corners from the previous or the next picture. It is a nice way for brands and anyone to tell a story creatively. The good news is, you don't have to rely on heavy desktop software to split up a panorama.

Create across-frame collage video with Swipemix

SwipeMix offers you plenty of predesigned panoramic templates. You can add pictures and arrange them in the templates, and decide whether to create the piece as a video slide or a stack of photos. In the video slide, it will display all the photos by swiping them from right to the left, imitating the way one swipes on an Instagram carousel.

You can also go freestyle. After selecting the aspect ratio for the project, you can add pictures and arrange them freely on the canvas. You can add new canvas for new slides.


  • Create picture and video collages across frames.
  • Option to arrange assets layers.


  • You cannot crop the photo in the freestyle design.
  • You cannot save the project as a draft.

Available for: iOS

6. PicPlayPost

If you want to quickly create Instagram video collages by selecting layouts type, adjusting frame edge and background color, PicPlayPost is a nice choice. There are not so many in-app elements that require you to download and buffer. The design is straightforward and barebones. You simply choose a grid-type, import videos and photos into each grid, and make adjustments accordingly.

Make photo and video colloage for Instagram with PicPlayPost

This app allows you to add animated text, and even pin text to motion track the subject in the video. You can change the layout style, border width, frame shape, and so on. If you press firmly on the video clip, you can move it within the frame.

With the free version, you can save the collage in a resolution of 384x480 (4:5) for Instagram portrait video, or 9:16 for Instagram stories. 1080p high-resolution output is available in the paid version


  • More than 120 types of layouts in the free version.
  • Save video as a live photo or an animated iPhone wallpaper.
  • Directly share photo and video collages to Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites.


  • Cannot swag videos by dragging. Instead, you have to replace the video or photo by re-selecting the media from the camera roll.

Available for: iOS and Android

7. Mixgram Collage Maker

Mixgram comes with more flexibility in the layout design. Instead of using the rigid grid-types, you can add free shapes to add more fun. There are geometric shapes, photo wall, and other fancy frames to use. You can mix video clips and photos into one screen, thus demonstrating more things in one Instagram story or in-feed slide.

Mixgram infterface

There are tons of beautifully designed background canvases to use, from the retro mood to the modern illustrations. You can create side by side video collages for Instagram, or import dozens of videos and pictures to create a wall of media collections.

It has all the basic design elements ready-to-use. You can add stickers, filters, and text to spice up the collages. When you are happy with the edits, you can share the work to Instagram stories, Snapchat and other popular social media. If you prefer to post the collage video to your Instagram feed, save it to the camera roll first.


  • Classic and creative layout templates for videos and pictures.
  • Swag videos between the grids by a simple drag and drop.
  • You can use Mixgram to create custom stickers.


  • Only support square canvas.
  • Occasional crash when you add too many video clips into the collage.

Available for: iOS

8. Pic Stitch

If you love the classic grid layouts, Pic Stitch app has a large library of square templates for you to choose from. You can mix videos and pictures into the split-screen. It is ideal if you want everything to be the good old square post. After adding the video, the in-app video editor will pop up, allowing you to make adjustments, such as trimming, adding filters and text, or introduce a music track.

Picstitch can make video collages

You can touch and pinch the video clip for precise placement in the frame, and drag an image to swap it to another frame. The drawback is, any effect you added via the editor applies to each clip, instead of the overall design. With that odd design, you cannot add text that goes beyond the split-screen.


  • Easy to use, support adding videos to the collage.
  • Plenty of free layouts to use.


  • There are long Ads in the free version upon exporting the video.

Available for: iOS and Android

9. PicsArt

PicsArt is a decent choice if you want to catch the attention of your Instagram followers. This all-in-one video editor is packed with all kinds of features to create awesome IG posts. You can make collages with grids, frames, or using templates that come with stickers and stylish texts.

Create Instagram layout video with PicsArt

Under the collages section, you can add photos to make collages. If you want to create an Instagram collage with videos and pictures, here is the trick:

  • Add any video and tap Square Fit from the bottom part.
  • Pinch to resize the video clip, and you shall see the white canvas.
  • Swipe on the bottom tool and tap Add Picture.
  • Now you can drag the newly added photos on the canvas.

Why all the hassles? Comparing to other dedicated collage apps, PicsArt is an all-in-one photo and video editor. It offers more features in terms of video editing. For instance, you can use the cutout tool to remove the background from the image, instead of keeping the rectangular shape. There are color blend tools to create special effects by layering elements together. If you are the hacker type, you will love the endless possibilities and surprises, and if you want to keep everything quick, dedicated video collage apps are more ideal.

Available for: iOS and Android

10. Acapella

Acapella offers you an easy way to make music video collages. You can share your band's playing to Instagram feed on one screen. If you are doing one person-choir, you can create it in Acapella without any video editing knowledge. The app has a built-in recorder and music mixer. You can record yourself singing the entire part in the first frame, and then record again to sing along in the second frame.

Create music video collage with Acapella

Besides creating video collages from real-time recording, you can also add footage from the camera roll. For instance, if you are in a band, each of you can record yourself while playing a song. After that, you can add all the video clips into Acapella.


  • Create a music video collage up to 10 minutes.
  • Directly share the video to Instagram.


  • The aspect ratio is limited to 1:1 square, which doesn't fit the screen if you want to share the collage to Instagram story (9:16 recommended).

Available for: iOS


What app can I use to put two videos side by side for Instagram?

You can use dedicated video collages apps for Instagram, such as Canva, PicCollage and Mojo. Use the two-grid template, and adding two videos into each frame. Then the video clips will be displayed side by side as one video. If you don't want the frame to crop the edges of the video, then use the freestyle templates. Select a canvas with a width value larger than the two videos.

How do you make a collage with pictures and videos?

Choose one out of the ten apps introduced in the article. These video collage apps have predesigned templates, and you simply import pictures and videos into each frame. When you are happy with the edits, go export the project. The collage is in fact a video, with pictures and videos displayed together.

Photo and Video Credits:

Some art works we used to test the Instagram video collage apps are created by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels, including videos and pictures that are used below the headline and in the screenshots of Mojo, SwipeMix, PicPlayPost, Mixgram Collage Maker, Pic Stitch, and PicsArt apps. Maksim creates stunning content for different moods and occasions, you will surely find treasures in his photography repertoire.

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