VideoProc Vlogger

The Best Video Collage Maker for All Users

  • 999+ tracks to add unlimited videos/photos/music/effects to the collage
  • 10+ preset aspect ratio of canvas for collages on social media
  • Free form overlay for videos, photos, and texts
  • Frame by frame editing and previewing for a precise result
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Top 8 Best Apps for Video Collages in 2023 | iOS & Android

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Video collage, with its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and pieced-together process, has continued its spread as creatives in mounting numbers begin to explore the practice of this zippy visual storytelling. The beauty of this artistic medium, and potentially why it has seen growing popularity among users, is it creates the room for the truly gifted prodigies to showcase their talents and share their moments. As the new generation of social sharers digs into this new obsession, a seething demand on the apps for video collages is born.

In this post, we are going to unveil to you 8 of the best video collage app in 2023, whatever your level of expertise. Feel free to follow through!

VideoProc Vlogger - The Best Video Collage Maker for All Users

  • 999+ tracks to add unlimited videos/photos/music/effects to the collage.
  • 10+ preset aspect ratio of canvas for collages on social media.
  • Free form overlay for videos, photos, and texts.
  • For fun or creativity, frame by frame editing, split screen, green screen, PiP...


PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker

Programmed as an app to, PhotoGrid never ceases to refresh users' experience with multifarious protruding collage features built in. it might not be the top featured-packed app out of a plethora of video collage makers, but it could utterly dust its corrivals in terms of the functionalities. Loaded with 20000+ grid templates and a dead–simple interface, it helps streamline your workflow, and bring out the fun side from your smartphone gallery.

PhotoGrid Video Collage maker

All you need is to pop into a collage editor out of five supplied in the program and shoot over to your gallery, tap the videos or images you wish to stitch into your masterpiece (remix up to 16 photos or 9 videos at a time), and apply all the effects and add to your creation. Then leave the rest for PhotoGrid to take care of. BUT the disappointment lies in the absence of a couple of nifty customization tools in the app for video collages. Yet the versatility it brings along already appeals to a broad base of users.

Available for both Android and iOS users, PhotoGrid integrates a combination of free and premium plans into its service. On top of the basic features that users can get at no cost, they could access a wider selection of collage functions for a subscription fee ($29.99/year or $4.99/month).

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Just about everything you could imagine for vlogging and social sharing of your Instagram collage could be done in Premiere Rush app, including video collage. Serving as a mobile and desktop video editing app, Adobe, as the product name suggests, lends itself to the goal for a quick run-through from shooting to editing to fast sharing. The simple interface and workflow make itself a sought-after video collage app among many.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, Rush offers you the tools you need in a simple, clear package. To create a video collage, simply choose the videos (up to 4 pieces) you want to merge, load them onto the video tracks in the software, and apply to creative edits with built-in filters and refinement tools. Rush comes with both the free version and three paid-for plans to choose from.



For a video editor on the go, KineMaster is the weapon of choice for video collages. Combining the power of video editing, audio mixing, and creation, the app has managed to pack quite a punch into a free mobile tool. Featured with a multilayer interface and a basket of highlight edits, including drag and drop, effects, transition, HD support, and more, it allows users to make impressive collage and furnish it with alluring music. What's remarkable is its inclusiveness and versatility designed for both beginners and old-stagers. Available for iOS and Android devices, KineMaster's standard edition is free to use.



Boasting the ability to showcase your story across tons of templates, Diptic runs as another extensive photo and video collage maker that is well-received amid the crowds. You can take hold of your collage work through meticulous adjustments made in cell borders, frames, aspect ratio, and fonts.

It allows you to insert both photos and videos in the same frame, and piece together video, pictures, and even live photos captured. With such a robust app to assist your creation, you can build an engaging video collage and burnish it with music and editing. However, the app is set exclusively for iOS devices and costs $0.99 to download from the App store, but is worth footing the bill.

Pic Stitch


Engineered as a pic and video collage app, Pic Stitch seems to be a perennial favorite on the App store. Centered in building collage, it supplies you with the widest number of framing options, giving you an array of choices to select from. Aside from the essential utilities like borders, layers, and templates, you can also trim, cut, and touch up your photos and videos before loading them to the template, where you could insert filters, text, stickers, and watermarks. Additionally, it grants users the ability to control the border thickness, size, and color.

Accessible in both Android and iOS devices, Pic Stitch, apart from the standard free edition, comes with a Pro version at $29.99/year, or a one-time payment of $129, which could relieve you from annoying advertising, and relish your work with custom borders, extra frames, and options



PicPlayPost has erected a great platform where users could think outside the box. Carrying the capability to include multiple videos and pictures in the collage, and allowing users to adjust frames, aspect ratio, and colors at the same time, this video collage app has gradually edged its way up to the top spot in the App store. Incorporating numerous templates and 36 different frame layouts, the app can join up to 6 clips and more pictures in a go. The intuitive interface is easy on the eyes, and the help document in Settings is a great place to find tutorials if you set about a bit confused. The app is free to download on both Android and iOS devices, yet fails to support iCloud syncing of projects.



Dubbed as the best free video collage app, VideoCollage lives up to the title. Armed with a variety of templates, design, and editing tools, the app enables you to work with photos and videos (10 pieces tops) in the same frame, not imposing any time limit as you create your collage. Note that you have to specify the specific number of the clips that you will be piecing together and the app would sort the template accordingly. Packed with essential tools, adorable emojis, and stickers, VideoCollage could further enhance your creation and improve your collage. Audio input is allowed in the app.

VideoCollage is free to download on both Android and iOS, but watermarks come as a part of the free package.

VideoCollage by Bits & Coffee

VideoCollageby Bits&Coffee

VideoCollage by Bits & Coffee has brought collage to the next level. Featured with multiple layouts and templates, a bulk of editing tools, and handpicked designs, the app enables users to mix photos and videos, and polish with desired music. A wide range of options to spice up the collage run seamlessly throughout the process. An easy and intuitive interface helps alleviate the workflow, and creates more fun for the project.

The features designed in the free edition are sufficient for the average users, and those who are after all-packed solutions could upgrade to the PRO version for wider options. The app is free-download on the Apple App store, and stays compatible with iOS only.


1. How to make a video collage on iphone?

With the help of sundry video collage maker apps, you can easily make a highlight reel on your iPhone that collages together all your favourite video clips and illustrate your idea and narriative. We take PhotoGrid as an example: Open the app > Upload your iPhone videos that you want to include in your collage > Browse and apply features, layout, text, background > Download and save.

2. What is the best video collage maker with music for PC?

VideoProc Vlogger is the next-generation desktop video collage maker that presets with myriads of creative features, with which you can stitch together footage from sporting events, family reunions, weddings, concerts, etc., and polish your collage with music, animated titles, subtitles, chic filters & 3D LUTs and more. The tool is easy to use and customize for both beginners and pros.

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