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Best FLV Video Editor for Windows 10/mac OS Catalina 2020

If you want to upload a video to social networks like YouTube, or you are watching the latest news on some popular browsers such as Google video or Yahoo, you will soon realize how prevalent FLV format is used on the internet. Also, if you are a Mac user, you will unavoidably have your FLV video play in the QuickTime player. Not to speak of that most of the videos you downloaded from YouTube are also FLV formats. However, your videos won't always be FLV, this is why you'll need a good video editor to transcode the video files into FLV to suffice your need.

What is FLV? Click one of the links below to jump straight to your most interested part.

FLV is a video file type used most-frequently in video players such as Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air to save and transmit video and audio files.

Part 1: Why you need a professional FLV editor?

You cannot escape the cliché yet efficient format:

Owing to its outstanding functionality and small size, FLV has for so long been the most popular and widely-used standard video format favored by nearly all mainstream websites such as YouTube and Hulu etc., and it is also taken as the main format for Quicktime on Mac computer. So, if you are an activist on all sorts of social media platforms or you are a faithful user of Apple products, you won't live without FLV in your work and for your entertainment.

To successfully play FLV videos on your computer, you need to have Adobe Flash Player or some third-party Adobe Flash plugins installed on your PC. Yet, some new operating system like iOS has never supported Flash or any of such flash player plugin, and some other mobile system like Android has already ended its service for Flash after version 4., which will always result in that you will be unable to play FLV files on your mobile devices such as iPhone and Samsung. Although theoretically the flash videos could be played on your iOS or Android mobile devices as long as you make use of additional flash media server (for example, the Skyfire), transcoding video files to FLV still risks quality loss. To convert video to FLV without quality loss, keep reading this article.

Part 2: VideoProc—the Best FLV Video Editor

VideoProc can easily solve all your problems when playing FLV video. If you already have Flash Player on your PC (both Mac and Windows) while your video is not an FLV, then:
This software will quickly convert the non-FLV video files into FLVs without impaired quality.

If your device doesn't support Flash and you want to transcode your FLV files into other formats, then:
By this tool, you can convert your FLV into a great variety of other formats within a few clicks, and the new video will be automatically delivered to your mobile devices.

Of course, you can also polish your new video with this multifunctional video editor. You can cut, trim, crop, merge it and add effects to it etc. as you wish. Below is a how-to-guide to teach you polishing FLV video step by step.

To Convert FLV or to FLV:

Step 1. Download and install the newest VideoProc. Launch it and click the '+Video' button to import one or more video files into the program.

Add FLV file into FLV video Editor

Step 2. Click the 'Video' tab on the bottom of the interface and select FLV or other formats as output format.

FLV video Editor

Step 3. Click the 'Browse' button to set the destination folder and then click the 'RUN' button to start transcoding.

Export Video from FLV Video Editor

To Cut a FLV Video:

Step 1. Click '+Video' to add your FLV video to the program and click 'Cut' on the edit toolbar.

How to Cut in VideoProc FLV Video Editor

Step 2. Drag the green knobs on two ends of the video to set the starting and ending position. Then, click the orange 'Cut' button and click 'Done'.

How to Cut in VideoProc FLV Video Editor

To Crop a FLV Video:

Step 1. Click the 'Crop' button until the new window pop up. Select the 'Enable Crop' option to see the dot line on each side of the video.

Step 2. Drag the dotted line to crop the video and then click the 'preset' icon. Under a list of options, you can set up features such as the specific position and desired video size etc.

Step 3. Click the 'Done' button to save the change.

To Merge FLV Videos:

Step 1. Click '+Video' to import one or more videos to the program. Select the desired output format.

Step 2. Tab the 'Merge' button on the main interface. Click the 'RUN' button to merge all video clips into one.

How to Merge in VideoProc FLV Video Editor

To see more instruction on how to use this software, please click:

How to Merge in FLV Video Editor
Final Words:

VideoProc is designed as a multifunctional toolkit for all facets of video editing and converting. To be more specific, you can use this software to convert your video or audio files of various formats into different formats; you can decorate your videos by trimming, cutting, cropping, de-fishing, and merging it etc.; and you can use it to record games or download movies and music at an accelerated speed. If VideoProc cannot match your expectation for more professional editing needs, you can still use it for the conversion before you use Premiere or any other editing software for editing.


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