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7 Best YouTube Video Editor Tools for the Beginners in 2020

It's 2020 and today people around the world prone to watch YouTube videos more than reading content online. Because it is easy to learn anything while watching it instead of reading the procedure. This trend therefore is being popularized by every human being who is creating and sharing videos around the world. If you are looking for a YouTube video editor, then you have come to the right place.

At the beginning, we should figure out what factors matter greatly in YouTube video creating, so that we can pick our best video editing software for YouTube with a clear standard.

How to Edit Videos for YouTube (Basic Requirements)

People who create videos for YouTube employ different video editors from beginner to advanced level. The only purpose of using the editing software is to make the video more intuitive, engaging, productive, and professional. A properly edited YouTube video will have a positive effect on the viewers which increases the overall views. Below we are giving some solid video editing requirements for YouTube.

1. Adding Intros and Outros: This feature will add a title screen to the video. The intro screen may have the title info, or it may have your company's logo or animated artwork for a more professional look. Outros are added at the end of the videos.

2. Trim or Crop: These are essential functions, as a video needs to be trimmed down before uploading. Crop is also used for reducing the original video frame to a smaller size.

3. Hiding Info: To prevent privacy leaks one should hide the sensitive info in a video before uploading to YouTube. Basic software fails to provide this feature but advanced ones have it.

4. Background Music: You will need to add custom background music to your YouTube video before uploading. A video editor can help you in this.

5. Annotations: Adding annotations in your tutorial videos are highly useful as they will be helpful to viewers in knowing about what you are actually doing in your video.

6. Watermarks: Today adding watermarks is a must just to prevent any kind of copyright issues.

7. Graphics Editing: This feature requires graphics editing knowledge like 3D or 2D modelling. Software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects are very good at it, but beginners will have to invest some time in learning.

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube: The Top 6 [Ease of Use]

It doesn't matter on which genre of video you are creating, at some point you'll have to rely on video editing software. Good video editing software can be used for a number of reasons like taking away sensitive info in a video, showing annotations, highlighting something, etc. So, let's see our picks for top 6 best video editing software for YouTube.

#NO 1: iMovie

iMovie, developed by Apple Company, is free and non-linear video editing software that runs on mac OS, iOS and iPad OS. And this review will focus on the mac version of iMovie. Though it is freeware that requires no license, it embraces a host of editing features from beginner to expert, including rewinding, creating split-screen, green/blue screen, picture in picture, making correction, etc. If you are new to YouTube, you don't have to spend money to buy or subscribe pricey professional video software. Try it with iMovie first, it may be beyond your expectations.

  • +Timeline-based video editing software.
  • +Get upgraded from time to time. Now iMovie is capable of handling 4K footages.
  • +You can use iMovie templates (Movie & Trailer styles) in your content.
  • +Output videos won't be watermarked.
  • +Directly upload to YouTube in iMovie.
  • -Support a little file formats. GIF, MVK won't be recognized in iMovie.
  • -Only two video tracks in the timeline.
  • -It happens to small glitches frequently, like pixel damage, export issue, etc.

iMovie Logo
iMovie Logo

#NO 2: Windows 10 Photos App

Windows 10 built-in Photo App is more than an application to view or browser photos. Through generations of upgrades and evolvements, Photos app now has the abilities to browser, organize, edit and more. This app allows you to make simple editing like cutting, trimming, retiming, add annotations/filter/text, and advanced editing, such as applying 3D effects and background music. Though it is a simple video editor, it's good enough to help the new YouTubers to complete creations.

  • +For Windows users, you don't have to download extra editing tools. Because Photos app is built-in software.
  • +It has no watermark attached on the output videos.
  • -You need to get your Windows OS version upgraded frequently, or you will miss a lot of novel tools.
  • -Does not support the hardware acceleration.
  • -A little file format can be used to save projects.

Windows 10 Photos App
Windows 10 Photos App

#NO 3: DaVinci Resolve 16

Considering that iMovie is only available to apple devices, if you don't have a(n) iMac, MacBook or iPad and are using Windows/Linux OS, you can take a consideration into the free version of DaVinci Resolve 16. It is redesigned and introduced video editing features like assembling clips, creating video effects, designing audio, etc. in the wake of the acquisition from Blackmagic Design. The free version of Resolve 16 has almost all creative tools you need in your YouTube projects.

  • +Exported videos has no watermark.
  • +Post your project directly in Resolve 16 straightly.
  • +The only one free non-linear video editor which can make a montage, altering color, creating visual effects, mixing audio and more.
  • +Tons of color grading tools help you refine your YouTube projects.
  • +It offers official training lessons for all users at no cost, which is friendly to the beginners.
  • -It consumes a lot of resource on CPU when rendering footages. However, the free version of Resolve 16 doesn't support hardware encoding.
  • -The free version fails to recognize and export the H.265 files.

DaVinci Resolve 16
DaVinci Resolve 16

#NO 4: Openshot

OpenShot is a free and open-source video editing application available to Windows, Mac, and Linux. OpenShot comes with an easy to use interface and provides all the basic video editing functions. Because it is open-source, it has bright chances of getting premium features anytime in the future. Some notable features of OpenShot are as follows.

  • +Easily add videos, images, and audios in a drag and drop fashion.
  • +It also provides keyframe animations and 3D text titles and effects.
  • +It can also process Blu-ray videos.
  • +Adds slow motion and time effects.
  • -No support team to fix your problems since it's open-source.
  • -Takes much CPU usage without GPU acceleration, so that slows down video process.

Openshot interface
Openshot interface

#NO 5: Adobe Spark

Released by Adobe System in 2016, Adobe Spark is a creative tool that can help you assemble clips, defining the styles by changing project themes, adding titles and background music and more. It's a browser-based and cross-platform application that works on Windows, mac OS, iOS, Android. More so, it has a strong link to a variety of the social networks, which help you create content with a host of templates provided.

  • +Simple but decent user interface.
  • +All projects will be automatically saved on the clouds. Therefore, you won't lose any content caused by machine abnormal termination.
  • +Dozens of images, icons and background music are freely available to your content.
  • +Record narrations the projects.
  • +Post the projects to Twitter, Facebook, etc. directly in the app.
  • -Browser-based Spark recognize a little media file formats. The best choice is MP4@H.264@AAC/MP3.
  • -Videos will has watermark if you are using the trial version of Spark.
  • -Lack of basic video editing tools for making color adjustments, adding video effects, mixing audio.

Adobe Spark online
Adobe Spark

#NO 6: Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor is paid, intermediate level video editing program. It is quite useful for beginners and intermediate users. It is a timeline based video editor which makes it easier to use. Windows Live Movie Maker fans will definitely like this as this software has the similar UI design. People who can't afford expensive video editing software can find it highly useful. This is a paid editor, and below you can find its important features.

  • +Covering most basic video editing tools like crop, trim, rotate, adding background music etc.
  • +A good collection of transition effects and filters.
  • +3 tracks to edit audio, video and titles
  • +Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • -Hard to do concise editing.
  • -Custom Objects cannot be imported.
  • -Video stabilization is only for minor shakes and movement.
Movavi interface
Movavi interface

#NO 7: VideoProc

VideoProc is an all-in-one powerful audio and video processor with an entry-level to several advanced video editing capabilities. It is highly recommended to beginners and doesn't need serious learning at all. It provides all the basic functions that you'll need while editing a video for YouTube.


  • • Exceptionally good at basic video editing functions like crop, cut, rotate, flip, adding watermarks and subtitle.
  • • Provides various effects like grayscale, blur, sharpen, vintage, vignette etc.
  • The full hardware acceleration can offload the usage on CPU, which can reduce rendering speed dramatically.
  • • Can easily fix audio and video without sync problems.
  • • Preview video during editing process so you can see what you are actually doing.
  • • You can apply multiple cuts simultaneously to remove different parts of a video at once and join videos of differed formats.


  • • VideoProc has a 5-minute limit on output video if one doesn't have activation key. However, all of the output videos won't be watermarked.

Edit video with VideoProc
Edit Video - VideoProc
Free Download VideoProc to Edit videos for YouTube!


Let's briefly recap the way I choose YouTube Video Editor for you guys. If you want all-in-one but simple video editing software, select between VideoProc and Photos App; let's say you want a free non-linear video editor, you can think of iMovie, DaVinci Resolve 16 and Openshot. If you want paid software for beginners, Adobe Spark or Movavi could be a good option.


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