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4 Ways to Get AI Manga Filter on TikTok - Ghost Hunting Trend

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

The AI Manga filter is trending on TikTok now. Using this filter, it will turn reality to AI manga, an anime effect that resembles Japanese anime styles. TikTok users are crazy about this filters now, with surprises and funny AI errors.

However, not everyone is getting the AI Manga filter under the effects tool. If Tiktok anime AI filter is not showing up in your app, or it throws an error of TikTok couldn't load sticker, don't worry, here are 4 ways you can try out to join the #aianime and #aimanga trend.

AI anime manga for TikTok

What Is the AI Manga Filter on TikTok?

The trendy AI Managa filter on TikTok will transform your photos and videos into a manga vibe. The AI deep learning engine will analyze the video you provided, and generate anime avatar accordingly. Based on our test, it requires a clear human face presented. If you upload your cat or dog, it may not work. But if you are there with your pet, you will be surprised with the lovely anime moments.

Recent Trend: Use TikTok AI Manga Filter for Ghost Hunting

When playing around with the anime filter in TikTok, some users find the filter generates figures in the room, when there isn't a single soul in the camera.

TikTok Ghost Trend

It was a coincidence when people are trying to cartoonify their room, instead of taking selfies only. While some succeed to generate a manga style of their room, others find the resultant picture features unkown figures.

The practice soon goes viral, and everyone is trying to hunt the "Ghost" in the house with TikTok ai mange filter.

The mistake made by the AI anime algorithm has thus brought a funny byproduct for TikTokers. For instance, the lamp in the screenshots above was interpreted by the AI algorithm as a girl with yellow glowing hair. Interested in this ghost check trend? Point your camera towards the zoom, and let's go ghost hunting with TikTok AI manga now.

1. How to Use the AI Manga Filter on TikTok

The easiest way to apply the AI Manage filter on TikTok is through the Effects tool. Just as how you use the green screen filters on TikTok, or previously when you are trying to get the trendy cartoonify TikTok effect. The Effects tool in TikTok offers 1-click way to apply popular filters and effects on your video. This time, we will be creating the AI anime effect with a Japanese vibe.

Follow the steps below to apply the AI Manage filter on TikTok:

Step 1. Launch your TikTok app and tap the Plus icon.

Use TikTok Effects

Step 2. On the bottom left corner, tap the Effects tool.

Step 3. In the Effects panel, find the AI Manga filter.

You may see it under the Trending tab. If this AI anime effect is not there, you can also use the search feature by tapping the magnifier icon.

Once you typed AI Manga, there will be several search results showing up, make sure you are using the correct AI Manga filter. Its logo has an AI text and a side-by-side comparison. See screenshot below.

If you don't see that logo, it is probably because this anime filter is not available in your region. But don't worry, you can use another method introduced below to get the TikTok AI Manga filter.

Search AI Manga in TikTok Effects

Step 4. Create a TikTok post with AI manga filter applied.

You can either start recording a video of yourself, or upload videos or photos from the camera roll.

2. TikTok AI Anime Filter Not Showing? Another Way to Use this Anime Effect on TikTok

If you cannot find the AI Manga filter on TikTok effects panel, you can also try the workaround: find TikTok users who are posting videos with the AI Manga, and use the same effect to record the video.

Before you get started, make sure to update TikTok to the latest version. If you still cannot find the AI anime filter, its probably because the effect is currently not available in your region.

Follow the steps below to use the AI Manga Filter on TikTok:

Step 1. Go to the "For You" page on TikTok.

Step 2. Start a search by typing in AI Manga Filter.

Step 3. For the search result, scroll and tap on any video that's using the Manga transformation Anime effect.

Step 4. On the bottom left corner, you shall see an icon of AI Manga effects. Tap on it.

Get AI Manga Filter for TikTok Anime Effects

Step 5. Tap the red recording button "Use this effect".

Use This Effect

Step 6. Start recording your own video to apply the AI manga effect that will transform the real world into anime style with AI.

Tip: Besides record the video, you can also apply the AI manga effect on existing videos and photos from your photos library.

3. How to Get the AI Manga Filter for TikTok via CapCut Editor

If the TikTok AI Manga filter is not working for you, and you cannot use another TikToker's filter, don't freak out. The official editor of TikTok, CapCut, also has nice Anime filters to use.

Step 1. Install and launch TikTok's official editor – CapCut.

It is available on both iOS and Android.

Step 2. Tap the + New project icon, and select video clips that you want to turn into anime-esque style with AI Manga.

Step 3. Hit Add, and the video clips will be added to the timeline.

Step 4. Tap on the video clip, and wipe the tools at the bottom, until you see Style.

Use the Style Tool

Note: Make sure you have tapped on a video clip, so that it is selected. Otherwise, you won't see the Style tool.

Step 5. Tap on Style, and find the Mange effect to use.

AI Manga Effects in CapCut

Pro Tip: Slightly different from TikTok AI Manga filter, this Mange effect in CapCut doesn't include the transition part. Still, you can manually add transitions between two clips, with the first clip being the original video clip, and the second clip being transformed using the Manga effect.

4. How to Get the AI Anime Filter with Different Dimension Me

Different Dimension Me from QQ is an online AI Anime generator. If the AI Manga filter is not working for your TikTok app, you can try out this generator, turning your photo into anime style and uploading to TikTok.

Just as its name suggests, the AI manga generator create you from another dimension – the anime dimension.

Before we jump into the steps, let's check out some of the AI manga generated by "Different Dimension Me".

Generating AI Anime for Wednesday Addams's Enchanting Dancing Scene

Here is the viral dance scene of Wednesday Addams, do you like its AI anime version?

AI Anime of Wednesday Dance Scene 1

She looks gorgeous in the AI-generated anime, with an air of assertiveness and mystery.

AI Anime of Wednesday Dance Scene 2

So, how to get the AI manga effect generated by Different Dimension Me?

Step 1. Visit the Different Dimension Me official website.

You can visit it from your iPhone Safari, Android, or via Web browsers on a computer.

If the page doesn't work, try to refresh it.

Step 2. Tap the button "立刻变身" (it means Transforms Now).

How to use AI Anime generator – Different Dimension Me

Troubleshoot: Different Dimension Me Not Working

If you see an alert "Service is being upgraded, please come back later", hit OK, then refresh the browser and try again. We met this error once, refreshed the page for 3 times, and it worked then. Sometimes, the error crops up because it is currently not applicable to all the regions.

Update – Dec.15, 2022 – Since the publication of this blog, we have find more users complaining the app not working. It certainly deserves a separate troubleshooting tutorial in details. Here is a write-up of 4 news ways to fix Different Dimension Me not working.

Update – Dec.9, 2022 – If you are seeing the "Service is being upgraded, please come back later" message via a desktop browser, and refreshing doesn't make it right, you can try visiting the website from your mobile phone. Use Safari on iPhone, or other browser apps on Android phones.

Previously, when you tap the button to start creating, it works directly inside the browser app of your mobile phone. Now, it will take you to the QQ app to start using this Anime generator (see screenshot below). QQ is an instant message app developed by Tencent, and it works like Facebook Messenger or Telegram Messenger.

Different Dimension Me Open in QQ

If you love the AI anime filter style of Different Dimension Me, it may worth the effort.

Alternatively, if you don't want too much fuss, you can also try out other AI Art Generators that is trending now.

Step 3. Tap the button "选图" (it means to select a photo).

Step 4. Select a photo from your local storage and hit Choose to confirm uploading the picture.

You can also opt to take a photo, which will require you to grant the browser's access to the camera.

Step 5. Wait for the AI manga generator to create your anime.

Step 6. Save the AI generated anime.

Tap the button "保存图片" (save image), and it will show you a side by side image, long tap on it, and hit Save to Photos.

Save AI Animation created by Different Dimension Me

Tip: If you don't like the result, you can tap the button at the bottom right to create another manga again.Tip: If you don't like the result, you can tap the button at the bottom right to create another manga as many times as you want.

Update: From Dec. 9, 2022, you can create AI anime twice. Then you need to refer to a friend to get additional chances to use this AI anime generator. Every time you share it to a friend in your QQ contact list, you will be granted 2 more credits to create AI image.

Step 6. Upload the manga to TikTok. Using hashtags #aimanga #aianime #mangafilter #aimangafilter and see if it's going to be your next viral video.

AI Manga by Different Dimension Me

We used the Different Dimension Me AI generator twice for this picture. It turned out that each time it will create different manga. The second test has a hilarious error, where the AI wrongly treated the shadow dropped from the microphone as some kind of mask around the singer. Most importantly, both tests fail to generate the guitar for the artist.

Sometimes, it's fun to have such errors, because you never know how the AI will surprise you during this Reality to AI Manga process.

AI Managa by Different Dimension Me - Example

Another example of a man petting his dog turned quite well…if you overlook the beard and the tattoo.

Spectacular AI Anime Failures We Laugh At

AI anime filter tools don't have a sense of humor, still, it can go so wrong and greet you with the most hilarious result in the world. Check out funny failures below.

AI Anime goes wrong

Personally, I absolutely have no problem for AI to turn my cat into a man with chiseled face and melancholy eyes.

AI Anime goes wrong again

Or, when I am not being too hard on AI anime filter tools, even swapping life with the doggie is acceptable.

AI Anime goes wrong with funny output

As long as the AI doesn't challenge me with what's going on above, we are all good then.

Have fun creating your own anime avatar using the TikTok AI manga filter. If you still cannot find a way to get the AI manga filter, feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the editor-in-chief of Digiarty VideoProc. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in delivering insightful content on AI trends, video/audio editing, conversion, troubleshooting, and software reviews. Her expertise makes her a trusted ally in enhancing users' digital experiences.

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