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Top 3 Best Windows Movie Maker for Mac – 2020 Update

Many Windows users are impressed and very thankful to Microsoft for providing and designing Windows Movie Maker. This extremely versatile, relatively fast and user-friendly movie maker brings us many conveniences for creating photo movies, stunning slideshows, and memorable clips. Thus make many Mac users wonder, is there a Windows Movie Maker for Mac?

Movie Maker for Mac
Movie Maker for Mac

Sadly, the answer is No. Windows Movie Maker isn't compatible with Mac. If you have to use it, you need to deploy virtual Windows systems on your Mac which is hard to approach and may bring many errors. The good news is there are still many powerful and easy-to-use movie makers you can get on Mac to edit videos. Here we rundown the top 3 best paid and free video editing software for Mac.

In This guide, We Will Review These Top 3 Best Movie Maker for Mac:

  1. 1. iMovie
  2. 2. Shotcut
  3. 3. VideoProc


iMovie, a member of the closed and shut labyrinths iOS ecosystems, is crammed with practical and user-friendly features to out-gun Windows Movie Maker's offering. It looks extremely nitty, and the interface layout is very logical. It comes with a separate video and audio track so that you can better organize the source material. The stunning preset themes and transitions can bring a professional touch to the outcome. In terms of adding subtitles, iMovie brings you more modern and customized options. As for stabilization, voice overlay and many killer features of Windows Movie Maker, iMovie doesn't miss any of them. Small wonder, many people take Windows Movie Maker as a parody of iMovie.


Some key features of iMovie

  • 1. Multi-track timelines: you can add 2 video tracks and multiple audio tracks on the timeline.
  • 2. Rich preset effects: there are plenty of transitions you can apply to the recordings. If you are a traveling enthusiast, many chances you would love the map background.
  • 3. Powerful editing toolkits: picture-in-picture, green screen, color balance, color correction, color board, crop, split, rotate, pan and zoom, frame stabilization, filters, reverse playback, slow motion.
  • 4. Robust audio processing capability: iMovie allows you to add, record, and edit audio. You can reduce the background noise by moving the slider. The powerful Equalizer offers you many options to adjust the audio, for example, flat, voice enhances, loudness, hum reduction, etc.
  • 5. Share online: you can save the generated video to local disk, share them on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, or transfer via Email and iTunes. The output file can be high-resolution 4K videos.
  • Downsides (compare to Windows Movie Maker)

  • 1. It is intuitively designed, but many editing options are hidden and can be hard to find.
  • 2. A bit memory hungry and frequently encounter freeze up.
  • 3. It has difficulty coping with multi-media videos like 4K, MP4, MKV.
  • Shotcut

    This open-source and cross-platform software has been very useful both professionally and as a hobby. It is not that easy to adapt to like Windows Movie Maker, but overall it has very straightforward UI and many useful tools. There aren't preset themes that you can apply to clips, but plenty of transitions and filters are offered which allow you to apply your creative editing decisions. It is not very stable and sometimes goes corrupt, but that's not a big deal as it can recover the edits even after crashes.


    Some key features of Shotcut

  • 1. Widely compatible: Doesn't require additional codecs that cost extra to process GIF,
  • 2. H.264(Baseline, High Profile, Main Profile), HEVC, MJPEG, MPEG-2/4, VP8/VP9, DNXHD, etc.
  • 3. Powerful filters: you can crop, watermark, speed up, sharpen, flip, rotate, stabilize videos with filters, as well as add normal/3D text, apply color-balance effects, transitions, etc. As for audio, you can add balance, bandpass, compressor, delay, and many more filters to polish it.
  • 4. Multi-track: you can add or remove one or more video and audio tracks.
  • 5. Auto-save: not afraid of losing important data when software crashing or lagging
  • Downsides (Compare to Windows Movie Maker)

  • 1. It can be sticky to be able to navigate around Openshot.
  • 2. There are times the video skips some frames while editing.
  • 3. With no preset transitions available to use, one has to add your pictures for creating transitions effect.
  • 4. The output settings are filled up with difficult. You can't directly share the videos online and there are no premade export profiles for different kinds of devices.
  • VideoProc


    VideoProc, offered by Digiarty, is a novice-friendly video editor and converter that can run both on Mac and Windows. It enables you to add subtitle files from Through the edit function, you can create and do basic edits of videos with a variety of effects. Not much the same with Movie Maker which comes with timeline, VideoProc is a tad simpler to use. You can trim, cut, split, deshake, denoise, watermark your videos, and apply other editing decisions in 3 clicks. Editors like Movie Maker, iMovie and even FFmpeg-based Shotcut have relatively limited input and output codec options, but this won't be a problem for VideoProc. It is compatible with almost all popular and rare high/low compressed codecs.

    Some key features of VideoProc

  • 1. 420+ Input options: it can correctly read high-resolution and high-bitrate films, like 4K 60fps clips. If you need more control over the output file, the advanced setting allows you to adjust the output frame rate, bitrate and more.
  • 2. Ease of use: the interface is extremely intuitive, allowing you to make any edits in just a few clicks.
  • 3. Download/extract/add/edit subtitle: it comes with a built-in subtitle downloader which allows you to download subtitles from 1000+ online sites. You can burn in SRT or ASS subtitles from computers to videos. To add subtitle in the softcode mode, you will be able to change the position, language, color, size and font of the subtitles.
  • 4. Screen and webcam capture: it allows you to record desktop screen activities, webcam captured content or both at the same time.
  • 5. Quality-lossless editing: you can trim, cut, split, merge, deshake, denoise, rotate, flip 4K or even 8K videos without annoying loss in quality.
  • 6. GPU-acceleration: level-3 hardware acceleration which enables you to edit hour-long 4K videos in just minutes without being a resource hog.
  • Downsides (Compare to Windows Movie Maker)

  • 1. As typical linear video editing software, VideoProc doesn't allow you to add music or add animations/transitions.
  • Final Words and Recommendations:

    It's very hard to tell which tool you should reach on Mac as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker. There isn't a one-fits-all video editor that can meet all your requirements. Different users may have a totally different or even conflict review towards one editor. For example, some beginners complain easy editor Windows Movie is hard to use, and advanced users often consider Shotcut is too much limited comparing to commercial editing software like Final Cut Pro. Not alone, Windows Movie Maker itself is not perfect and has many drawbacks.

    To pick the best Windows Movie Maker on Mac, get to know your exact demands is essential. If you get used to Windows Movie Maker and just make the switch from windows to mac, iMovie can be your best bet. It is the most similar freeware to Windows Movie Maker, though more advanced and complicated. If the videos you import come from various kinds of devices and editing programs or need to make some quick-on-the-go editing, don't hesitate to give VideoProc a try. It boasts the best compatibility. It can also be used as a converter to make your videos be properly recognized by Shotcut, iMovie, and other editing software. Shotcut and many open-source editors better go with users who know basic editing skills and need many professional effects.

    Free Download VideoProc - the Best Movie Maker on Mac


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