Every Canon Footage
Has A Nice Story. Find Yours!

Easy Video Editing Does the Magic.

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Why You Need VideoProc Solutions

High Quality
Fix & Enhance Video
• Edit, convert 4K/HEVC/C-log/MP4 420+ formats for smooth playback
• Fix shaky, low-light, noisy videos
• Compress 2GB to 0.17 GB
• Tweak for social media feeds
Zero Skills
Edit Video Easily
• Easily edit at the speed of your thoughts - zero learning curve
• 300+ templates and effects
• Grow the skills as you like: keyframes, speed ramping, green screen, blend mode, EQ, etc.
Feeling Great
Less Effort, Better Result
• Smooth on low-specs computer; Batch tasks to save time
• 47x faster Hardware Acceleration
• See changes instantly in real-time
• Any format, anytime

Don't Let These Trivia
Holding You Back

  • "There's nothing extraordinary in my shots"

  • "I want to vlog but my life is like everybody else's"

  • "The clip just won't play on my PC"

  • "Crazy complex editor interface.
    I was scared away"

  • "I got a shaky useless footage"

Everyone Can Find Beauty
In the Footage via [Simple Enhancement]

Mobile phones records anytime. Action-cam take you anywhere. Still, Canon shooters choose the camera, as there's something worth the effort. Go simply edit your video clips to find beauty in everyday shots.

Simple Video Processing

  • What to do with unwanted parts?
  • Shaky footage seems useless for me.
  • Too much background noise in my street vlogs.
  • The light goes down when birthday candle are lit.
  • The computer won't play my video.
  • The footage looks bad on my social media.
  • Cut, trim, merge, crop video. Rotate, flip, adjust speed.

    Apply Quick Edits
  • Stabilization not working in-camera? Go stabilize video now.

    Fix Shaky Footage
  • Remove audio noise, wind noise. Adjust volume or mute the clip.

    Enhance Audio Quality
  • Fix low light, add color filters, no editing skills required.

    Adjust the Colors
  • Convert HEVC, MXF, C-log, AVCHD to MP4 H264 without quality loss.

    Take Care of Formats
  • Compress at best quality, change aspect ratio, remove black bars.

    Get Ready to Share

Meet The Best Video Toolkit

Easy-to-use: enhance your footage in 1 minute

VideoProc Converter

Designed as the one-stop toolkit to quickly edit, convert, compress videos, with life-saving add ons.

  • Zero skills required to edit, cut, merge, rotate clips.
  • 1-click polish: deshake, denoise, adjust colors.
  • Compress 2GB to 0.17GB. No quality loss.
  • Convert Canon EOS R7/R10 HEVC to H264 MP4 for better compatibility.
  • Convert to playable format, editing-friendly ProRes codec, MOV, MP4, MKV, for TV, iPhone, Web videos.

How to Quickly Enhance Footage


Canon HEVC videos, H264
c-log, HDR, MP4, MOV...

Export and

Make mp4 smaller for
social media >

Easy Right? Let's Take A Step Further

Whatever That's on Your Footage, The Story Awaits!

A purposeless walk or travel vlogs, find beauty in the market, on the road, and in everyday routines.
No matter how insignificant the footage is about. It's your story!

Everyone Can Find a Story
In the Canon Footage via [Easy Editing]

Turning the footage into a story is simpler than you thought. With the best free video editing software, you can play around to find the story waiting to be told in your Canon footage.

1. Gears
  • Canon EOS R7
  • RØDE VideoMic
  • Canon RF-S 18–45mm
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS R10
  • Canon EOS Rebel T8i
  • Canon RF-S18-150mm
  • Canon PowerShot G7X III
  • Canon EOS RP
  • Canon PowerShot G5XII
  • Canon EOS 80D
  • Canon EF-S 10-18mm F4.5–5.6
  • Canon EOS R
  • Canon PowerShot G7XII
  • Sigma 17-50mm F2.8
  • Canon RF 28-70mm F2L
  • Canon EOS M50II
  • Canon EOS R
  • Canon RF 28-70mm F2L
  • ND Filter
  • Canon EOS RP
  • Canon EOS M6II
  • Canon RF 24-105mm F4L
  • RØDE VideoMic
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7i
  • Canon EOS 90D
  • Canon EF-S 55-250mm
  • Rode Video Micro Compact
2. Shots
  • Birds photography
  • Wildlife photos
  • Landscape pictures
  • Furry friend footage
  • Travel vlogs
  • Scenery B-rolls
  • Street videos
  • Smiling faces
  • Cats chattering
  • Cats licking plastic bags
  • Cats napping on chair
  • Cats chasing yarn
  • Talking an intro
  • Eye-level angles shots
  • Capture close-ups
  • Behind-the-scene
  • Friends get together
  • Cake decoration close-ups
  • Singing birthday song
  • Making a wish
  • Packing for the trip
  • Setting up the tent
  • Bonfire dances
  • Starry night footage
  • Cooking vlogs
  • Street vlogs
  • Daily vlogs
  • Music vlogs
3. Editing
  • Filter for fair skin tone
  • Picture-in-picture overlay
  • Voiceover silence detection
  • Creative chroma keying
Your Story #1

Little Bird In the Backyard

Your Story #2

Van Life in Bulgaria

Your Story #3

Meet My Cat Milo

Your Story #4

My Full Makeup Routine

Your Story #5

Diana turns 6!

Your Story #6

Camping near mountain

Your Story #7

My Summer Day Vlogs

Meet The Forever Free Video Editor

The fresh air in editors: easy, light-weight, no watermark, and powerful

VideoProc Vlogger

New leader in free video editor. Designed to streamline your Canon footage storytelling easily.

  • Stock effects, transitions, text templates, color filters.
  • Keyframe animation, speed ramping, beat detection.
  • Runs smoothly on low-specs PC, hardware accelerated.
  • Realtime previewing, 4K export, no watermark.

Tricks to Spice Up the Story

  1. Cut to the music beat

    If you don't know how to arrange the clips on the timeline, the easiest way is to let the music guide your assembly.

    In VideoProc Vlogger, you can use the audio analyzer to cut to the beat.

  2. Add seamless transitions

    You can use 60+ transition presets: dissolve, fade in, swipe, morph, glitch in VideoProc Vlogger.

    Creatively, you can go with Match Cut, J-cut and L-cut that bridges the shots with sound, with precise cutting tool.

  3. Use color filters and effects

    VideoProc Vlogger has 100+ color filters and video effects to use in 1-click.

    You can also import log to REC709 LUTs for Canon and other cameras, add custom 3D LUTs from online resources.

  4. Play with keying and blending

    Getting creative is easy with green screen feature (chroma keying) and blend mode tools.

    You can create vintage film look with overlay blend mode, change video color with HUE, create double exposure effects with Lighten mode, etc.

  5. Create immersive sound design

    Besides adding background music and sound effects, you can also adjust EQ to optimize sound and change music genre, use audio effects and hear the changes in realtime.

Key Features to Enhance
Your Story Telling

  • Hardware Acceleration

    Level-3 tech to boost video decoding and encoding

  • Smooth 4K HEVC

    Scrubbing timeline for real-time preview without stuttering

  • Creative Video Effects

    VFX with green screen, color blend composition and FX templates

  • Color Editor & LUTs

    Color correction, HSL secondary, custom 3D LUTs, stock filters

  • Text and Subtitle

    Add animated text, subtitle, credits, change fonts, color, styles and duration

  • Keyframe Animation

    Keyframing positions, scaling, rotation to create endless possibilities

  • Speed Ramping

    Edit with speed curves to create dynamic velocity effects

  • Motion presets

    Imitate camera movement, get creative with motion presets

  • Picture in Picture

    Add video and picture overlays, create video collages flexibly

  • Transitions & Templates

    Stock video transitions, effects, animation presets in 1-click

  • Advanced Audio Editing

    10-band EQ, beat detection, 12+ audio FX, noise reduction

  • No Watermark

    Export full length video, no watermark or resolution limitations

More Powerful Together

VideoProc Converter

  • Pre-edit: deshake footage, rough cut, batch process before further editing in VideoProc Vlogger.
  • Toolbox to convert, download videos and audios, record screen and webcam.
  • Batch compress video for sharing, playback, uploading. Preserve quality.
Free Download

VideoProc Vlogger

  • Dedicated free video editor with 999+ tracks, no watermark.
  • Create video collage, overlays, green screen, picture-in-picture. Add music, sound FX.
  • Tons of color filters, transitions, effects, motion presets, captions.
Free Download
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"VideoProc Vlogger offers a ton of useful features that will definitely get you excited for your journey into video editing."

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There May Be Nothing Extraordinary In My ShotsBut I Like My Story

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VideoProc Vlogger

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