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30 Best Vlogmas Ideas for YouTube | Christmas 2023

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Summary: The yearly Vlogmas challenge is already underway! And here in the post, we have collected the top 30 vlogmas ideas in 2023 for you to spark your festive inspirations. Scroll down and see what we have on the menu!

Rising about a decade back, Vlogging, or say Video blogging, has slipped into the world of YouTube and gradually tapped into the way how the youth record live. The pervasiveness of this post-literate diary, seemingly impish and benign, has spawned a variety of YouTube cultures and trends, Vlogmas falls to one of which.

Vlogmas Ideas for 2023

What is Vlogmas

Conceived by beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen in 2011, Vlogmas, the spur-of-the-moment project of Vlogging every day from the first day of December until Christmas Day, grows into a festive staple on YouTube. "My initial inspiration for doing Vlogmas was simply to create a sort of 'digital advent calendar' for her subscribers to gear up the Christmas spirit" explained Nilsen, which might be the reason why the concept appears so tempting in the first place.

With the interest in Vlogmas climbing each year, a slew of online creators has scrambled to join the gang, giving rise to some best Vlogmas YouTubers, including Nicole Laeno, Alyssa Howard, Morgan Adams, Zoe Sugg, and more. Along the progression of a 25-day challenge, it is essential for the content creators to furnish their filming calendar with newfangled and exclusive Christmas vlog ideas.

Thus down below, we have compiled the best 30 vlogmas video ideas in 2023 that might help assuage your shooting burden and at the same time spice up your vlog content in the last month of the year.

Vlogmas Ideas 2023

1. Daily Vlog Christmas Edition

Sharing your daily life comes as a great way to keep subscribers engaged, which is incredibly rewarding on a personal level. Moreover, showing the viewers what you have been up to every day amid the Christmas season could build trust and relationship with your audience in a long run, and also give you something to look back at.

Vlogmas Ideas

2. Christmas Morning Routine

"Morning Routine" video has reached a full-fledge phenomenon for the past a few years on YouTube, creating Christmas morning routine being no exception. Viewers are infatuated with this type of video, because the topics of showing how to put together one's morning is an intriguing factor, where some might find insight into a calmer way of life, and know how others cope and change up their mornings in the arrival of Christmas.

3. Holiday Travel Vlog

Living your passion for travel is one thing during the Christmas season, but filming and throwing it onto the YouTube platform is another. Global pandemic or not, travel vlogs show a gripping observation into the world of adventure, notably to the viewers who curl on the couch and indulge themselves endlessly in the exploration of your inspired holiday trips.

4. Christmas Room/Home Makeover

Decorating vlogs also fall into one of the categories that viewers would easily dive into. A Christmas decorate with me would be a ponderable video theme, since it adds the festive atmosphere with a nice cozy definition and feeling.

Vlogmas Ideas

5. Christmas Playlist

You have got chestnuts roasting in the oven, the mistletoe is hung, and the snacks are out, but there is one more thing to set the Christmas tunes, and that is a complete Christmas playlist. Whether decorating a Christmas tree or hosting a Christmas-related party, the classic Christmas tracks are an indispensable part. Thus sharing with your audience what Christmas melodies you have been listening to would be another decent idea.

Vlogmas Ideas

6. Picking Out a Christmas Tree

Another topic that resonates well with viewers is picking out a perfect Christmas tree. Will you lean towards a towering giant or a cozy, smaller tree this year? Whatever unfolds, capturing this festive decision-making process in your Vlogmas is bound to create an entertaining and engaging video for your audience.

7. Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Nothing brings holiday cheer to an interior quite like a well-decorated Christmas tree, whether you're sticking with classic red and green baubles and twinkling tree toppers or opting for a creative Christmas tree theme. Doing a Christmas tree decoration video will certainly add a festive glow to your Vlogmas video in 2023.

Vlogmas Ideas

8. Christmas Shopping Vlog

With Christmas fast approaching, you will probably want to embark on the fun spree way ahead of time, not missing out on all the mall trips, Santa visits, and excitement surrounding the most wonderful time of the year. And it would be nice to bring the audience along and show what you bought for Christmas.

9. Christmas Parties

As we hit the midpoint of the Vlogmas challenge, why not spice things up with a touch of Christmas party magic? Imagine getting together with friends and family, creating moments that truly capture the holiday spirit for your Vlogmas 2023. Capture the laughter and joy on camera, weaving together a heartwarming Vlogmas episode that not only entertains but also spreads the contagious warmth of the holiday spirit.

Vlogmas Ideas

10. Christmas Present Haul

A Christmas Vlogmas would not be complete without an episode of Christmas Present Haul! With the year to be out of the way, a Christmas present haul is an easy way to wrap up this whole Vlogmas challenge, sharing what you have received as all the festive events stuff into the winter break. But this type of video might be a little triggering since some think it is a sign of bragging.

11. Christmas Giveaway

Entering the most exciting time of the year, it would be optimal to show your appreciation to all your audiences for surrounding by, and this is also a fantastic way to build relationship, trust with your subscribers and shake things up.

Vlogmas Ideas

12. Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendars

Advent calendars hold a special place in holiday traditions, particularly in the days leading up to December 25th. Crafting your own advent calendar is a sustainable alternative to purchasing pre-made ones. Not only can you customize the surprises inside, but the prospect of incorporating an advent calendar into your Vlogmas content adds an extra layer of festive excitement.

Vlogmas Ideas

13. Build a Gingerbread House

It would be absolutely fun to build a gingerbread house, film the whole process, and make it into your Vlogmas. You can start the project through baking and preparing all the materials needed or simply buy a kit to decorate right away

Vlogmas Ideas

14. Christmas Eve Vlog

'Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.' It's the heart-warming Christmas traditions that we cherish and repeat year after year that make the festive period so special. From hanging stockings and opening one of your holiday gifts to leaving cookies for Santa, every family has its rituals on the night before Christmas. Thus why not record and share all the beautiful moments and quality time you spend with the nearest and dearest in your Christmas vlogs?

15. Christmas Music List

Whether you kick off the holiday tunes as early as November 1st or wait until December 25th, chances are you've curated a Christmas playlist. Why not share your favorite festive tracks in one of your Vlogmas episodes and discover together if the viewers share your enthusiasm for these musical delights?

Vlogmas Ideas

16. Christmas Wish List / Gift Guide

Christmas is supposed to be the season dedicated to everything cheerful and convivial. Sharing all the ideas that you come up with your Christmas wish list to your viewers so that they could find it less stressful to shop for holiday gifts and quickly figure out something unique and thoughtful for their loved ones.

17. Gift Wrapping with Me

Get along with the Gift Guide video, you can also film gift wrapping with me video, where you can give a chill chat with your subscribers, do some Q&A, and share some useful tips to quick-wrap your gifts.

Vlogmas Ideas

18. Christmas Recipes / Snacks Ideas

Enough with the presents, what about Christmas dinner ideas videos? With all the roasting, cocktails, and dinners hitting the road, many will turn to social media to find new and exciting recipes for holiday gatherings. With that said, go celebrating the holiday by sharing with your subscribers some of the top Christmas recipes or snacks you like.

Vlogmas Ideas

19. Christmas Drink Ideas/Recipes

Nothing says 'Tis the season' like cozying up with a warm mug of spiked hot chocolate while sneaking a Christmas shot with your siblings after a little too much parent time. Add a little sparkle to your Vlogmas with your favorite festive drinks made to ignite the Christmas spirit.

20. Christmas Get Ready with Me

The typical Get Ready with Me videos never seem to fade or get old in the world of YouTube, same in this Vlogmas challenge. Film a quick Xmas GRWN (get ready with me) before you go on a fancy party, wedding or a romantic date, or simply record everything you do in your morning or the night routine, but ensure authenticity of the series since it can serve as inspiration for your audiences.

Vlogmas Ideas

21. Workout Routine Christmas Edition

The holiday season will always be crammed with plenty of party, celebration and refection on the year passed by, which inevitably might mess up with one's daily workout routine. But keeping your fitness and health routine is important. Thus you could film a video sharing how you stay in shape and find balance amid Christmas.

22. Declutter Before Christmas

Another type of video theme you could consider is decluttering. As Christmas Day approaches, it is a great time to do some quick decluttering and organization to your room and house since it creates space for the new, simplifies the rest of the year and makes it beyond easy and fun.

Vlogmas Ideas

23. OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Christmas Edition

Planning the perfect Christmas outfits can be tricky, and the dress code in this year is even more confusing. Showing what you dress every day to attend a party, go on a date night, or at home and casual outings in the holiday season would be interesting and inspiring for your viewers.

24. Festive Makeup Looks/Ideas

Between holiday parties, family time, and the magical spirit in the air, it's a great excuse to play with the bold and glittery palettes, and crack open that eyeshadow palette you bought in June. A festive makeup look video (be it the glamorous, natural, or cozy look) would be great for those in need of some fashion inspo to embrace the Christmas gathering season.

Vlogmas Ideas

25. Christmas Movie List

Is it even Christmas without a festive movie? Put together a list of all the holiday movies you have watched, or simply give a review, so that your viewers could go through all the pieces and find some sensations in their holiday movie nights.

26. Tips on Christmas Budget

Navigating the holiday season can be tough on the wallet. How do you manage your Christmas budget? And tips to share? Whether it's savvy strategies for Christmas shopping, budget-friendly decoration ideas, or clever ways to trim down the costs of festive feasts, dedicating a Vlogmas episode to share these money-saving hacks is not only a great idea but also a thoughtful way to help your audience save a dime or two.

27. Christmas Outings / Events

With all the festive atmosphere out there, you must be busy with handling all the dazzling social events, outings, and activates going on. Why not film all the merry moments and share them with your viewers to spread joy and love, and help them take some of the daily stress out of the most wonderful time of the year!
Vlogmas Ideas

28. What I Eat in a Day Christmas Edition

People are obsessed with "What I Eat in a Day" videos in recent years. Showing what you eat in a day during Christmas serves as an optimal way for your viewers to try new diets and things. But while doing this sort of video, you must ensure the pieces of advice and information in food you spread in the videos are correct and appropriate.

29. Tips to Deal with Holiday Stress

The holidays could indeed bring us joy, but as you bury yourself in a catalogue of socializing, family and friends reunion, this might entail an incredible amount stress. Therefore why don't you make a video about how do you manage stress and depression around the holiday, and give your subscribers some good tips to cope with Christmas anxiety that they might find useful.

Vlogmas Ideas

30. New Year's Resolution for 2024

New Year's resolution video would be commonly found in the beginning of a brand-new year, but you could also include that in your Vlogmas series, where you can recap your achievements in 2023, and set your sights on changing your diet and fitness routine, revolutionizing your mental health, and adjusting your sleep routine, and more.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of the VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share creative content and useful information with readers. She has a strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in editing tips.

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