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By Eric Pascal, Updated: Sept. 13, 2018

"I'm looking for an easy video editor that requires minimum effect to highlight my summer trip. A couple of editing tools s I've tried are a bit intimidating, with so many complicated features I don't even know. So an intuitive UI is preferred."

Video editing software companies are high on playing a game of one-upmanship. This brings out incredibly rich features, but results in complexity in video editing process. Even cutting out a scene demands hours of work, and customers, especially first-time users, have to spend exponentially more hours getting to grips with the confusing features, some being even shiny "bells and whistles". In fact, editing videos won't be rocket science as long as you own an easy-to-use video editor.

4 Criteria: What Kind of Video Editor Is Truly Easy and Intuitive

1. An easy video editor will simplify the setup process. You don't have to install the program for long. And it shall be easy to update in the future process.

2. You get quick access to every basic edit feature such as cut, crop, rotate, merge, etc.

3. Advanced editing is a cake walk with a self-explanatory interface. You can stabilize shaky footage, add force subtitle, correct lens distortion, apply color correction effects, speed up footage, and more much faster, thus saving your time greatly.

4. Your whole workflow is streamlined, from importing the media file, editing your story, to outputting your project, whether it is uploading on YouTube or saving on phone.

Review: 5 Easiest Video Editing Tools Worth Downloading

The top 5 list below is classified as simple tools based on the criteria mentioned above, along with the most essential editing features under the hood. Just check to jump to one of video editing programs you like below.

#1. VideoProc (Windows and Mac)

Overview: The easiest and fastest video editor by taking advantages of level-3 hardware acceleration without yielding quality loss. It features a well-designed interface that even the beginner can master all the features in the shortest amount of time.

Feature review: VideoProc is a powerful yet easy video processing software geared towards beginners for easy video editing. Built-in the broadest range of video formats, it accepts virtually all 4K/1080p/720p video source from GoPro, iPhone, DJI drone, HD camcorders, and more, be it HEVC, H.264, MKV, MTS, or MOV.

Every basic and important command is located on the main interface cleanly, so that you can cut, crop, merge, rotate, add subtitles and more directly without hassle. The minimalistic interface makes it surprisingly easy to get even the advanced video editing jobs done with a minimum of efforts, whether you want to stabilize shaky GoPro footage, apply stunning effect, make gif, speed up your clip, remove background noise from your video, or make M3U8 playlist. There is no technical savvy required. You can resize large 4K videos, export to UHD content with the highest possible quality, record screen, download online videos, convert DVD discs, save them in various formats, and upload to Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, etc with ease.

Best GoPro Quik Alternative for PC/Mac - VideoProc

How Easy It Is to Process Video with VideoProc:

VideoProc features one-step setup. You can easily download the easy video editor on Windows or Mac from its official page. The download process is pretty fast and quick. You can then follow the steps below to finish video processing simply.

Step 1: Add Video Source: Click +Video button to import the source file. You can add more than one file and even a video folder at your disposal.

Step 2: Choose Output Format: Go to the bottom of the main interface and choose the target format from the categories: Popular | Video | Device | Music. For the widest compatibility, we recommend MP4 H.264. You can also switch to Device profile, where common, mobile, web and other profiles are listed.

edit video with VideoProc

Step 3: Edit Video

Basic editing: There are basic editing features including effect, watermark, cut, crop, rotate, subtitle showing on top of the main interface, where you can enable them to suit your specific needs.

Advanced toolbox: Still you can initiate the advanced editing features at the bottom of the main interface. Such as remove disturbing noise, split a long video into multiple clips or by seconds, deshake and denoise GoPro footage, create gif, and more.

Step 4: Output the edited file: Click RUN button to begin output the file in a designed format, after which you can share your project on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or send it to your friends.

Bonus: Stuttering, lagging, and losing the original quality are the last things most people want, but VideoProc features unique level-3 hardware acceleration that promises the fastest video processing speed, without compromising video quality.

#2. OpenShot (windows, mac, linux)

Overview: The whole video editing workflow is simple, with easy to use templates, video rendering and exporting.

Feature review: OpenShot is an open source and free video editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Customers gives a lot of credit to the highly intuitive user interface that makes it feel extremely easy to trim, organize, animate, apply clips and music effects (including 3D effects) to video projects. It is the go to editor especially when you want to create a video with an tense soundtrack.

Similar to other open-source tool, OpenShot is a bit amateur in transition and can be buggy occasionally. For example, the free video editing software has a tendency to lag, freeze for few minutes and even crash at times. And some features may be malfunctioning. But you can get through the issues by taking advantages of the huge community of users.

easy video editor - oepnshot

How It Is Simple to Edit Video with OpenShot:

Featuring a dark grey material design, OpenShot allows you to access all the resources needed for video editing with ease.

Step 1: Drag and drop to add a project file the way like VideoProc. Or you can right click on the Project Files tab to select the file.

Step 2: Arrange the video on the timeline.

Step 3: Go to Editor Bar to access the features that are cleared marked with respective icons. Click on Transitions tab and drag and drop the effect to tracks timeline, where you can change the duration, extend effect box, etc. Click on the Effects tab if you want to apply chromatic and brightness effects.

Step 4: If you've imported a music file in step 1, you can drag it onto the track on the timeline.

Step 5: Choose one from the preset export options and then click on the Export Video icon at the top of the screen.

Bonus: OpenShot has unlimited tracks/layer and is powerful with many add-ons such as 3D animated titles.

#3. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

Overview: A totally free video editor with very robust editing features such as video stabilization, picture-in-picture, etc, which you won't find in other freeware.

Feature review: Despite VSDC features an old-fashioned interface, it won't throw any hurdle in creating and editing video projects thanks to the drag-n-drop, step-by-step wizard mode. You don't need to be skillful to enter the world of video editing - split, cut, mute, flip, rotate video, add images, lybrics, background music, mix several clips, remove unwanted tracks, control different transparent layers. It gives you full control over the video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, quality and more.

Bear in mind VSDC only works with Windows 32-bit system. It has a limited number of transitions, filters and effects, and you cannot preview the video right in the timeline editor. Besides, exporting 4K video is extremely slow in the free video editing software since it doesn't support hardware acceleration.

edit videos with vsdc editor

How Plain It Is to Do Video Editing wit VSDC

VSDC free video editor works with video, audio and image files.

After you download and install the program, click New Project button to create your own project. Then you can start the main editing operations: cut unwanted parts of the file by hitting the scissor-shaped icon on the top part of the interface or split it into the multiple ones with the same size. Go to Video effects on the menu bar to choose the necessary effects. And then configure the output settings. Just give it a try.

Bonus: Video project once made in HD/4K quality can be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more directly in very little time.

#4. iMovie (Mac)

Overview: An elegant Mac-based free video editor for beginners that makes basic video editing a breeze, though lacking some bells and whistles.

Feature review: iMovie crowns the list of best easy video editors for Mac, all credit to its beautifully designed interface for beginners or quick projects. Every edit in iMovie is simple and free, from cropping, pan-and-zoom effect, slight color tweaks, noise reduction, panning, applying themes, to simple transitions. The latest version 10.1.9 works with macOS 10.13.2 and later, with more color options and good quality enhancement.

iMovie isn't functioning as professional video editors like Premiere CC, it does have the features for quick editing. But this can be the biggest denounce of iMovie as it sacrifices many professional editing features for the sake of ease of use. For example, this program lacks multicam, motion tracking, text fonts and styles that can be layered over the videos. You will be restricted by the limited output controls, and experience lags when you processing 4k videos.


How Easy It Is to Edit a Video with iMovie:

Every edit in iMovie is at your fingertips. Just drop down menus and pop-up window will guide you to the video editing process.

Step 1: Add clip to a project, you can plug your iDevice into your Mac via USB cable to import the file.

Step 2: Click on Projects > Create New. You can make a trailer or movie at will.

Step 3: Do specific edit such as cut clips, add transitions, split and change the length or speed, zoom/rotate video, add filters/effects, do picture-in-picture, etc.

Step 4: Export an iMovie. You can opt for Theatre, Email, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and more at the output option.

Bonus: iMovie enhances the audio by reducing background noise and boosting the audio level of quiet clip, which other free editors won't have.

#5. Shotcut (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Overview: A great free alternative for easy video editing as Windows Movie Maker discounted. You will be surprised by the depth of features and editing capabilities without needing too much effort to get the hang of the free editing tool.

Feature review: Though not as simple as the above 4 video editing software, Shotcut still bears a well-designed interface that makes it far more bare-bones than any of the commercial video editors. The program eases video editing process but doesn't compromise the editing solutions. Instead, it supports 4k source, outputs high-quality project, do color correction, chroma key, rearrange the workspace to your liking, without exposing much more complexity in video processing.

Processing is a little slow. And it will be better if there are ready-made export profiles for different devices or built-in sharing to popular sites.

simple editor - shotcut

How Easy the Shortcut Is to Edit a Video:

You can follow the steps below to get started editing your video after you download the easy video editor on your computer.

Step 1: Add video clips, audio or images by dragging and dropping them into your timeline.

Step 2: Enable the timeline panel on the top menu.

Step 3: After that, you can add/resize/edit a transition such as a fade. Step 4: Add text, caption, filter, normalize audio, stabilize video, adjust brightness as needed.

Step 5: Click Save button to save your project.

Step 6: Tap Export button to render your video for viewing. H.264 main profile is recommended if you want to upload to a web site.

Bonus: Innumerous audio and video filters give you more choices to create sparkling videos.

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