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VLC Zoom Not Working - Can't Move Interactive Zoom

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Effective solution to solve you can't move interactive zoom in VLC

VLC media player (for Windows) offers a great function "Interactive Zoom" to allow us to zoom videos. But it's not always working properly. By chance, I encounter an issue that I can't change the zoom level and area to zoom into with VLC. Then, I find there're many people have the same problem with me, for example:

"i took a couple of videos on my phone Huawei LUA-L21 Y3 II and im trying to use the zoom function but i cant move the box itself …is it because of the file format or something? the resolution?" – from VideoLAN Forums

As the VLC's developer explains that the VLC zoom can't move issue is an "old bug which appears with interactive zoom on videos with orientations ticket 16792" and it's still unsolved.

Then here comes the point. My colleague, Jordi and I started to analyze and study the issue. We've found two main situations for the interactive zoom problem, and discovered the possible solutions that worked.

  • Situation 1: VLC Can't Move Zoom Box with Portrait Video

In many cases, the VLC interactive zoom fails when VLC opens your vertical or portrait video from phone, such as the sample "NoZoom?.mp4" file from that bug ticket.

  • Situation 2: VLC Zoom is Not Working with Landscape Video

In very few cases, you may encounter that VLC zoom box is stuck with landscape iPhone videos or video files that you receive from others (in our case).

VLC Can't Move Zoom Box Issue Is Still Unsolved? Try the Automatic Fix: Rotate Your Video with Specific Tool The Only Easy and Effective Solution

For the two situations in the above, the solution is the same. Here I'll take a portrait video as example.


1. Update VLC to the latest version.

System: Windows 10, 64-bit

VLC version: 3.0.6

2. Since the Interactive Zoom issue cannot be solved by VLC itself so far, you have to rely on other video processing tool to rotate videos to fix the problem. We tested on the "NoZoom?.mp4" file and a few vertical/horizontal videos with phone. Finally, we've found a way to fix the issue with VideoProc. So we recommend you to download the easiest and most effective software below to rotate your videos.

VideoProc - One-Click Way to Rotate and Zoom Videos.

  • Accept nearly all types of videos, incl. videos of mobile Phone, DSLR camera, etc
  • Ready-made toolkit to rotate, mirror, enlarge, crop, cut, merge, stabilize videos.
  • Download, record, transcode and process videos at one go...

Download VideoProc on Windows to Rotate Videos

Download VideoProc on Mac to Rotate Videos

You may follow this video guide to fix VLC Interactive Zoom not working problem:

Here's the step-by-step guide to solve VLC zoom can't move issue:

Step 1. Add your video

Open VideoProc and click into Video module. Drag your portrait video into VideoProc to add file.

Step 2. Rotate video by 90 degrees

Click "Rotate" icon. Tap "Rotate Right" button to rotate the video from vertical to horizontal. Then click "Done" to save it. Choose an export format and tap "RUN" to process the video.

Tip: Normally, the video format for mobile phones is MP4 format. So you just select "MP4" as export format. But if your video is in other formats, like MOV, you may either transcode it to MP4 or find MOV in the profiler.

Roate Video to Right - VLC
Rotate Video Right

Step 3. Rotate the new video

So you've converted your portrait video to landscape. Clear your original file from VideoProc, add your new landscape file from step 2, and rotate it to left by 90 degrees to bring it back to normal. Export the video.

Rotate Video Left
Rotate Video Left

Step 4. Magic time!

Open VLC, go to "Tools" > "Adjustments and Filters" > "Video Effects" and enable "Interactive Zoom". The move box is not stuck and works normally.

VLC Interactive Zoom Worked
VLC Interactive Zoom Fixed

Advanced Trick: Zoom Video with VideoProc

Reason: In step 2, you'll also find that VLC Interactive Zoom function works when you play the output landscape video. But we know many of you don't want the landscape mode. That's why we introduce the advanced trick to solve the issue. The VLC bug still exists, we just figured out a solution to help you use interactive zoom function in portrait mode properly.

Step 1. Open VideoProc and click into Video. Drag and drop your video file to the program.

Step 2. Click "Crop" icon. Tap "Enable Crop" button, adjust the "Preset" as "Keep Current". Then select the area and scale you want to zoom by mouse. Tap "Done".

Zoom Video with VideoProc
Enable Crop to Zoom Video

Step 3. Choose an output format, tap "RUN" to process the zoom task and save the file.

Possible Solution 2: Install QuickTime or Required Codec to Fix Can't Import MOV to Adobe Premiere Error. +

QuickTime comes with many popular and general-purpose codecs, so installing QuickTime may be able to resolve import error caused by missing codec. After installing QuickTime, restart your Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements and check if it can import MOV video files now.

Step 1: Download QuickTime on your PC or Mac. Note: QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple.

Restart your computer or iOS device
Restart your computer or iOS device

Step 2: Install Quicktime:

  • 1. You should read its License Agreement carefully, and scroll down to see the rest of the agreement.
  • 2. You should choose the setup type between Typical and Custom that should be decided by whether you are a common user or advanced user.
  • 3. Change the Destination Folder from Disk C to other disk to save space in C, and click Install.

Step 3: After finish installing QuickTime, you have to restart your Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 4: Check Whether it can import MOV video files.

  • Important Notice: QuickTime has been officially discontinued on Windows, so there supposedly is a security risk. Windows 10 users may find it doesn't work. This is because Windows 10 does more security things than Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 do.

If you can't install QuickTime or still can't import MOV to Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements after installing QuickTime, you can download and install required codec from established sources to have a try. Before doing that, you'd better backup all your files because installing a new codec typically causes some video or audio files to become unreadable.

One more thing, Adobe suggests not downloading codec pack software to avoid codec conflicts.

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Possible Solution 3: Rename the File Extension to Fix MOV File Not Supported by Adobe Premiere Pro CC Error. +

Maybe we don't have to make things so complex. To fix import errors "The file has no audio or video streams" and "32-bit QuickTime support ending", sometimes we just need to rename the file extension from .mov to .mp4, .m4v, .avi, .mpg, or other format.

This trick does get many users out of trouble. However, it isn't guaranteed to work. Some people still can't load files to Premiere Pro/Elements successfully.

iTunes Helper
iTunes Helper

"I changed it to both avi and mp4. MP4 has an audio sync issue and avi pops open a windows with a damage or unsupported format. "

"Can import now but just hear the sound and can't see video coz it gone green!!!"

"I'm still not able to import file it's showing some 'the Importer reported a generic error'."

Some people even are not allowed to rename the file extension for some reason.

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Final Words:

Hope that the solution we provide can help you solve your VLC zoom not working problems. Take a try and tell us how it works! There may be different situations for the interactive zoom problem. You may also drop you issue to the VLC forum. For more VLC editing tips like cropping, cutting or adding text, please turn to How to use VLC hidden video editing features >

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  2. Download VideoProc on mac

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