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Make the Most of Your DJI Drone Shots via VideoProc Solutions

Play on Big Screens
Convert drone videos to MP4 H.264 for wider compatibility or playing on a 4K TV or other gadgets.
Connect with the World
Compress to upload drone videos to YouTube; share video URLs without sending large files.
Inspire the Millions
Submit your aerial stories on SkyPixel; inspire others who love flying drones like you.
For Good Memory
Mix and edit (color grade, add music, etc.) drone videos to showreel videos.

Every Drone Video Can Be Better via a Proper ToolMeet VideoProc Converter

  • Fix shaky/noisy/blurry DJI footage

  • Zero skill required to edit & enhance

  • Convert & process even 4K, HDR, large videos

  • Compress 10GB to 1GB. Max quality guaranteed

How to Enhance or Fix DJI Videos

  1. Step
    Add video files
    Click the Video icon -> click [+Video] to add videos.
  2. Step
    Fix videos
    Select [Toolbox] where you can instantly stabilize, de-fisheye, merge videos or tweak video resolutions, FPS in [Settings].
  3. Step
    Select output profile
    Go to the [Targe Format] and select any output format you need: MP4 H.264, HEVC, 4K, iOS, Android, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  4. Step
    Hit [RUN] to export videos fast with optimal quality.

Make It Easier to Play, Share, Edit


DJI flagship drones such as Mavic 3 Cine can record videos in HEVC to save space or ProRes to facilitate post-production. However, many video platforms and devices do not support HEVC and ProRes. VideoProc Converter can turn them into more compatible H264 files.


Windy days or speedy flying, esp. for FPV and Mini drones, may cause jitters and shakes in your footage, making it look blurry, choppy, or flickering. While the DJI FLY app cannot fix such issues, you can turn your shaky footage into a smooth video within clicks by VideoProc.


Your aerial video will be cut into separate files once it hits the 4GB limit of DJI. It is easy to arrive 4GB if you shoot in 4K, high fps, hyper-lapse mode, etc. The split clips are inconvenient to view, edit, and share. VideoProc Converter helps your merge videos together in seconds!

Let's take a step further to give your drone video a better look

Do You Know? DJI's Killing Features Barely Work Together

Intelligent Flight Modes
  • QuickShots
  • FocusTrack
  • MasterShots
  • Hyperlapse

Pros: Create smoother camera movements than flying in manual mode.

Cons: Each can only shoot in normal colors instead of D-Log in many situations.

! A color grading/correction tool may help you.
LOG Profiles
  • D-Log
  • Dlog-M

Pros: Record RAW footage, keep more color details, and enable greater flexibility for color grading.

Cons: Incompatible with intelligent modes; you have to fly a drone manually.

! Improve your piloting skill or make camera movements in post-production.
All your needs can be easily fulfilled here with VideoProc

Get Quick Solution - VideoProc VloggerEdit, fake camera movements, and color grade drone videos in one place

As one of the best drone video editing software, VideoProc Vlogger offers a great number of custom features for creators to make cinematic videos at free of cost. With advanced color editor and motion editor tools, it will fullfill your needs in editing drone videos no matter how you record them - manually, in D-Log, or intelligent modes.

Color Grade & Color Correct

Deliver more natural gradations of sky/scenery coloring. Give your DJI video a cinematic look by applying the preset 3D LUTs and color effects directly or adding D-Log to Rec.709 LUT to the software for your D-Log videos. Adjust HSL color values, exposure, contrast, saturation, and the like. Correct low-light videos and remove image noises.

Enhance Camera Movements

Turn ordinary into extraordinary by the Motion feature in VideoProc Vlogger! Even a beginner can fake camera movements with 28 motion presets, like Pan, Zoom, Tilt, Truck, Push, Pull, etc., change rotation angles and motion paths to let an ordinary video have highlights, ups, and downs through post-production. Even the DJI videos recorded in Normal or D-Log mode can look sporty and dynamic.

Change Speed Flexibly

Changing speed can give expression to the changes in the storyline, the emotion, and the tempo. Things are made extremely easy now in VideoProc Vlogger. You can make a constant speed change by 1/32 to 32x (more with Time Stretch), or do variable speed changes to clips by 14+ types of Bezier curves. It also helps you make a slow-motion or time-lapse video effortlessly.

Add Background Music

DJI drones are not able to record audio. Let VideoProc Vlogger add music and sounds to your drone videos to make the world hear your stories! You can add background sounds like train/boat whistling and whizzing, edit the added audio track, sync your video to the music beats, change voice pitch, and apply sound effects like Echo, Reverb, Low/High Pass, Equalizer, etc.

Your Content Can Be Shared Easily

  • HEVC

  • H.264
  • ProRes
  • D-Log
  • PNG


Unleash your editing


Unlimited Possibilities and Above

Essential features for beginner drone pilots and creators

You will find an incredible number of editing features in VideoProc Vlogger. It is possible for drone piloting and editing beginners to create epic videos efficiently.

Check User Guides

Everyone Can Make Cool Effects!

No matter what kind of videos you create, VideoProc Vlogger can help you achieve more. Support videos recorded at high resolutions and frame rate.

Video Tutorials

Solid Choices of DJI Users

VideoProc Converter

One-stop solution to convert, fix, and enhance DJI footage. Transcode, compress and do rough cuts to make videos SNS-friendly.

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VideoProc Vlogger

Edit DJI videos free without watermark. Turn ordinary shots into extraordinary ones easily with advanced Motion, Speed, Color and Music features.

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VideoProc Converter

Convert drone footage, enhance, quick edit

VideoProc Vlogger

Turn ordinary footage into extraordinary story freely

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