Watch iPhone Slo-mo at Normal Speed?
Realize It in 2 Ways

Ways to Change iPhone Slow Motion Footage into Normal Speed on iOS 12 or Computer
By A.J. McCann, Last Updated: April. 19, 2019

iPhone begins to support slo-mo video since iPhone 5s iOS 9. From the new iPhone Xs experiment shot released by Apple, we can see this mobile's mature and stunning slo-mo skills on water, sound and light. Slo-mo, full name slow motion, also abbreviated as slow-mo, was originally taken by the highly specialized camera and used in pro-level movies, TVs, events or natural showing to present an artistic effect. But today, with the continuous hardware upgrades, even general inexpensive phones are capable of capturing high-fps slo-mo video, opening up a new funny world for personal videography.

Apple firstly introduced slo-mo shooting to iPhone in Sept. 2013, and then started to support speed control at iPhone 6 lineup. Through five years hardware updates and performance improvements, it's able to shoot 1080p HD at up to 240fps slo-mo effortlessly (check details on iPhone slow motion support). Whenever you wanna produce amazing slo-mo with iPhone, you simply need to:

iPhone Record Slo-mo video

-> 1. Open up native Camera app from Home page.

-> 2. Swipe twice to the right to navigate to Slo-Mo mode.

-> 3. Press record button to begin the shooting.

-> 4. Press the red button to stop recording and enjoy slo-mo at once.

Note that most iPhone selects the lower resolution and frame rate combination by default to capture relatively smaller slo-mo video. If you prefer higher resolution or fps, e.g from 720p to 1080p or 120fps to 240fps, you can reset it in "Settings -> Camera -> Record Slo-mo". To preserve the camera settings, please turn the Camera Mode switch on under Settings -> Camera.

In this way, you can easily make award-winning slo-mo video of any action scenes or natural phenomena around you, and share it on social sites with proper edits or not. Slow motion is cool, but how to change the slow motion video to normal speed? Here this guide will share 2 easy ways to help you realize it, along with more related information on iPhone slow motion.

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VideoProc is your top choice!

As an one-stop iPhone video processing software, VideoProc sparks for the following reasons:

- Perfect support handling any iPhone video, slo-mo, time-lapse, 4K (HEVC 60fps) etc.

- Change the playback speed of iPhone video, 10x slower to normal to 16x faster at your will.

- Compress, resize, transcode and edit video for uploading to YouTube, Ins, FB, TW, etc.

- Full Intel/AMD/NVIDIA GPU Hardware acceleration support to boost processing speed to 47x faster.

#1 - How to Toggle iPhone Slo-Mo to Normal Speed on iOS (12) via Edit Tool

This is the easiest and most direct way to normalize the speed of iPhone slo-mo video. Please follow the steps below.

convert iPhone slo-mo to normal speed on iOS via Edit
STEP1. Access to Photos app and navigate to the slo-mo video you'd like to watch at normal speed.
STEP2. Tap the video and click "Edit" located on the top right area to have speed controls shown up right below the video.
STEP3. There are quite many vertical lines or say tick marks above speed control. After watching video completely, you will see the video part with more spaced out vertical lines has slow motion effect and the other sections with tight tick marks have regular speed. Therefore, when you want to leave all video content at normal speed, you only need to move either of the timeline handles to the other, leftmost slider to the right end or vice versa to remove the slow motion effect.
STEP4. Tap "Done" to apply the operation. Next time you watch the video, you will enjoy a regular-speed video.

#2 - Copy Slo-mo off iPhone for Normally Playback

Slo-mo is a limited feature of Apple. Put it in simple words, Apple only empowers Camera and Photos apps on iOS to "slow down" a portion of 120/240fps video and display at 30fps.

Therefore, you can only keep the slow motion effect at Camera, Photos apps or through default Share sheet to upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. When exporting or syncing original slo-mo to computer, sending it to other non-iOS devices (via chatting apps or text message), uploading it to cloud services or sites, not via Share sheet, the video will play at the natural high frame rate, no slow motion any more.

#3 - How to Fix/Avoid iPhone Slow Motion Lost Problem,
Make Real iPhone Slo-Mo with Slow Motion Effect Available at Any Time?

Instead of controlling the playback mode with fps and duration unchanged, you are suggested to maintain slow motion effect by slowing down video with video editor, for instance, lowering video fps from 240 to 30 with duration from say 4s to 32s. Now we set an easy instruction with VideoProc, a slick iPhone video processing tool, to slow down iPhone high fps slo-mo video permanently.

Step 1. Free download VideoProc on Windows or macOS computer, and then finish the installation to launch.

Step 2. Export iPhone slo-mo video to the hard drive via Photos/AutoPlay app on Windows or Photos app on Mac. If you have no idea on how to do it, read this official guide.

Step 3. Input iPhone slo-mo video into VideoPro's video control.

make iphone slo-mo with videoproc

Step 4. To transcode the video or not by choosing a target format from the bottom. Then click "Option (codec)" and proceed to "Edit Video" panel, where you're free to fine tune the "Playback Speed" from 0.1x (10x slower) to 16x (16x faster). Preview until you achieve the most wanted slowed scenes.

Step 5. Click "RUN" to output real slow motion video at hardware accelerated speed.

As a feature-packed iPhone video processing converter and editor, VideoProc, on one side, offers 420+ output formats for compressing large iPhone 4K video to 1080p, H.265/HEVC to H.264 or vice versa, with values of video frame rate, bit rate and aspect ratio adjustable, on the other side, allows you to crop, trim, cut, split, add special effects and subtitles into video for more attention.

#4 - List of Slo-Mo Shooting iPhones & Available Options

720p HD at 120fps 720p HD at 240fps 1080p HD at 120fps 1080p HD at 240fps (High Efficiency)
iPhone 5s Y (default)
iPhone 6/Plus Y Y (default)
iPhone 6s/Plus Y (default) Y
iPhone SE Y (default) Y
iPhone 7/Plus Y (default) Y
iPhone 8/Plus Y (default) Y
iPhone X Y Y (default) Y
iPhone XR Y (default) Y
iPhone Xs/Max Y (default) Y
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How to iPhone Video Processing Convert iPhone Slo-mo to Normal Speed

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