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Master Frame Interpolation in VideoProc Converter AI

Frame Interpolation in VideoProc Converter AI uses deep learning tech to generate new frames, convert low FPS to high FPS videos for more fluid motions, and create epic slow motions with AI-level smoothness. It can deliver 480FPS or higher frame rates with naturally interpolated frames, powered by AI Neuronet computing and cutting-edge motion estimation algorithms. Elevate your video quality for unmatched visual results now!

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Meet Frame Interpolation in VideoProc Converter AI

Create smoother video with AI-generated realistic higher FPS

The Frame Interpolation tool in VideoProc Converter AI uses deep learning to convert low-FPS video to high FPS – a process known as AI video frame interpolation (VFI) in the industry. Delivering 5x+ frames of the source video, it helps everyone to create 20x super smooth slomo, revive old footage to 4K 60FPS, unify mixed frame rate for post-production, and can be combined with other AI art tools to create morphing effects.

Best AI Frame Interpolation Tool to Increase FPS
  • 1080p/4K
    High frame rate 240/480fps attained with UHD sharp quality
  • Depth-Aware
    Descriminate objects from background to recover accurate boundaries
  • Nvidia/AMD
    TensorRT/Vulkan optimized for corresponding GPUs
  • Motion Estimation
    AI estimates the pixel motion info between consecutive frames
  • AI Neuronet Trained
    Generate realistic and natural new frames, realtime fast

AI Generated New Frames - Low FPS to High FPS Like Magic

Using the AI Frame Interpolation tool, you can easily convert videos from low FPS to high frame rates, such as from 24/30/60FPS to 120/240/300/480FPS and higher, with an interpolation of 2x-5x new frames. Batch tasks supported.

Powered by deep convoluted neural networks, this tool takes advantage of the latest AI models with motion estimation to generate new frames in-between, avoiding artifacts caused by fast motion and scene cuts.

It supports Nvidia/AMD with CUDA/Vulkan implementation for AI computing, optimizing GPU usage for capable machines.

  • AI Trained
  • Avoid Artifacts
  • Easy to use
  • GPU Acceleration
Revive once-in-a-lifetime memories

Add Visual Smoothness to Cherished Footage

We don't always have the chance to re-filming an event with a higher frame rate. Old DVDs, nostalgic family videos, much-loved classic movies, haphazardly recorded stage plays, timelapse videos…With the AI Frame Interpolation Tool, we can now fix it in the post-production. It works well with other AI tools in VideoProc Converter to AI-upscale resolution, deshake and denoise footage.

Family Memories
Concert MTV
Stage Play
Old DVDs
Classic Movies
Daily Vlogs
Hobby Videos
Savor in super smooth slomo

Create Epic Slow Motion with Droplet Clarity

You don't need to buy an expensive high-speed camera to capture the time. The AI Frame Interpolation tool lets you manipulate time by generating intermediate frames for a mesmerizing 10x or even 20x slower effects. From water droplets to the explosive intensity of a sports event, it's time to savor over the tension and intricate details in the slowed-down world.

Learn from Data
Fill-in Realistic Frames

Neural network trained to understand consecutive frames. Estimate pixel behavior to generate lifelike details

More Natural Results
Fewer Artifacts

Handle complex motion, occlusion, and large displacement without jello, smearing or ghost effects

True Videos Fed to
Deep Learning Algorithms

Benefit from videos' temporal information, motion patterns, and object trajectories that still images are lack of

Quick demos • conceptualize ideas

Enhance Productivity for Content Creators

The Frame Interpolation Tool in VideoProc Converter AI can be served as a productivity tool. It's handy to unify mixed frame rate for timeline-based video editors, generate new frames for animations, 3D CG renderings, and stop-motions. It reduces the need to create every frame manually for demos, and free up content creators to focus on more creative aspects of their work.

5X New Frames
75% Time Saved
240FPS And More
4K GPU Turbo Power
Unify Mixed Frame Rates
for Post-production
Stop-motion/3D CG
Streamlined Workflow
One-stop Solution

It's common to have mixed frame rates of videos from all source, such as 24/30/50/60FPS footage gathers from all kinds of resources for one project. Now with Frame Interpolation Tool and the FPS converter, you can conform and unify the frame rates to a specific one - such as a 60FPS sequence setting, without changing the speed of the video. It can largely enhance video editing productivity later.

Frame Interpolation Tool greatly enhance your productivity by generating smooth time-lapse and anime demos. For stop-motion makers, you can pose-and-shoot 15 frames for 1s, and AI-create the other 45 frames as in-betweens. Thus saving 75% of the time messing around. For content creators, you can quickly conceptualize the idea and create demos without the need to manually draw each frame.

While other AI frame interpolation tool may require you to re-master the video after interpolation, Frame Interpolation Tool saves your time and effort in a streamlined manner. You can preserve the audio streams, subtitles, and other metadata inside the video when exporting the interpolated footage. AI resolution upscaler and stabilization tool can also be used in the processing pipeline.

Conquer the technical challenges

What Makes Frame Interpolation Tool Powerful

The difficulty for video frame interpolation lies in several aspects: how to deal with sudden change in velocity or direction, how to handle complex motion situations such as fluid simulations, camera movement and scene cuts, and how to separate foreground objects from the background, solving occlusions and maintaining the content's integrity. Failure to cope with these challenging content can lead to unnatural artifacts and frame judders.

Scene cuts and camera motion

Frame Interpolation Tool supports detecting dramatic scene change, and offers user the option to skip interpolation when two adjacent frames are in different scenes, thus avoiding unnatural artifacts. The sensitivity value allows user to adjust what can be determined as a scene change.

Fast motion object and scenes

Sudden change in velocity or direction is challenging in VFI. Traditional optical-flow algorithms often result in smearing and distortion for fast-motion content. Frame Interpolation Tool uses AI-trained flow estimation to ensure smooth and coherent motion between consecutive frames.

Complex and tricky content

Particles, liquid, fog, and fire entails complex motion path that are less predictable, thus paralyzing traditional video frame interpolation tools. Frame Interpolation Tool is powered by AI models trained with thousands of real world footage and anime, accumulating significant data for better estimation.

Foreground detection

Frame Interpolation Tool is depth-aware and can understand the scene's 3-dimentional structure. It uses deep learning to discriminate foreground subjects from the complex background, and takes occlusion cues to generate frames with clear and sharp results, avoiding smearing, distortion or overlapping.

How to Use AI Video Frame Interpolation Tool



Go to Frame Interpolation in VideoProc Converter, and import your footage.



Choose desired output frames 2-5x, and enable skip transitions when needed.



Select output video format and hit RUN. Read more about how to create smooth slomo.

Beginner friendly - zero learning curves

Watch Video Tutorials and Discover More Hacks

Besides benefiting from its enhancer role, everybody can play around in the Frame Interpolation tool for creative productions. For instance, we can create interesting morph transition effects, spice up the time-lapse video, or uncover more possibilities using other Al tools.

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