The Best Free Screen and Voice Recorder
Record Computer/iPhone Screen with Your Voice

Best Free Screen Voice Recorder: Record Screen of PC/Mac/iPhone with Your Voice and System Audio

By Farrah Penn Updated: December 17, 2018

Would you like to make a video tutorial to teach your family, friends, or YouTube visitors how to work with specific software or app? We've got the best tool for you. In this post, we're going to introduce the best free screen and voice recorder that can record your activities on computer's or iPhone's screen with your voice included. Obviously, recording both screen and your commentary at the same time can make your audience understand what you teach much easier and faster.

Certainly, you can also use the screen recorder we recommend to record gameplay, video chats, live streams (YouTube live streams for instance), and anything on your screen with audio.

screen recorder with audio
The Best Free and Safe Screen and Voice Recorder
VideoProc - record anything on screen
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How to Record Windows or Mac Screen with Audio/Voice

First of all, we should download and install VideoProc on computer. Once done, open VideoProc and follow the steps below to perform screen recording with audio on Windows (10/8/7) or Mac for free.

Step 1. Click Recorder and then click the gear icon at the top right corner. From the drop-down list, choose Settings and then you can specify recording quality, format, audio device, audio level, encoder, camera device, shortcut keys, and more, as shown in the screenshot.
Best Free Screen and Voice Recorder
Step 2. Go back to Recorder interface, select Screen as the recording mode and then your screen will be loaded to the window.
Step 3. Select recording area and audio.

By default, it will capture full screen. If you just want to record a certain part of your screen, simply click Crop and then click and drag your mouse to select the region you want to record.

If you haven't chosen audio device in Settings panel, you can perform this task here. Enable system audio and/or microphone audio, and click dropdown buttons to select desired audio device.

Record Computer Screen with Audio
Step 4. Click REC if all settings are finished. Then, this screen and audio recorder will count down in no time. While recording, you can use shortcut keys (default: Ctrl + T) to open Paint Tool which allows you to type texts, draw arrows and lines, and more, to explain or highlight something.
Step 5. Stop recording by pressing hotkeys (default: Ctrl + R) or clicking the STOP button on this screen and sound recorder. The resulting files named for dates will be immediately presented on the right column of VideoProc.
Stop Screen Recording

How to Record Screen with Voice/Sound and Webcam Simultaneously

Additionally, this free screen and audio recorder allows you to record screen, your voice, and face at the same time to create picture-in-picture or video-in-video effect. It is very simple to operate.

Step 1. Click Screen & Webcam and then you will be offered two options: Record screen while showing facecam; Record webcam while showing screen. The first option makes screen recording as the main video and webcam recording as a smaller one overlaying the main video. The second option has the opposite effect. Here we choose the first one as an example.
Record Screen and Webcam at the Same Time
Screen Webcam Recording Options
Step 2. Resize the window of the facecam, and drag and drop it to somewhere you like.
Step 3. Customize recording region and enable audio.
Step 4. Hit REC to start recording screen, webcam, and audio at the same time. Open Paint Tool if needed.
Step 5. Press STOP or Ctrl + R when you want to finish recording.

How to Record iPhone Screen with Audio/Voice

Apart from recording computer screen and audio, VideoProc is also available to record Apple iPhone screen with audio. However, this feature is limited to VideoProc Mac version only. So how can we make use of a Mac-based program to record iPhone screen and audio? I'll tell you right away. But before we move to the workflow, you have two things to do: download and install VideoProc Mac edition; connect your iPhone with Mac via a workable USB cable.

Step 1. Open VideoProc and click Recorder.
Step 2. Click iPhone on the top toolbar. Unlock your iPhone and you should see your iPhone screen appear in the window.
Record iPhone Screen with Audio and Voice
Step 3. Click Crop to select iPhone screen region. Enable audio device.
Step 4. Hit REC to start recording iPhone screen with audio. Press Ctrl and T at the same time to launch Paint Tool.
Step 5. Press STOP or Ctrl + R to stop iPhone screen recording.

VideoProc is not only a free screen and voice recorder, it also acts as a video editor and converter, a DVD converter, an audio converter, and a video/music downloader. So you can use VideoProc to make some edits to your recording files. For example, you can cut off some segments, crop out a certain area, merge multiple recordings into a single one, split a long large recording into smaller parts, add watermark or subtitle to your video, and convert your video to GIF.

Free download this cover-all screen and audio recorder on Windows (10/8/7) or macOS (Catalina or lower) to have a try!

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