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4 Easy Ways to Loop a Video for Instagram

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

We want to loop a video for Instagram for various reasons, sometimes for replaying the Instagram videos (Instagram story, IGTV, ads, in-feed post) without mashing the play button again and again, sometimes for extending the Instagram video length to meet the platform's video requirements, etc. Therefore, many people are happy to see that Instagram now can loop videos of all lengths continuously.

However, the thing is, the auto-loop feature of Instagram comes with many limitations. For example, you can't repeat the video with music, there are abrupt jumps between the end and start frame, and a half-second pause between the loops is annoying. Thus, it's better to loop a video for Instagram by yourself. In this post, we will show you 4 ways to make a perfect video loop on Instagram.

How to Loop a Video for Instagram on VideoProc Converter AI

VideoProc Converter AI is one of the best video converters that allow you to edit and loop a video for Instagram in just seconds. It has a very straightforward interface, a full range of video editing toolkits, a fast response speed, and so on. The thing that makes VideoProc stand up from the crowds is its capability of making a video loop in HD or UHD resolution for Instagram in high quality, thanks to its built-in high-quality engine and the support of x265 entropy codec.

VideoProc Converter AI - The Easiest Tool to Create Continuously Looping Videos for Instagram

  • Customize the number of times you want to loop your Instagram video.
  • Tweak video with easy tools like cut, trim, merge, crop, speed change, and more.
  • Fast convert 370+ media (GIF, MKV, MOV, 4K UHD, etc.) to Instagram story, IGTV…
  • Thanks to the self-explained interface, everything is in one snap.
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Note: The Windows version now supports AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video and image quality. These AI features are not yet available in the Mac version but will be coming soon.

Step 1. Launch up VideoProc Converter AI on your PC or Mac. Press Video to enter the panel for editing and converting videos.

Step 2. Click the +Video button, locate the video that you want to loop on Instagram. Hit Open to import to the program.

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 once to loop the video for once, repeat Step 2 twice to make a video loop twice, and so on.

Step 4. Choose MP4 (H.264), and enable the Merge option under the preview window. Hit Run.

Loop Short Video for Instagram

How to Loop a Video for Instagram Online

A few online video editors also come with the feature to loop a video for Instagram. With them, beginners can repeat a video many times for posting on Instagram without installing third-party plugins or software. There are hitches, though. They usually come with common limitations such as watermarks, ads intrusions, random bugs, and others. The worst part is, being web-based means you can't expect them to work in a poor network environment. Nevertheless, if you really want to loop a video for Instagram online, using Kapwing might be a good tryout.

Step 1. Launch up your browser. Visit the home page of Kapwing. Hit the Tools button on the left corner of the page.

Step 2. Scroll down to locate Loop Video, and select this.

Step 3. On the new page, select Upload to import the video that you want to loop for Instagram.

Add Video to Kapwing
Add Video to Kapwing

Step 4. Choose the needed loop time. Kapwing allows you to loop a video for 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times.

Step 5. Hit Create. Kapwing starts to process your video.

Loop a Video for Instagram on Kapwing
Loop a Video for Instagram on Kapwing

Step 6. Press Sign in to remove a watermark to log in Kapwing with your Google or Facebook account.

Step 7. Select Download to save the generated looping video on your computer.

How to Loop a Video on Your Phone Directly for Instagram

For people who want to loop a video on Instagram story by using the phone, you can go with the Boomerang feature of Instagram or the Boomerang app from Instagram. Both allow you to create a looping Instagram story video from 10 quickly captured still pictures. Head up, unlike VideoProc Converter AI and other video editors that allow you to loop an existing video for all sort of Instagram videos, Boomerang can only be used to record looping videos for Instagram story.

Step 1. On the Instagram app, press the plus button, and then you choose STORY.

Step 2. Press the infinity icon that stands for Boomerang.

Step 3. Hit the infinity icon at center bottom of the screen, Instagram will take 10 pictures and merge them automatically.

Step 4. Press the white infinity icon on the top menu bar to enter the screen for editing the looping video on Instagram.

Step 5. Move both ends of the slider to trim off the unnecessary frame. Press the timer icon to slow down the looping video. You can also press the Echo or the Duo icon to apply the related effect.

Loop a Video for Instagram on Boomerang
Loop a Video for Instagram on Boomerang

Step 6. Press Done and tap Send to put the looping video on Instagram story.

How to Loop a Video for Instagram on Premiere Pro

By using Adobe Premiere Pro, you can make a seamless looping video for Instagram. This industry-level video editing program boasts all the toolkits for crafting videos, offering you a far more complicated way for repeating videos on Instagram. The wealth of editing utilities compacted in this daunting program may cause some confusion for beginners. However, that's what attracts the pro users as they can find everything they need here to create professional-looking videos for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

Step 1. Purchase and install the most recent version of Adobe Premiere Pro on your PC or Mac.

Step 2. Hit File> New > Sequence. This will open a new panel called New Sequence.

Step 3. Choose DSLR 1080p30 under 1080P that can be found on the drop-down list of Digital SLR.

Create a New Sequence in Premiere
Create a New Sequence in Premiere

Step 4. Hit Settings on the top menu bar. On the new tab, change the frame size to fit the Instagram specs.

Step 5. Press Save Preset, input the name and description for this newly created sequence. After that, hit OK.

Step 6. Navigate to the media pool, right-click here to import the short video clip that you'd like to loop it for Instagram.

Step 7. Drag the clip to the timeline. Hit Keep existing settings on the shown up error message window.

Step 8. Choose the clip on the timeline. Come over to the Effects Control tab, and here you can use Position, Scale, and a few other features to change the frames that are visible to your audiences on Instagram.

Step 9. Right-click the clip on the timeline, and then you choose the Unlink option.

Step 10. Move the playhead on the timeline to the middle of the clip, press Ctrl and K to split the video into two parts.

Split Video for Looping on Premiere
Split Video for Looping on Premiere

Step 11. Choose the first piece of video and drag it to the end. Pull these two clips to the beginning of the timeline.

Step 12. Go to Effects and find Cross Dissolve under Video Transitions. Drag it to the place between the two clips.

Step 13. Adjust the duration of the select transition until you are satisfied with the resulting video.

Step 14. Select the two clips along with the audio track. Press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy them. Afterwards, you press Ctrl + V for multiple times according to the demand.

Loop a Video for Instagram on Premiere
Loop a Video for Instagram on Premiere

Step 15. Hit Fill > Export. Next, you choose Export to generate a looping video for Instagram.

3 Tips to Make Your Loop Video on Instagram Better

1. A video on Instagram will be played again once the playback reaches the end. Thus, the key to creating a seamless looping video is a smooth transition from the last point to the start. To get there, we'd better record the video under constant lighting and ensure the last frame contains the objects that are appeared in the first frame of the video.

2. 85% of Facebook and YouTube users prefer to watch videos while muting the sound, so you might consider it's unnecessary to focus on the background audio of the Instagram video. However, in a survey made by HubSpot, 56% of the questioned sometimes watch the Instagram story with sound, and 29% of the questioned always watched the Instagram story with the sound on. So, apparently, it matters a lot to ensure the start and endpoints of the background music have a smooth transition.

3. The parameters of the Instagram looping video should adhere strictly to the Instagram video specs guide. For instance, a looping video on the Instagram story should come with lengths within 15 seconds, and the resolution needs to go between 600P to 1080P. Suppose your video properties don't fit with the IG requirement, then the looping video may look like a pixel disaster.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the editor-in-chief of Digiarty VideoProc. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in delivering insightful content on AI trends, video/audio editing, conversion, troubleshooting, and software reviews. Her expertise makes her a trusted ally in enhancing users' digital experiences.

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