Video Too Short? Here're 5 Ways to Make Video Longer for Instagram

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Are you looking for how to make a video longer for Instagram? It's no secret that Instagram loves short videos, but that doesn't mean shorter is always better. In fact, IGTV video cannot be shorter than 1 minutes. When you are uploading a few seconds of video to IGTV, you will encounter the error message "Can't Post This Video. Your video must be between 1 and 15 minutes long". Complaints like "Video with a length shorter than 3 seconds can't be upload to the Instagram story and Instagram video feed post" and questions like "How to post a 1 or 2 second video on Instagram" are found everywhere on the Instagram community and Reddit.

How to Make Video Longer for Instagram

If you're one of those who are bothered by the issue - video too short for Instagram, you've come to the right place. We are going to walk you through 5 different ways to make a video long enough for Instagram. Before the ball rolling, we should figure out what's the perfect length for Instagram videos.

Instagram Feed Video: It should be from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. The reason? From what's discovered by HubSpot, videos that win most comments are around 26 seconds.

Instagram Story: The maximum length of an Instagram story is 15 seconds, but the average viewer will watch just about half of the Instagram story before getting into the next one. Therefore, we advise you to keep your story video between 8 to 12 seconds to reach a perfect balance between informational and engaging.

Instagram TV: The Instagram IGTV is long-form video-oriented, offering a great place to build a deep connection between audiences and the brands or influencers. Thus, a IGTV video longer than 10 minutes may fit Instagram best.

How to Make Video Longer for Instagram

Luckily for you, there are mainly 5 ways to create a longer video for Instagram: loop the video, slow down the video, add an intro or outro, enrich the content, and boomrang the video, 4 of which are doable with VideoProc. Thus, you don't need to swift among different tools to figure out the method that works best for you to extend a video for Instagram. With VideoProc, you can repeat your video as many times as you want, reduce the video playback speed, and joint the video with a video story card, etc. What's more, thanks to the support level-3 GPU acceleration tech and high entropy encoding, it is the epitome of high quality and fast.

VideoProc - The Best Tool to Extend a Video for Instagram

  • Merge multiple videos with different formats or ratios without distortion.
  • Offer a flexible workflow to loop the entire or some certain portions of your video.
  • Re-time your videos to 16 times faster or slower.
  • Convert video from 420+ formats to Instagram favorite H.264 format.
  • Easy drag-and-drop tools, made with the beginners in mind.

Method 1. Loop to Make a Meditative Video Longer for Instagram

Putting the entire video on repeat is one of the easiest methods to make a stunning event highlight video, a relaxing meditative video, or a picture slideshow video longer for Instagram. Let's assume the original video lasts 2 seconds, you can loop it for 2 times to gets the outcome with a length longer than 3 seconds.

Step 1. Open up VideoProc, press Video > +Video to add the short video onto the app.

Step 2. Press +Video again to add the same clip. Repeat this process many times according to need.

Step 3. Select MP4 (H.264). Press Merge and hit Run to finish looping your video.

Loop Short Video for Instagram

Method 2. Speed Down to Make a Routine Video Longer for Instagram

Your video doesn't cover any action sequences that need to stay in normal or fast-forward for giving your audience an intensive or dramatic feeling? Then it's a good try out making your video longer for Instagram by adding the slow-motion effects. Suppose the original video lasts 8 seconds, and you slow down the speed to half, then the total length turns to be 16 seconds.

Step 1. After importing the video to VideoProc, press Rotate to find the slider to control the playback speed.

Step 2. Move the cursor to the left on the speed slider to slow down the video. Press down and hit Run.

Speed Down Short Video for Instagram

Method 3. Add Intro or Outro to Make a Commercial Video Longer for Instagram

An intro, right at the start of the video, can be a summary of what this video is about or a brief introduction of you or your brand. An outro, the last part after the main content is done, is also known as the end card or the end screen. Usually, it has call-to-action conversion buttons. By adding an intro or outro, you cannot just make your video longer for Instagram, but also will add an extra professional touch to your video.

Step 1. Go to online video resources like Pixabay and Videezy to download an existing intro or outro video from hundreds of options. If you want to customize the video, go with professional intro/outro video maker like Intro Maker.

Step 2. Open VideoProc, press Video, and hit +Video to import the short video and the prepared intro/outro clip.

Step 3. Choose MP4 (H.264). Press Merge and hit Run. That's it.

Add Intro or Outro Video to Extend Video Length

Method 4. Add More Content to Make a Tutorial Video Longer for Instagram

You can make research among content creators in your niche, learning the things that they are talking about during the video but missed by you, and noting transitions and other elements on the video. After that, you replicate their approach. By doing this, your video can be chock full of information that appeals to your audiences. This trick is especially useful for brand marketers and proffesional content creator on Instagram who want to make their video longer.

Step 1. Open up VideoProc and press Video.

Step 2. Drag the original video and the content you just created.

Step 3. Press Merge and click on Run.

Enrich Video Content to Extend Length for Instagram

Method 5. Boomerang the Video to Make it Longer for Instagram

You can use the Instagram build-in Boomerang feature or the stand-alone Boomerang app to record a video no longer than 5 seconds. The recorded clip will be played forward first and then reverse. In this way, the short video may appear to have a longer length when playing on Instagram.

Step 1. On the Instagram app, press the plus button to enter the New Post screen.

Step 2. Tap STORY. On the new screen, select the Boomerang icon.

Step 3. Press the Boomerang button above STORY to record the video.

Tips: If necessary, you can tap on the Boomerang button on the top menu bar, and then select Slo-Mo to apply the slow down the video. Press Done to confirm the change.

Step 4. Hit Send to.

Boomerang the Video


What Is the Minimum Video Length for Instagram?

Instagram requires an IGTV video has to be longer than 1 minutes. As for Instagram stories and the video post, the official doesn't put a constrains, but we suggest you to make your video longer than 3 seconds as we see many people complain the 2 second video can't be uploaded to Instagram feed and Instagram story.

How to Post a 2 Second Video on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to post 2 second video on the Instagram video feed and Instagram story. To take posting the short video on Instagram story as an example, you need to press the plus button, hit Story, click on the square button on the left corner of the screen, choose the video, and then press Send to. Let's assume you want to post a 2 second video on IGTV, you must rely on a third-party tool like VideoProc to extend the length of the original video first for meeting the minimum length requirement of IGTV.

How to Make a Snapchat Video Longer for Instagram?

To make a snapchat video longer for Instagram, we usually have two methods: slow down the video playback speed and duplicate the clips. And you can use the speed change and merge feature of VideoProc to easily get there.

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