Begin Your Sony Footage with VideoProc

Built to Express Perfect by Simple.
Full GPU Accelerated

VideoProc Converter

Your Footage Deserves Perfect Expression
Three "Do-nots" Simply Get You out of Quality Trouble with VideoProc Converter

Don't Compromise to Upload-Issues

Why does so much quality loss or stuck happen when uploading footage to social media platforms?

Find Easy Solutions at VideoProc Converter

One-stop solutions to quickly edit and make videos shareable with quality lossless.
  • Due to Incompatible Formats
  • Due to Dimension Limitations
  • Due to Incorrect Bitrates & FPS Settings
  • Due to File Size Limitations

Take the best specifications of social media platforms to get your footage perfect shared

Now, just say "NO" to quality compromise with VideoProc Converter (For reference only).
Choose Uploading Platforms
  • 128GB (120hrs)
  • MP4/ H.264 codec.
  • 30FPS/ 1-85Mbps
  • 1080 x 1920px/ 16:9
Maximum File Size
Ideal Formats
Ideal FPS/ Bitrate
Ideal Resolution/ Dimension

Don't Worry about the Shaky Footage

What to do with my shaky footage

  • Have no handheld stabilizer
  • The Camera's inner image stabilizer doesn't work well
  • Too much image crop and quality loss happen after being stabilized by other software

Stabilize Videos with VideoProc Converter

Perfectly and effortlessly make your footage buttery.
Minimize Image crop
Keep Original Quality

Don't Just Rely on Camera Microphone Interface

VideoProc Converter does great in reducing background noise.
Click to erase unwanted noise in simple

Amazing right !

Now, let's free download VideoProc Converter and enjoy the perfect editing trip together.

Drag your footage to VideoProc Converter
You get elevated footage to express and share!

VideoProc Vlogger

Your Imagination Needs Perfect Expression
Meet the Free Intuitive Tools, Creative Effects and Smart Features of VideoProc Vlogger

Enrich Your Footage with Quick yet Pro-quality Color Grading

VideoProc Vlogger helps enrich multiple moods and make the best color of your footage.

Are You a Beginner in the Camera Movement Skill?

No worries, you are allowed to decide the best way of movements to your footage with VideoProc Vlogger.

VideoProc Vlogger

Create camera movements with shakes, fast zooms and rotation, etc.
  • 28 Motion Presets
  • Motion Crop
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Change Motion Path
Even beginners can easily create cinematic camera movements like Tilt, Roll, Dolly and Truck, etc.

Fulfil More of Your Ideas in VideoProc Vlogger

Full flexibility to turn your Sony footage into quality vlogs with much creativity.
  • Creative Video Effects

    61 creative drag-and-drop effects to enrich your footage.

    Learn more >>
  • Multiple Transitions

    60 transitions blend scenes together to make your videos dramatic.

    Learn more >>
  • Story-telling Texts

    Easily convert the speech in your video to text with the audio extractor.

    Learn more >>
  • Speed Ramping

    16 speed presets for you to create specifics, tension and suspense...

    Learn more >>

Powerful Together, Simple yet Pro.

VideoProc Converter

FREE Download VideoProc Converter and simply get your footage perfect expressed with quality-oriented setting & fixing.
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VideoProc Vlogger

FREE Download VideoProc Vlogger and simply get inspired with its intuitive tools, creative effects and smart features.
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1. What's the difference between VideoProc Converter and VideoProc Vlogger?

VideoProc Converter is your all-in-one 4K video processing solution to convert, resize and process large 4K/HDR videos, while VideoProc Vlogger is a completely free professional-level editing software for you to create cinematic videos for everyday creativity, special moments, or fun. Which one suits your needs? Visit this page to check all-aspects comparison >>

2. What's the full list of formats that VideoProc Converter supports?

3. How can I get my footage lossless processed with VideoProc Converter?

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