How to Repost a Video from Facebook to Instagram

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Instagram has enjoyed great success in growing its active user base since it was founded in 2010. And the top metric it has over Facebook is the engagement rate. Instagram yearly stats reported that brands see a median engagement rate of 0.09% on Facebook, while 1.60% on Instagram, which indicates plenty of opportunities for sales and brand building.

Although Instagram and Facebook concentrate on different froms of media content and serve different target audiences, videos are always the most shareable and popular form on both of them. Today, we'll walk you through 2 methods of how to repost a video from Facebook to Instagram to maximize your audience reach.

How to Repost a Video from Facebook to Instagram [Pages Only]

Many tutorials show you how to share a video from Facebook to Instagram while creating a new post on the Facebook Page. But in fact, Facebook has not rolled out this feature on a massive scale yet. And quite a few people complain that the cross-post option does not show up after linking their Instagram accounts to Facebook.

Facebook share to Instagram option missing
Share to Instagram option missing

If you are running a Facebook Page and want to repost videos to your Instagram business account, you could try Facebook Creator Studio which was launched in 2018 to help users manage posts, insights, and messages from Facebook Pages and Instagram in one place.

Step 1. Connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account.

Login to your FB account, and navigate to "Page Settings" > "Instagram" > "Connect Account".

connect Facebook Page to Instagram

Step 2. Go to Creator Studio and add content to Instagram from your Facebook Page.

Sign to Facebook Creator Studio. Click the IG icon on top of the interface, and hit "Create Post" in the left-hand column which allows you to post on Instagram feed and IGTV. Then choose "Add Content" > "From Facebook Page".

add content to Instagram from Facebook Page

Step 3. Repost a video from Facebook to Instagram in Facebook Creator Studio.

Tick the box before a video you want to repost. (You are also allowed to select multiple videos and picture posts.) If you selected "Post to Instagram Feed", it will filter out videos longer than 60 seconds automatically. Then edit the caption and the cover image. Hit on the publish menu to repost the video on Instagram from Facebook.

Repost a video to Instagram from Facebook Page

Note: This method does NOT work when

  • Reposting videos to Instagram from personal Facebook profiles.
  • Reposting videos to Instagram Stories from Facebook.
  • Reposting long Facebook videos to Instagram feed.

How to Repost a Video from Facebook to Instagram [Best Method]

We've talked too much about business needs. Now you may be wondering how to post personal Facebook videos to Instagram. Put it simply, you need to download the video from Facebook before you edit and upload it to Instagram.

In order to make this work as easy as possible, we'd recommend a one-stop video processing program, VideoProc. Once get this software at hand, you can stop switching among multiple tools back and forth because it could function as a reliable video downloader and a decent video editor. Of course, you can post videos to Instagram from YouTube or any social media platform in the same steps.

In addition to all above, you could enojoy more features in VideoProc like:

  • Free download videos and lives from 1000+ websites, including Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Convert videos to 370+ video formats supported by different devices and social media apps.
  • Cut, crop, rotate, adjust speed, and add watermark and subtitles to a video with a few clicks.
  • Compress and resize high-res videos without visual quality loss.

Before we start the tutorial on how to post personal Facebook videos on Instagram, please make sure you've downloaded and installed VideoProc which runs smoothly on all recent macOS and Windows computers.

Step 1. Download a video from Facebook with VideoProc.

First of all, copy the link of a Facebook video which could be a feed video, a streamed live, your own video, or someone else's video.

Copy Facebook video URL

Launch VideoProc, and click "Downloader" > "Add Video" > "Paste URL & Analyze" > select a format and video resolution > select output folder > hit the "Download now" button.

Download a Facebook video with VideoProc

Step 2. Edit the Facebook video for sharing it on Instagram (if necessary).

Facebook and Instagram share most uploading settings in common, so you can keep the original video format and codec. But specifically, Instagram imposes more limits than Facebook on the video length in terms of varied video types. Now you need to cut a long Facebook so to post it on Instagram feed.

After saving the video to your computer, get back to the homepage of VideoProc. Choose "Video" > "+Video" to import the video to its video editor. And click "Video" in the bottom bar, and select MP4 as the output format.

Load Facebook video to VideoProc

Choose "Video" > "+Video" to import the video to its video editor. Click "Cut" in the editing toolbar, and drag the green knobs to chop it up. If you are going to post it on Instagram feed, cut it into a video within 1 minute.

Cut Facebook video before posting it on Instagram

Tips: If you don't want to lose much video content, you can you can speed it up in the "Audio & Video" optoin into so to make a shorter video.

In case Instagram crops out any import part in your footages automatically, you can click "Crop" and reframe the video manually. Then you can edit a different version for Instagram by adding texts, personalized logos, and filters.

Cut Facebook video before posting it on Instagram

When the editing is done, choose a folder to save the video, and then hit the "RUN" button to export the video.

Step 3. Post the Facebook video to Instagram.

Option 1. Go to Facebook Creator Studio > "Instagram" > "Create Post" > "Add Content" > "From File Upload".

Option 2. Transfer the edited Facebook video to your smartphone, and post it on the Instagram mobile app.


1. Can I post a Facebook live video on Instagram?

Yes. The streamed live is saved on the Facebook timeline. After downloading it with VideoProc, you can post it to Instagram via IGTV which supports longer videos than Instagram feed and Stories.

2. How to share Instagram videos on Facebook?

As long as you've connected your Instagram account to Facebook, the Facebook option will show up when posting a video on Instagram mobile app. Toggle on this option, and your post will sync to Facebook. You can also choose to post it on Twitter ad Tumblr.

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