5 Ways to Rotate A Video on iPhone

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Over 80% of people shoot videos on their phones in portrait mode.

However, the result might not be what the person intended. People are less likely to watch a video if it's not in the correct orientation.

Getting it right is important, especially if you're posting to a social media account.

Can you rotate a video on iPhone and fix this issue?

Yes, there are multiple ways to rotate a video on iPhone to a different orientation.

Continue reading and learn how to rotate a video on iPhone for the perfect video.


How to Rotate a Video on iPhone

While most videos are in portrait mode, there are still people who prefer to shoot in landscape orientation.

The growing number of mobile viewers makes portrait orientation a better option. This doesn't mean there aren't exceptions.

Users on apps such as Youtube are inclined toward landscape mode. 70% of people who watch a Youtube video turn their phone horizontally.

These cases warrant solutions to changing mobile video orientation.

We'll tell you about the following solutions to filming in the wrong orientation:

  • Photos App
  • Video Rotate + Flip
  • iMovie
  • QuickTime
  • Filmora

We'll also explain how to flip a video on iPhone.

1. Photos App

The Photos App on iPhone is a simple way to rotate a video.

For iOS13 iPhones or later: Open the app and select the video you want to rotate. 

Four icons will appear at the bottom. Tap the rightmost icon - it's a square. This is the crop icon that will open the cropping feature. 

Next, look at the top left corner and tap the second icon, a square with an arrow pointing to the left. This symbol allows you to rotate a photo or video.

Keep poking this icon until the video is in the orientation has been switched.

Make sure you select done afterward to save the rotated video. 

Using the Aspect Ratio Icon

You can also use the Photos App to directly change the orientation.

To do this, go to the crop icon again. Instead of selecting the top left icon, choose the first icon on the top right. It is three shapes that form a square.

Above the aspect ratio options (Freeform, 16:9, etc.) are a vertical and horizontal rectangle. These are the portrait and landscape orientations.

Edit the orientation by dragging the video.

Keep in mind that some of the video will be cut off. 

2. Video Rotate + Flip

Video Rotate + Flip is a video-editing software app for rotating and flipping videos.

After you've downloaded the app from the App Store, open it and pick a video to rotate by hitting the arrow.

The rotating and flipping options are along the top of the screen. The first four are all for rotating a video. 

On the bottom is a big button that says Save Video to Library. This will save your rotated video.

Flipping or mirroring a video involves turning the video like a reflection in a mirror. A common reason to flip a video on iPhone is to make writing readable.

The Video Rotate + Flip app and Photos App can accomplish this function.

Rather than picking from the first four icons on Video Rotate + Flip, use the last two icons. The first is a vertical flip; the second is a horizontal flip.

To flip a video in the Photos App, tap edit on the video you want to flip.

Open the crop feature. Select the triangular symbol next to the square rotate icon at the top left.

Hit Done to save your work.

3. iMovie

iMovie is a similar editing app to Video Rotate + Flip that you can get in the App Store.

Open the app and poke the large plus sign to create a new project. Choose the Movie option and pick your video from your camera roll. Hit Create Movie.

Tap the video into editing mode. The border will turn yellow.

Using two of your fingers, press down on the screen and turn them. Your video will rotate in the same direction.

Select Done. To save it to your photos, follow this route: press Share, hit Save Video, and choose an export size. 

4. QuickTime

If you want to edit your video on your laptop or desktop computer, you can use QuickTime Player. This pre-installed software is available on Mac systems.

To get started, transfer the video onto your computer. Select the video and choose QuickTime in the "Open with" option.

QuickTime will launch and your video will appear.

Click the video clip so it becomes yellow and go into Edit in the menu bar at the top left of the screen. 

In this drop-down menu, there are options to rotate left or right. You can also flip your video horizontally or vertically.

Hit Done after you've rotated the video. Save the video to your computer in the File menu.

5. Filmora

Don't worry if you don't have a Mac. Filmora is a video editing program for both Mac and Windows systems. 

Once you have the video on your computer, import it into Filmora. Click and drag the video to the timeline at the bottom of the program.

You'll enter editing mode when you double-click the video. This will show up in the top left panel. 

Select the Transform menu and find the Rotate option. You can either move the circle left and right on the slider to change the rotation or input an angle degree in the box.

Use the Export menu to save the video to your computer.

Create the Perfect Video

There are different options for rotating a video.

You can use the Photos App or download an editing app like iMovie or Video Rotate + Flip to rotate a video on iPhone. 

To rotate a video on your computer, use QuickTime or Filmora.

Now that you know how to rotate a video on iPhone, you can attain the best video-viewing experience.

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